Let us take you to explore the beauty of Changi Airport and how it developed to become a world-class transportation hub since it was built in 1981.

Perfect for anyone who is passing through the airport and why shouldn't you if this is one of the best airport in the world!

What is included:

  • Guided Changi Airport Tour

  • English-speaking Tour Guide

  • Local snacks

  • Admission Ticket to Canopy Park

A landmark of Singapore and a gateway to the world. What makes Changi Airport the World's Best Airport since 2013? What keeps it going? Discover the stories behind its development and learn about the daily operations, innovations and sustainability features that make it the pride of Singapore. Presenting to you, the insider tour of Changi Airport and Jewel Changi. 


On top of learning more about this airport, enjoy attractions, dining and wellness offerings during the tour. Expect to explore the free amenities and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of modern architecture in the picturesque Shiseido Forest Valley and Rain Vortex.

Date / Time:

Sunday (2:30pm)


3.0 Hours


$50 per person

Meeting Point:

Changi Airport MRT Terminal 3 (Exit)

(For guests looking to book a private tour)


Changi Airport Jewel Tour

Explore Changi Airport

Learn about the history & features that makes it the world's best Airport




Hear amazing stories of the Changi Airport by our expert tour guides

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Instagrammable Spots


Snap stunning views and Instagram worthy shots, literally everywhere

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Trivia Fun


Marvel at the sights and sounds of Jewel Changi and discover its secrets

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Lifetime Memories


Bring back fond memories and make new friends along the way



Avoid using unlicensed tour operators and/or tourist guides - doing so may compromise the terms of your travel insurance in the event of a claim. Monster Day Tours is managed by Woopa Travels - a licensed travel agency (TA License 02699) by the Singapore Tourism Board.

COVID-19 Tour Participation Requirement:

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated and present their TraceTogether or HealthHub app, or a physical COVID-19 vaccination card as proof of vaccination. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy:​​

  • Full payment must be made to confirm your slot.

  • Cancellations 3 days prior to the tour will be refunded 100%.

  • No cancellations or refunds for less than 3 days to tour.

Departure Policy​​:

  • Participants needs to be 13 years old & above.

  • Tour is not suitable for guests who require walking assistance.

  • Tour starts on time & will not be extended in the event of late-comers. Strictly no refunds for late-comers or no shows.

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Perfect Layover Tour -
Best airport in a few hours


My husband and I had a long (12 hour) layover in Singapore on the homeward return after a long trip. Singapore wasn’t originally on our itinerary, and having done any research ourselves, we wanted a tour experience that was hassle-free.  Enter Monster Day Tours!

It was great Monster had daily free tours. We decided to explore the city area on our own and went with the Changi Airport Tour on the way back & it was a great choice!  Bas, our tour guide greeted us passionately at the airport mrt terminal 3 and it was an intimate group of 9 people. Bas then show us around the airport and gave us an introduction of Changi from its early beginning. He shared stories of himself and fun facts of the airport & it is amazing to know how the locals see Changi airport as a lifestyle venue (like a shopping centre). And rightfully so since it has so many great options. The tour also include a visit to Jewel, the newest addition to the airport and looks futuristic and modern with its vortex waterfall. 

After the tour, we spent some time at the Canopy Park and then went to get some food and shopping that Bas recommended. Very complete experience, will recommend to all.

Written by: Krystal


Couple Travelers

Plan this tour in your itinerary - A must-visit!


Everyone visiting Singapore must visit its airport! And it is not an understatement. My Sister and I decided to book this Changi Airport tour with Monsters, planning it on the last day when we are going home. Our flight was at midnight so we had plenty of time to do the tour and then explore it on our own. 


Our tour guide was Bas, an amazing energetic guide. Taking the airport tour with Bas was not only insightful as he tells you the Changi Story that Singapore has embarked on building this world no. 1 airport. We had the opportunity to check out innovative & fun features, artwork, tech that is around the airport. Next, we get to visit the Jewel, which is really a bright jewel in itself with its amazing indoor waterfall and gardens (I have not seen anything like that in my life). At Jewel, Bas also shared local food and retail brands that were perfect for souvenirs, which solve our headache! Finally, we ended at the Canopy Park (the tour include admission), where we were navigated and then left to explore the park on our own, which had a great amount of play features suitable for adults & kids. 

If you are travelling through the airport, this is a perfect, inexpensive tour that you can book. Well-worth the money and time spent!

Written by: Anna Barthel


Portrait of a Woman

Beautiful Airport!


I have travelled quite extensively around the world and when I knew I was coming to Singapore & they had the best airport, I thought to join Monster's Airport tour to check it out.


And I was literally blown away! Compared to many airports around the world, Changi Airport is not only beautiful in this design, there are many lifestyle, dining and shopping options available not just for tourists but locals as well. On the tour, you also get to learn from the tour guide interesting features that make the airport "click" and be one of the best airports in the world. There are also opportunities to take photos and the tour also include admission to the canopy park, giving some sightseeing and play time there. 


Highly recommend anyone coming to Singapore to spend a few hours at its airport, otherwise you don't know what you miss.

Written by: Eva Lovett


Forest Backpack Traveler

Good Airport Tour, Even for the Locals


With holidays and travel all but curtailed during this protracted pandemic, we decided to play tourists in our own country. The decision to go with the Changi Airport tour was almost ironic, considering that it would have been the gateway to adventures further afield in better days.

Our guide was Jun Wei who was personable and friendly. That we were a small group of seven helped in the intimacy of the session, and we could hear his narratives and stories clearly. As with guided tours, you are privy to shared nuggets of information and tidbits of knowledge that you otherwise would not have known before.
Even as a local, I find the tour to be insightful and make you proud of what Singapore has achieved in aviation so far.


Written by: Schaughan



Tour Best Airport in the World!


Was doing a stop-over at Singapore and manage to book this free tour at the last minute! And boy, we had a wonderful time and learnt so much about the airport in a few hours.  Not only did we learn what makes Changi Airport the World's best airport since 2013, we visited many amazing features, sights and sounds of the impressive Jewel Changi. What's more we got to know the best local souvenirs to buy at the airport from our tour guide, Darius.

Written by: Sebastian Gottlieb


Travelers in Nature

Stopover with this amazing airport tour!


This is our first time doing an airport tour cause anywhere else in the world, there is usually not much to do at the airport or you can go around on your own. 


But we heard that Changi Airport is a must-visit when you come to Singapore and there is a very good reason to do so! You get to see the stunning Jewel attraction and the impressive designs within this world-class airport. After the tour, the tour guide will recommend you the popular places to visit, shop and eat before taking your flight. Wonderful tour  - recommend everyone to try it!

Written by: Ollie Flood


Chatting Over Coffee


Private Tours_Ladies with Dani watching Uncle grill Satay .JPG