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Learning Journeys




Overseas learning journeys and student exchange programs are a crucial component for students to gain overseas exposure.

Due to the global pandemic, it's clear that another permanent solution is required to keep learning possible. Try our virtual overseas learning journeys - a new innovative, outside-the-box way to discover Singapore. From anywhere in the world, discover this metropolitan, multi-cultural country, with a live tour around the country.


A gateway to Asia and beyond, Singapore is a young nation full of vigour and a cosmopolitan city brimming with possibilities. Singapore is a story of her people - Singaporeans who are proud of their sense of community, diverse culture and rich heritage. It is also a story they continue to build as the country celebrate the island-state's ingenuity and capture spirits of passionate individuals who continue to push boundaries, turn dreams into reality and forge the nation's vision to be the "City in a Garden".

We invite you to explore some of these key learning themes through our Singapore's virtual tours:

Racial Integration

Cultural Diversity

Heritage Conservation

Nation Building

Urban Planning

Global Connectivity

Smart Nation

Innovation & Tech


Employment / Careers

Social Inclusivity

Universal Design


Circular Economy


Combing well curated tour content with interactive elements, our Virtual Learning Journeys aim to present a unique side of Singapore, while keep you intently engaged throughout.  

Every student, regardless of income or physical limitations can now explore the world "virtually" and learn in extreme diverse settings!



Explore colourful streets & busy markets ​

Participants will be taken around the chosen site of interest (with specific theme and learning objectives) in a LIVE video-stream by our tour guide

Taste authentic Indian snacks & sweets ​

Gain in-depth understanding of overseas contexts and inspire thinking from an international perspective through the "LIVE" guided tours

Be awed by the last Chinese villa in Little India

Ask questions, provide inputs and interact with the guide through the "live-chat", allowing students to develop cross-cultural communication

Be awed by the last Chinese villa in Little India

Real-time interactive game elements ranging from Pop Quizzes to trivia games are woven into the tours to ensure active engagement and fun learning

Be awed by the last Chinese villa in Little India

Customisable options such as increasing level of competition with some prizes or invite guests speakers to discuss specific subject matters