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Study Abroad in Singapore: Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
Nanyang Technological University (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

Studying abroad is a transformative experience that opens doors to personal growth, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment. Among the myriad of global destinations beckoning eager students, Singapore stands out as an extraordinary choice. This dynamic city-state seamlessly blends modernity with tradition, offering a vibrant atmosphere that fosters intellectual development. At the heart of this academic mecca is Nanyang Tech University, renowned for its cutting-edge programs and world-class faculty. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a journey through every facet of studying abroad in Singapore and specifically at Nanyang Tech University.

Study abroad at NTU Singapore

Studying abroad at Nanyang Tech University (NTU) is an enriching journey that combines academic excellence with a unique cultural experience. Before diving into the specifics of NTU, let's illuminate why Singapore is an irresistible destination for international scholars.

Nestled at the crossroads of Asia, Singapore's strategic location facilitates vibrant cultural exchange and serves as a gateway to the diverse landscapes of the continent. This fusion of cultures creates an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that extends far beyond the classroom. Moreover, Singapore boasts an impeccable safety record, ensuring peace of mind for students exploring this dynamic city-state.

Singapore's efficient public transportation system is a marvel, making it a breeze to traverse the city's vibrant neighborhoods and discover its hidden treasures. Furthermore, the linguistic diversity, with English as one of its official languages, simplifies communication and fosters a sense of belonging, making it an ideal home away from home for international students. Now, let's turn our attention to NTU, where cutting-edge programs and a world-class faculty await those seeking to embark on an educational adventure like no other.

NTU Campus Ariel View (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
NTU Campus Ariel View (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

Overview of Nanyang Tech University's Reputation and Offerings

Nanyang Tech University, often abbreviated as NTU, is Singapore's crowning jewel in higher education. ​​NTU, established in 1981, stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Singapore. As the second-oldest autonomous university in the nation, it has consistently pushed the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. NTU's global recognition is undeniable, consistently securing its place as the 11th-ranked university globally and holding the prestigious title of 1st among the world's best young universities for five consecutive years according to QS university rankings.

With a diverse student body of 33,000, NTU offers a wide spectrum of disciplines including engineering, science, business, humanities, arts, social sciences, and education. Additionally, it proudly houses a joint medical school with Imperial College London, fostering collaborative breakthroughs in the field of medicine.

What truly sets NTU apart is its pioneering spirit in embracing digital technologies. Recognized as the world's top university for citations in artificial intelligence for the period 2012-2016, NTU continues to be at the forefront of innovation. The university has forged partnerships with renowned technology giants such as Alibaba, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Volvo, Delta Electronics, and Singtel. These collaborations span a wide range of crucial domains including artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, smart transportation, computing, personalized medicine, healthcare, and clean energy.

The NTU Smart Campus isn't just a hub for innovation; it's a testament to sustainable design and beauty. It frequently earns a spot among the world's Top 15 most beautiful university campuses. Moreover, it boasts an impressive environmental track record with 57 Green Mark-certified (equivalent to LEED-certified) building projects comprising more than 230 buildings, of which a remarkable 95% are certified Green Mark Platinum. NTU embodies a commitment to academic excellence, technological innovation, and sustainable living, making it a remarkable institution of higher learning on the global stage.

NTU Library (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
NTU Library (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

Nanyang Techological University Young University Ranking
Nanyang Techological University Young University Ranking

Smart Campus NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
Smart Campus NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

Available Programs and Language Requirement

Under Graduate Program

Renowned for its commitment to excellence, NTU offers an array of compelling options across various available majors. At NTU, the Undergraduate Program is designed to empower students with knowledge and skills that transcend the confines of traditional education. With a diverse range of majors to choose from, students can explore their passions and interests while receiving world-class education.

The lists of available majors at NTU are extensive and impressive. Whether you're inclined towards medicine, sciences, engineering, business, humanities, arts, social sciences, sustainability or education, NTU has a program that caters to your aspirations. Each major is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, equipping students with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields. Check here for the details of majors available for the undergraduate program.

Moreover, NTU's commitment to research and innovation means that undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to engage in cutting-edge projects and collaborate with world-class faculty. This hands-on approach to learning sets NTU apart and prepares students for success in the competitive global landscape. The Undergraduate Program at Nanyang Tech University offers a world of possibilities for those seeking academic excellence, personal growth, and a vibrant learning environment. With a diverse range of available majors and a commitment to innovation, NTU is the ideal destination to kickstart your journey towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Requirement for Undergraduate Program Admission

  • High school transcripts/scores/diploma.

  • Secondary school transcripts/scores.

  • Translations of transcripts, if required.

  • Proof of 12 years of general education.

  • Scores of exams required to study in Singapore

  • Supporting documents- International olympiad award certificate (if available), documents for establishing personal identity.

  • Applicants are required to fulfill minimum subject requirements according to the program opted.

  • Additional documents are required for Art, Design, and Media Programs.

    • Portfolio

    • Visual aptitude

    • Creative project

    • Personal statement and writing sample

NTU Campus Map (Credit Reddit)
NTU Campus Map (Credit Reddit)

Graduate Program

For those aspiring to elevate their academic journey and delve deeper into their chosen fields, the Graduate Program at Nanyang Tech University (NTU) offers an exceptional opportunity. NTU, known for its commitment to excellence, provides a diverse range of graduate programs across various available majors. At the heart of NTU's allure is its dedication to fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The Graduate Program is no exception, catering to the intellectual curiosity and career aspirations of ambitious individuals.

Exploring the extensive lists of available majors at NTU reveals a rich tapestry of disciplines, from advanced sciences and cutting-edge engineering to the intricate realms of business, humanities, arts, social sciences, and education. Each major is carefully crafted to provide an immersive learning experience, where students can engage in critical research, collaborate with esteemed faculty, and acquire skills that are in high demand in today's evolving job market.

One hallmark of NTU's Graduate Program is its emphasis on hands-on learning and experiential education. Graduate students have the unique opportunity to actively participate in groundbreaking research projects, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. This not only enhances their academic prowess but also equips them with the practical skills necessary to excel in their careers.

Furthermore, NTU's robust network of industry partnerships such as Alibaba, HP, Volvo, Delta Electronics, and Singtel ensures that graduate students have access to real-world insights and career opportunities. These connections span various sectors, from technology giants to leading businesses, offering a wealth of prospects for those looking to make a tangible impact in their respective fields.

The Graduate Program at Nanyang Tech University is a transformative journey that empowers students to become experts in their chosen majors. With a diverse array of majors, hands-on research opportunities, and a commitment to innovation, NTU is the ideal destination for those seeking to take their educational and professional aspirations to new heights.

Requirements for Graduate Program Admission

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant degree.

  • Official transcripts of the previous education.

    • Translations of the transcripts, if required.

  • Applicants are required to have relevant work experience.

  • Some programs may not require work experience, like MSc Business Analytics.

  • GMAT/GRE scores are required for admissions for applicants of Business programs.

  • Supporting documents (Statement of Purpose)

  • Application Fee: 21.4 SGD and 100 SGD for MBA

Classroom in NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
Classroom in NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

English Language Proficiency for International Students

For international applicants aspiring to join the academic ranks of Nanyang Technological University, English Language Proficiency is a crucial requirement. It's essential to provide evidence of your linguistic abilities when applying for admission.

The minimum test score requirements for admissions at NTU are as follows: a TOEFL-iBT score of 90, or an IELTS score of 6.0, up to a maximum of TOEFL-IBT score 100 or IELTS score 7.0. The specific minimum score requirements may vary depending on the school or program you intend to pursue.

Ensuring that you meet these English language proficiency requirements is vital to your successful admission to NTU. Proficiency in English not only enables you to engage effectively with the academic community but also ensures that you can make the most of your educational experience in Singapore.

NTU Admission and Intakes

Admissions at Nanyang Technological University are highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of approximately 36%. NTU Singapore is a prestigious institution offering a wide array of academic opportunities, including over 150 undergraduate and 150 graduate degree courses.

For prospective students, NTU Singapore provides two intakes, making it convenient for applicants from around the world. The intakes are in July and August. However, it's important to note that Masters coursework programs at NTU primarily have an intake in August. There are exceptions, though, as some masters courses at NTU follow a trimester system, allowing for a November intake as well. Check here for more detailed information.

NTU is dedicated to supporting international students in their pursuit of education in Singapore. To make higher education more accessible, NTU offers a range of financial aid options, including tuition grants, loans, and various scholarships. These initiatives aim to ensure that talented individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive academically at NTU.

For aspiring undergraduates, application outcomes are typically communicated by mid-July, whereas graduate course applicants can expect to hear back from the end of May to June regarding their admission status.

Dual Campus NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)
Dual Campus NTU (Credit Nanyang Technological University)

NTU Scholarships and Financial Aid

NTU recognizes the importance of ensuring accessibility to quality education. Scholarships and financial aid programs are readily available to support deserving students. These opportunities are designed to ease the financial burden, allowing you to focus on your academic pursuits without financial worries.

NTU's commitment to providing financial support to students is a testament to its dedication to fostering talent and academic excellence. These scholarships and aid programs encompass a range of criteria, including academic achievement, leadership qualities, and contributions to the community. By offering financial assistance, NTU aims to create an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive academically. Whether you're pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies, there are numerous options available to help you embark on your educational journey at NTU with confidence.

These scholarships and financial aid programs not only make education accessible but also empower students to focus on their studies and make the most of the academic opportunities NTU has to offer. Check here for detailed information about the scholarships and financial aids.

NTU Singapore (Credit Engage EU)
NTU Singapore (Credit Engage EU)

Cultural Immersion and Integration

One of the most enriching aspects of studying abroad is the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Singapore's blend of traditions from East and West offers a unique experience that goes beyond textbooks. At NTU, cultural immersion and integration are actively encouraged and supported.

NTU recognizes the value of cultural exchange and strives to create an environment where international students can fully embrace new customs, traditions, and perspectives. The university fosters cultural integration through various means, including student clubs dedicated to different cultural backgrounds, multicultural events, and comprehensive international student support services.

Internship and Career Opportunities

NTU's strong ties with industry leaders provide students with access to unparalleled internship and career opportunities. Singapore's thriving business environment and strategic location as a global financial hub make it an ideal place to launch your career. NTU's career services team will empower you with the skills and connections needed to succeed in today's competitive job market.


In conclusion, the prospect of studying abroad at Nanyang Tech University in Singapore is an opportunity that promises personal and academic growth like no other. Singapore's unique blend of modernity and tradition, combined with NTU's commitment to excellence, creates an environment where dreams take flight. We encourage you to seize this chance to broaden your horizons, embrace new cultures, and embark on an unforgettable journey. Embarking on a study abroad adventure is an exciting endeavour that requires careful planning. We hope that this guide will ensure that you're well-prepared for this life-changing experience. We believe that a well-structured plan will pave the way for a smooth transition into your academic journey at NTU. Your future begins at NTU, where endless possibilities await.

If you are interested in discovering the top universities in Singapore, we highly recommend checking out this page. We provide comprehensive information that will not only capture your interest but also assist in enhancing your skills.

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