5 Great Ideas for Group Activities in Singapore

January 18, 2017

Not everybody likes it outdoors, but most people do. If you are one of them, the effervescent Singapore is probably your best bet to enjoy a day out with friends. Spots for fun-filled activities, adventure sports, and a colourful nightlife abound in the city.


Be it your office party, college reunion, or ganging up with your friends from abroad, there is no dearth of group activity ideas. You can experience the astounding cityscape atop the Singapore Flyer, undergo a culinary workshop, or witness the Night Safari.


Here are 5 great ideas for group activities in Singapore:

1. The Fear Factor Experience


Ever fancy appreciating the taste of pickled cockroaches? It does sound disturbing and makes one want to throw up, but can be a fun group activity, especially if you’re the only one with experience eating extreme food. A fear factor experience is a group activity meant to freak you out with its gross challenges.


Inspired from the popular TV show of the same name, the fear factor experience tests your limits. It gives you funny anecdotes for the rest of your life, and helps new colleagues open up with the rest of the group. There are other incentives of this group activity, too. You can announce rewards for the bravest member, and even challenge each other.


The session can begin with a little tomato juice, followed by eating slimy seaweed. Some interesting options could be squids, pickled cockroaches, and the like. You can also try other activities like finding marbles while standing in ice water. Or place live crickets, real pig feet and cow tongues with rubber frogs and snakes. Have each member pull the frogs and snakes out in a set time-frame.


2. Escape Room


Nothing is better than a group activity that fosters actual teamwork, and escape rooms are just the right answer. Any group’s members are all different, with different skills, and the puzzles in an escape room test everybody. Escaping a maze or puzzle-like-situation with the help of your friends always gives a high.


Singapore has several options for escape rooms. Most providers offer a time limit of less than 60 minutes. However, you must look for one that lets you have a full hour. Conduct research on the various themes these providers have. Common themes include adventure movie series, with props, clues, and other inspired elements. If you’re choosing a movie-style room, make sure you are familiar with it.


If you are a history buff, look for an escape room that makes you feel transported into an entirely different era. Common elements of such escape rooms include sound sensitive doors, statues and chests. Look for reviews online or ask your tour operator to ensure the puzzles are not too hard. For groups that have less time to spare and are looking for stronger puzzles, shinobi-style themes are the best. You are likely to get more physical activity here, so opt for a 45-minute session.


3. Paintball


If you’ve grown up ruing the fact that you will never get to be Rambo, paintball can overturn that fact. You need not even satisfy your appetite for indulging in deadly combat by playing Counter Strike or World of Warcraft. It is time to be James Bond or go deeper in the world of Star Wars or fight zombies into the night.


Paintball is also an excellent way to assert yourself in the group and impress your friends. If you’ve been too caught up or frustrated at work lately, this is your opportunity at taking it out. The best thing about this is that despite all the high that warfare and combat gives, nobody gets hurt. Safety gear like masks, full-sleeved tops and safety shoes ensure that you can enjoy the experience without worrying. The activity not only requires physical strength, agility, and technique, but mental awareness and strategizing.


Singapore’s Paintball parks boast of several adrenaline-pumping packages for your group. They also have a reputation for realistic obstacles, multi-tiered arenas, and battle sites. The staff will brief you beforehand on the different aspect of the game. Groups of as many as 20 people can go for paintball games in Singapore. Depending on what suits you, paintball franchises offer different locations, as well.


4. Trampoline Park


The best way to get high when in a group is getting on a trampoline! Singapore has a strong culture of trampoline parks, and they are a hit with tourists and locals alike. Be it your promotion party, or a friend’s birthday, get a trampoline experience. Rebounding is a great form of exercise, too, and provides complete upper and lower body workout. Even NASA scientists agree that jumping on a trampoline is far more effective than running or swimming.


The largest indoor trampoline facility in Singapore has separate dodge ball courts for kids and adults. It is spread over an area of more than 20,000 square feet, and offers facilities for gymnastic stunts as well. Jump from an elevated platform onto a trapeze, suspended in mid-air. Even otherwise, a typical trampoline park has high performance areas, slam dunk lanes, wall climbing and a lot else to keep you occupied. Trampolines provide plenty of team bonding as well.


5. Pub Crawl


Singapore ranks high on its nightlife quotient. Whether you are a wine-connoisseur, an appetizer-gourmand, or searching for the best party numbers, a pub crawl is the place to be. Happening neighborhoods like Jalan Besar, Boat Quay, and Amoy Street have some famous spots for your group.


A walking tour is a popular way of soaking in Singapore’s eclectic nightlife scene. You can also hire a stretch limousine for your pub crawl. Another reason why a pub crawl is better than visiting different spots individually is that the latter can get expensive. A group usually starts a crawl with complimentary shots. Share funny memories over drinks with your friends, or mingle with the locals. Meanwhile, the guide will escort you to the coziest and the naughtiest of the city’s pubs.


The Richie Rich Experience day tour is an indulging way to let your hair down and enjoy a pub crawl with your group. The tour begins with a cruise aboard a stretch limousine. Next up, you enjoy a round on the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in Asia.


The tour concludes with a pub crawl, and you can go bar-hopping with your entire group. Unlike a usual pub crawl, the Richie Rich day experience tour provides hotel pickup and drop-off.


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