Top 4 shopping destinations in Singapore

October 2, 2017


Singapore is a perfect destination for the shopping aficionados. You’ll find almost all sorts of Chinese things here. You may be looking for imported toys, electronics, antiques, traditional items or anything, majority of the ‘made in China’ products available in Singapore. The place also has a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. A free walking day tour Singapore will be a wonderful option for those who want to perform window-shopping in Singapore. Here are the top shopping destinations in Singapore.


1. Bugis Street

This place is considered a paradise of all trendy items. Fashionable, pop culture-themed products, chic outfits for both men and women, all types of accessories, dolls and toy games etc. added with multi-cuisines are the major things here to purchase. You can also have a taste of sweet Japanese crepes, grilled hot dogs, delicious octopus balls, and various types of fruit juices.


2. Mustafa Centre

Popularly known as one of Singapore’s 24-hour shopping malls, Mustafa Centre aims to offer a unique shopping experience to its target audience. Its departmental stores are segregated into two shopping centers – one centre houses a diverse array of collections, including electronic goods, watches, garments, toys, footwear, books and DVDs, whereas the other centre showcases exclusive collection of jewelry, household appliances added with the products that a supermarket adds in its inventory. Even for the food lovers, Mustafa Centre is a perfect destination.


3. Yue Hwa

A visit to Yue Hwa in Singapore’ Chinatown gives you a chance to experience Chinese tradition. This is Singapore’s only departmental store dedicated to serve the global customers with Chinese food, tea, antiques, silk, cheongsams, handicrafts and gifts. The prices may be slightly higher here but the quality is worth the extra bucks. This is truly a one-stop shop for all types of Chinese merchandise.


4. Chinatown Street Market

Lunar New Year is the best time to visit Chinatown. At that time, the market is decorated with lights and the streets are filled with all sorts of Chinese traditional, modern foods, clothing, accessories, artifacts, and other household items. A free walking day tour through the streets (Sago Lane, Temple Street, Pagoda Street, Smith Street and Trengganu Street) may be the best way to explore Chinatown Street Market’s major attractions.

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