3 Famous Must-visit Mosques in Singapore

August 23, 2018


Visiting the well-known mosques in Singapore is not at all restricted to a certain community. There are several mosques in Singapore that are always worth seeing, if only for the beautiful Islamic architecture. In this article, we looked 3 famous mosques that you must visit during your trip to Singapore.


1. Sultan Mosque

If you are in the historic Kampong district of Singapore, you should never skip visiting Sultan Mosque (aka Masjid Sultan). This 200 years old mosque is the focal point for Singapore’s Muslim community and a must-seeing destination due to its overall interior and exterior beauty. The huge prayer hall and the large-shaped golden dome are the major attractions here. It is said that the poor Muslims donated as much they could during the construction, and to signify their contribution the dome’s base is decorated with glass ends. During the evening, you can go for a food tour Singapore to taste different kinds of Muslim cuisines at the nearby places.


2. Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka

If you want to see the oldest surviving mosque in Singapore, you should visit Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka located at KengCheow Street. It was built in 1820 after the East India Company contemplated to commence a trading outpost in Singapore a year back (in 1819). In the year 1981, the mosque got a new minaret to get a proper look like a masjid. With such a rapid development in Singapore, it’s absolutely wonderful to see such old visiting places are still being preserved.


3. Masjid Abdul Gafoor

If you’re in Little India during your city tour to Singapore, don’t forget to visit Masjid Abdul Gafoor, which was declared a national monument in 1979. The mosque was originally built in 1846 as a sacred praying place for the South Indian Muslim businessmen and Baweanese horse trainers based in Kampong Kapor. The architectural excellence of the mosque is something to behold. It also has Roman, Moorish and Western influences added to Islamic inspiration in the overall architecture.

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