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Effective from February 2023, mask-wearing is optional for all public spaces except for healthcare grounds. For safety, face masks and hand sanitisers will also be provided by our guides upon requests. Guests will also be advised to maintain a 1m distance from other guests where possible during tours.

Health & Well-being

All tour guides will be required to take their temperature before a tour. They will also be given a personal face mask and hand sanitiser for protection of themselves and others. Our tour guides also have the right to reject guests from joining the tour should they be assessed to be unwell

Rainy Weather

Guests are strongly encouraged to bring along an umbrella or poncho in case of rain on tour. Our tour guides are to bring guests to nearest shelter to continue the tour.


As majority of our tours are conducted on-foot, guests are strongly encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes such as trainers or sneakers. Although our tour routes are short, it is best that our guests wear proper footwear to ensure comfort throughout different terrains.

Keeping Cool

Guests are strongly encouraged to seek protection from hot weather on tour by:

  • Wearing a hat

  • Applying sunscreen

  • Keeping hydrated with water / isotonic water

Do not hesitate to ask our guides if you would like a stop to the nearest convenience store if you'd like to purchase water on tour.

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