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100 Free Things To Do In Singapore

Finally, you can get a fresh breath of air in Singapore. Lifted restrictions, opening of borders, seems like everything is falling into place. It is definitely a dream come true to roam about streets of Singapore and planning to go on trips with friends and family after what felt like an eternity. But wait! Don’t know where to go? Well never fear for MDT’s here! Here’s 100 things you can do for absolutely free in Singapore! We can guarantee you won’t be running out of things to do for the next few months.

To help you find these locations easier, we’ve separated these places according to Singapore’s cardinal directions in terms of North, West, Central and East. We’ve combined Northeast with North for easier reference. You’re welcome!

North, Singapore

Within our North region, we have Admiralty, Kranji, Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun, Yio Chu Kang, Seletar and Sengkang which have been placed in these regions based on the town centres and areas. Known as the second largest region in Singapore with a population of estimated 500,000 people.

Hot Spring Park
Photo credit: NParks

1. Take a dip at Sembawang’s Hot Spring Park! Need to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Check out Sembawang’s Hot Spring Park and dip your toes in the relaxing Hot Spring foot bath as a substitute for a jacuzzi!

Fun fact: Rumours has it that the water has some type of healing properties because of its relatively high sulphide content.

2. While you’re at Sembawang, you should definitely explore the heritage trail at Sembawang Park. Bring your kids along with you and tread along the path of the sandy beach. You can also choose the route which you’d like to take to discover more about the history of Singapore.

Fun fact: Sembawang used to be a British naval base back in the 1930s.

3. Singapore has grown so much over the years but you can check out how it used to be back in the days at Kampong Lorong Buangkok. Relive the history and see it for yourself!

Fun fact: Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last existing kampong in Singapore that has been here since 1956.

Dragon Playground
Photo credit: Roots.SG

4. As you go around learning the history of Singapore, the iconic Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh should not be missed! Even after 40 years, it is still going strong with many children playing here.

Fun fact: While the original and largest dragon playground is located at Toa Payoh, there are 3 other replicas of it situated around Singapore!

5. Nostalgia brought out by murals? Say no more and head down to Ang Mo Kio to check out the kampong mural painted by local artist Yip Ye Chong to reminisce the past.

Fun fact: Alzheimer’s Disease Association transformed the Kebun Baru neighbourhood into a dementia-friendly neighbourhood to assist those with dementia and their caregivers in easily identifying their location!

6. Love animals in nature? This one’s for you! Immerse yourselves at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve if you’re an avid fan of bird watching. Keep your eyes peeled for more animals like water snakes, monitor lizards, otters and many more roaming around the park!

Fun fact: The rarest mangroves can be found in Sungei Buloh and the reason why there’s so many birds is because this place is a stopover point for migratory birds.

Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club
Photo credit: The Smart Local

7. Bird watching is not enough? No problem! Make your way to Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club by following their chirps! Located beside the Garden West Park, this club was formed by avid bird lovers throughout Singapore to share their love with others.

Fun fact: There are over a 1,000 birds hoisted up in the air where they’re grouped by their breeds in different sections.

8. Remember those uniform groups back in school? Well, you should certainly visit the Scout Discovery Centre and find out the history and development of scouting globally and within Singapore!

Fun fact: This Centre was launched in 2010 to commemorate 100 years of scouting in Singapore!

9. There are many statues spread across in Singapore which you probably might have missed. Many of them are often situated in historical places and sanctuaries. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery is a must visit beautiful place filled with amazing architecture!

Fun fact: It is the largest Mahayana Buddhist temple in Singapore with a Giant 13.8 metre Buddha and Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas statues!

Lower Seletar Reservoir
Photo credit: The Smart Local

10. Catching the best sunset is never easy especially finding a good spot for it. But the Heritage Bridge located at Lower Seletar Reservoir makes it one of the best places to relax and enjoy the sunset.

Fun fact: Kelongs, also known as traditional fishing platforms, were the inspiration for the bridge's design on stilts.

11. While nature is all around us especially Singapore being a green city, it’s quite hard to miss all the different types of plants. But at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, not only do they grow beautiful plants, but everything is also edible! You can even purchase the fruits to eat between $1-$5.

Fun fact: The funds collected from people will be used for the upkeeping of the garden under a Green Fund.

Astronomy at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Photo credit: Time Out

12. Free glimpse into astronomy? Sidewalk Astronomy provides you with telescopes to enjoy stargazing held at the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park outside McDonald’s!

Fun fact: For those tracking GOTO telescope mounts, you may enter and save the GPS coordinates given above for higher accuracy and slightly lowering setup time.

13. There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up early and feeling good about the day. Maximise this and head down with your family to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park for a free yoga sesh! Make sure to bring your own mats.

Fun fact: This only happens on the 2nd Sunday of every month, so quickly book your places here!

Landscape Pond
Photo credit: The Smart Local

14. Alternatively if you prefer solitude, you can visit the Landscape Pond situated within the park.

Fun fact: Were you aware that Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park was renewed and it’s cleaning biotopes at Bishan Park 1 provides an excellent water treatment while preserving the natural and scenic environment?

15. With over a 1000 different species of fishes, Qian Hu Fish Farm is a must visit for everyone! Check out their fishes ranging from catfishes, rainbowfish and even invertebrates. To get there, you can board on the shuttle bus provided at Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange.

Fun fact: The fish farm used to be old pig pens which was eradicated because of the Government's pass to stem pollutants and loose up extra land for residential development.

16. Boasting gorgeous flora and fauna, the Woodlands Waterfront Park welcomes visitors of all ages to enjoy exercising.

Fun fact: This park is one of the checkpoints of the Coast-to-Coast Trail which is the longest trail in Singapore.

Rail Corridor Central
Photo credit: Little Day Out

17. Head back to Rail Corridor to find out how Singapore and the Malay Peninsula used to transport goods and commute at the start of the 20th century!

Fun fact: The Railway Corridor will be connected to Sentosa soon for easy access to everyone.

18. Take a break from your busy city life by visiting the Bollywood Veggies! Discover the plants grown on the Kranji Countryside which is totals to a 10-acre farm.

Fun fact: Running sustainably and hiring challenged and less fortunate Singaporeans, this farm contributes to our sustainable efforts and creates job opportunities for many.

Kranji War Memorial
Photo credit:

19. The Kranji War Memorial may not be the first place that comes to mind but if you wish to delve deeper into history, this is the place you need to visit. Besides, learning about history in person is way better than reading it right?

Fun fact: A memorial ceremony is held every year on the Sunday closest to Remembrance Day, November 11th, to pay honour to those who lost their lives.

20. Conducive spaces are often hard to find especially when you’re easily distracted. While it may sound bizarre, the Smart Void Deck located at Jurong will be perfect for many to find their concentration on their work. Lightings that adjusts to the environment with tables and chairs helps to mimic a study area.

Fun fact: This is a public prototype for HDB Greenprint that integrates technology to transform an ordinary HDB into a Smart Void Deck.

21. Relive Japan all over again or for the first time at the Japanese Cemetery Park! While the name sounds spooky and it’s not where you might want to go, the iconic spring cherry blossom view will change your mind

Fun fact: Did you know that the land of the site was donated by three brothel owners Futaki Takajiro, Shibuya Ginji and Nakagawa Kikuzo, who also owned rubber plantations in the vicinity? It was also the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia.

West, Singapore

Despite being the furthest away from the rest of Singapore, the West is where you get to experience more of the ‘fun stuff’ with many nature trails and activities tucked away in the corner.

Yunnan Garden Waterfall
Photo credit: @gl245

22. Catch one of the best waterfalls in Singapore at the Chinese-themed Yunnan Garden! Cascading at 5.6-metre tall, this spot boast spectacular views and is considered as a hidden gem.

Fun fact: Located at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), heritage monuments and playground are available for everyone to use!

23. Need more insta-worthy pictures? Chase the sunset at Raffles Marina Lighthouse as you click away! You can also choose to stop by the restaurants if you’re hungry for some delicious food at your own expense.

Fun fact: Since it’s a country club, they have everything available including the perfect venue for you to hold birthday parties, weddings or even just events!

Clusia Cove
Photo credit: NParks

24. It can get really tiring to take care of the kids and you might be thinking where else can I bring them out? If so, you should make your way to Clusia Cove with your children! Not only do they have a water playground for them, but this is a learning experience as the water movements mimics tidal patterns, surface ripples and directional currents to coastal shores.

Fun fact: The water that the children are playing in is cleansed by natural treatment methods using a water recycling system.

25. Imagine a playground but bigger and twice the amount of fun! This supersized playground located at the infamous Singapore Botanical Gardens Gallop Extension is exactly what your kids need with all that sand!

Fun fact: The Gallop Extension has many more places of interest including Botanical Art Gallery, Learning Forest and many more.

Frog Farm
Photo credit: Club Pets

26. Froggos everywhere! No matter your age, you should definitely visit the Jurong Frog Farm at least once in your lifetime. While it may not be everyone’s favourite animal, we suggest you give them more than a glance, as long as you don’t get afraid when they croak! Entry is free for everyone; however interactions and guided tours have rates.

Fun fact: Frogs may look slimy and scary but that’s because they have a mucous coating which allows them to breathe through their skin.

Hay Dairies
Photo credit: Sunny City Kids

27. While you are at the frog farm, don’t forget to make your way to Hay Dairies to get the full experience of visiting and learning about the farm animals! Join their free and easy tour to take a look at the adorable goats but if you wish to feed them, you will need to purchase some hay at $5 per packet only!

Fun fact: Their farm has more than 800 goats of mixed breed with origin heritage from Minnesota, United States.

28. Sometimes all we need is a little time for ourselves to just chill. If you especially love to enjoy some me time, Bukit Batok’s Park would be perfect for you to get takeout and relax especially with their stunning lake view.

Fun fact: NParks-AIA is currently holding an Explore A Route Challenge from 20 May to 20 July 2022, to commemorate the launch of our NEAR app! Stand to win Decathlon e-vouchers (worth $50 each) in the monthly lucky draw, with three 13" MacBook Air laptops and 10 Fitbit Sense smartwatches up for grabs in the grand lucky draw at the end of the Challenge!

29. Another historical sight to behold is Reflections at Bukit Chandu which commemorates the battle of Pasir Panjang with the history of Bukit Chandu.

Fun fact: Many of us may have heard of Lieutenant Adnan Saidi when we learned during our history lessons, well he was one of the bravest soldiers to fight in this war.

Thow Kwang Pottery
Photo credit:

30. I’m pretty sure you would have heard about pottery, but do you know of any traditional pottery currently present in Singapore? At Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, they have been practicing dragon kiln since 1965! Take a tour around their store and if you’d like to try your hand at pottery, sign up for their workshops!

Fun fact: The dragon kiln was used to fire clay items such latex cups for rubber plantations, orchid pots for nurseries, and water jars for the local market.

31. With summer approaching, Singapore is getting more humid, and boy are we sweating like a pig! I don’t know about you, but we definitely need to take a dip in the pools at Jurong East Swimming Complex. I’m sure your kids can’t resist the different amenities available such as giant wave pool, lazy river, Jacuzzi with bubble jets, and a children’s water play area!

Fun fact: This swimming complex is a milestone in Sport Singapore’s facilities development when it opened in the year 2000.

32. Murai Farmway is a family-run farm raises a variety of fruits and vegetables, including pumpkins and brinjals without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilisers which will be of interest for everyone to understand better of how this works.

Fun fact: They also organise educational farm tours for groups with min. 20 pax.

33. Sometimes as you try to shop for things you need, your kids will always be active, and some even might be hanging off your leg. A perfect place to burn their energy out would be Westgate Wonderland located at level 4 which is free for all kids aged 2 to 12!

Fun fact: Not made as your regular playground, there’s a dry play area each for those aged below 5 years and for older children, and a wet play area for all!

Haw Par Villa
Photo credit: Time Out

34. Might not be on your bucket list, but a trip to hell might just be what you need. I mean Singapore’s Haw Par Villa! Known for their infamous 10 Courts of Hell, discover the significance behind the cultures throughout the time and space.

Fun fact: This place contains over 1,000 statues and 150 giant tableaux centered around Chinese folklore, legends, history, and Confucian ideology.

35. With so many fun experiences coming along the way, the Singapore Discovery Centre is perfect for all ages! There are many free exhibitions and activities in store for you to keep your little ones entertained while you try to catch a breather.

Fun fact: The Singapore Book of Records gave the Singapore Discovery Centre the title of 'Longest Sheltered Walkway Fitted with Solar Panels' on October 31st , 2020!

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
Photo credit: Venuerific

36. There’s nothing that beats the view of the sea especially with the yachts lined up as you watch the sunset. Sounds great right? Get to Republic of Singapore Yacht Club to experience some peace and quiet.

Fun fact: This club holds the longest running regatta in Singapore which is a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races.

37. Get ready for a mud-filled encounter at Clementi forest as you hike and get your workout in. You might just want to visit the forest in the wee hours so that you make it in time to watch the sunset!

Fun fact: The Clementi Forest is the second largest patch of wildlife habitat, after Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

38. Even your furry friends need some Vitamin Ds from sunlight! Let them bask in the sun and feel the wind against their fur as they run to their heart’s content at the West Coast Dog Run.

Fun fact: A high tech Dog Washing Booth which costs $10 per bath, allows you to bathe your fur babies and dry them off with a quick blow-dry.

NUS Museum
Photo credit: NUS

39. Have you ever heard of a university museum? Not many of us have but you’ll be surprised to find the amount of information available at the NUS Museum! Focusing on Asia, there are over 8,000 artefacts and artworks spread across their 4 collections.

Fun fact: The National University of Singapore was formed as a merger between Nanyang University and University of Singapore back in 1980.

40. Not for the faint-hearted and known as the most haunted house in Singapore, Hillview Mansion is the definition of spooky. If you’re into ghost hunting, this might be a location you want to visit, but beware for paranormal activities that may happen.

Fun fact: Trespassing is prohibited at this area but if you’d like to understand more before visiting this spot, check out Asia One’s article on Ghost-hunting at Bukit Batok.

41. In need of a place to do everything from learning to exploring? Jurong Lake Gardens has it all with the different amenities that caters to you and your family!

Fun fact: Rumour has it that the high-speed rail station linking Singapore to Malaysia could possibly be located in the Jurong Lake District.

Tuas Lampost
Photo credit: Ong Ye Kung’s Facebook

42. Avid bikers are pretty familiar with Singapore at this point of time but have you been to the Tuas lamp post to mark your spot? This lamp post is now authorised for anyone (mainly cyclists) to paste their stickers. It is even pinned on the Google Maps!

Fun fact: Every time you visit this lamp post, the stickers seem to be getting placed higher and higher. Thanks to Mothership, we now know how this works!

43. Special mention to Sentosa because there’s so many free activities you can do! Starting with transportation, you can now take a free ride to enter Sentosa using Sentosa Express. All you have to do is simply tap your ez-link cards or approach the staff if you don’t have one.

Fun fact: This is the fifth time the resort island is extending its free entry promotion! This time it ends in September.

Sky Walk at Fort Siloso
Photo credit: Thrillophilia

44. Head to the iconic Fort Siloso and start with a spectacular view from the Sky Walk. This elevated 11-storey trail makes it to the list of instagrammable places in Singapore!

Fun fact: This is one of our pit stop in our Fort Siloso Puzzle Hunt!

45. Explore the history of Singapore by visiting the actual site of World War II at Fort Siloso with many different artefacts and screening available so that you get the full experience of learning about the war rather than reading it.

Fun fact: Fort Siloso was gazetted as a National Monument on 15 February 2022, so make your way to Fort Siloso as the crowd starts to flock!

46. Hikers assemble! Another spot you definitely need to jog to, is Imbiah Trail. Starting at Imbiah and ending at Siloso Point, discover the 8 different types of habitat present in Sentosa!

Fun fact: According to Little Day Out, the Tempinis tree in this trail is what gave the Tampines housing estate in the East its name. That’s why it is pronounced TAM-PEE-NEES instead of TAM-PINES?

Magical Shores at Siloso
Photo credit: Time Out

47. Alternative to the infamous iLight, get your free tickets to the Magical Shores at Siloso! Perfect for a night out (especially if you intend to impress your date), Siloso Beach will showcase beautiful interactive neon lights which definitely will leave your jaw dropping.

Fun fact: These lights were inspired by marine life and the movements of water whereby the light effects are projected across a 400m stretch of Siloso Beach.

48. Another playground for you to get to is Nestopia Playground which allows you to let your children go through 17 different sections!

Fun fact: The playground offers a bird’s-eye view of the South China Sea.

49. A perfect opportunity once you reach Sentosa is to get on their guided tour and the best part is it’s free! Grab this chance to also visit a secret part of Sentosa.

Fun fact: You will need to ballot for your tickets to the tour so quickly put your availability here!

50. Follow up and find out Singapore’s largest park with a hidden tower and biking trails. Secret’s out! Over at Chestnut Nature Park catch the spiral observation tower at 7 storeys high for an astounding view.

Fun fact: The park has a 5.6km-long hiking trail split into two parts, North and South for you to choose.

Tanjong Beach
Photo credit: Time Out

51. The best thing about going to Sentosa is definitely visiting the different beaches accessible. Not just swimming but you can engage in sports activities by yourselves!

Fun fact: Did you know that the government launched a contest to rename the island and “Sentosa”, which means “tranquillity” in Malay, which was picked as the winning name.

Central, Singapore

Central Singapore known as the business district can be labelled as one of the most thriving places in Singapore with almost everything available for everyone.

52. Make your way down to Chinatown for a fun-filled walking tour! Get an understanding of the culture with interesting stories and lovely food recommendations by signing up here.

Fun fact: Monster Day Tours is known for our free walking tours, check us out here!

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Photo credit: Chinatown Singapore

53. Get greeted by The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and learn the rich designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits on Buddhist art and history tell stories of culture over thousands of years old!

Fun fact: The Buddha Tooth Relic is housed in a giant stupa weighing a whopping 3,500 kilograms and made from 320 kilograms of gold, of which 234 kilograms were donated by devotees. Only monks are allowed into the relic chamber, but visitors will be able to see the tooth relic from the public viewing area.

54. Once you’ve visited the temple, walk down to Chinatown Heritage Centre. The Chinatown Heritage Centre is the only place in Singapore that has recreated the original interiors of its shophouse tenants in the 1950s!

Fun fact: The Chinatown Heritage Centre is comprised of three restored shophouses, where a tailor’s workshop, his downstairs living quarters, and the first-floor rental accommodation

Chinatown’s Food Complex
Photo credit: Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre Facebook

55. If you are out of food options, you need to check out Chinatown’s Food Complex! With an array of delicious options, you’ll be left buying everything from the stores.

Fun fact: Chinatown is known as the infamous red-light district.

56. Exploring the Hindu community, the Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore which holds many beautiful sculptures depicting the Hindu religion.

Fun fact: The temple dates to 1827, when it was known as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Chapel.

Photo credit: Watabe Wedding

57. One of the iconic and instagrammable places you probably have seen is CHIJMES. With beautiful neo-classical architecture as its centrepiece, it’s now a hotspot for drinking and dining, with not one or two, but more than 30 restaurants, cafes and bars on a single block.

Fun fact: Remember the beautiful wedding scene in the Crazy Rich Asians movie? Yup, that was filmed in CHIJMES!

58. Ever heard of an Urban Farm on a rooftop mall? Over at Funan, you’ll be able to check out the garden that boasts a multitude of crops nurtured amid the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Fun fact: If you would like an in-depth learning experience and try your hand at cooking peranakan food, check out our tour.

59. The most visited tourist attraction, Esplanade, does more than what meets the eye. While you plan to make a trip to Esplanade, check out the free shows they offer at the Theatres On The Bay.

Fun fact: Their latest Singtel Waterfront Theatre has been completed and will be in operation from 2023 onwards.

Merlion Park
Photo credit: Travel Triangle

60. Set your eyes on the Merlion statue at the Merlion Park, a mythical creature that’s half-fish and half-lion. At any time of the day you get to enjoy the view of our Lion City at its finest on the Esplanade Bridge!

Fun fact: While this statue is the original Merlion, there are 4 other merlions in Singapore and more overseas! Check them out here!

61. Much closer to Marina Centre sits the Helix Bridge which you may have chanced upon from afar. Made as a link way bridge between Marina Centre and the Bayfront area, this bridge is another spot to view Singapore especially once the sun sets which makes the bridge come alive with lights!

Fun fact: Based on the double helix DNA, this special bridge symbolises “life and continuity, renewal and growth”.

Old Parliament House
Photo credit: The Travel Triangle

62. Chance upon the Old Parliament House which is now known as The Arts House. Catch a glimpse of how it looks during a Sitting and the interior which is probably the oldest surviving colonial structure in Singapore.

Fun fact: The former Parliament House was gazetted as a national monument in 1992 and in 2003, was converted to The Arts House—which has been a polestar for the Arts in Singapore since.

63. If there’s one place that’s always got our attention and never get bored of, it’s definitely the museums in Singapore. Starting with the National Gallery which holds the history of Singapore, will be of interest to you especially walking through the galleries of art pieces for art lovers!

Fun fact: The National Gallery was functioned as the Supreme Court for more than 65 years before the court moved.

64. Asian Civilisation Museum will take you on a deeper understanding of the museums in Singapore showcasing more than 2,000 artefacts from the civilisations of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

Fun fact: There are always new free activities for you to do with your families, visit their website here!

Istana Grounds
Photo credit: Google

65. The President of Singapore's official house and office, the Istana grounds, are a haven of greenery and animals in the middle of the city's bustle!

Fun facts: With tours of the Istana Main Building's event rooms, you'll be able to learn fascinating anecdotes about the rooms, which have hosted kings and presidents.

66. While a staycation is a bonus to visit this hotel, you can still admire it without having to book a room. Fullerton Hotel was built as a fort which is now a 400-room heritage hotel and has a grandeur. Tour around this beautiful hotel which is also one of the oldest hotels in Singapore.

Fun fact: It was also once the headquarters of the Japanese military administration during WWII; and the place where the Economic Development Board occupied when it was first formed.

67. Exploring the cultures of Singapore? Make your way to our free walking tour at Little India! Get to enjoy a fun-filled day with tasty snacks and sweets as while learning more about the Indian culture.

Fun fact: The first peranakan church is actually located in Little India! If you wish to find out more secrets about Little India, you can read our article here.

Kampong Gelam
Photo credit: @tamal_mukherjee on Unsplash

68. Make your way to our Kampong Gelam free walking tour to continue your journey of exploring the streets filled with beautiful murals and hipster cafes.

Fun fact: Not known to many but the kampong glam was once meant for royalty and if you would like to know more secrets of kampong glam, read our article here!

69. Perfect for a chill night out and chill views, the Singapore River is the heart of our night activity!

Fun fact: The Singapore River was once the territory of secret societies! Need more secrets of the river? Read our article!

70. Treading on your historical adventures, the Fort Canning Park is perfect for a hike and learning for your family and friends.

Fun fact: To step it up, we actually have a Fort Canning puzzle hunt which you get to play around the park! Check us out here!

East, Singapore

First thing that comes to mind when you mention east is Changi Airport especially because it’s your ‘gateway’ to leave Singapore. Pun intended. But there’s definitely much more to East where you can find things to do and hangout at cool spots.

East Coast Park
Photo credit: The Straits Times

71. One of the beaches you should check out is East Coast Park. Caching the sunset while you’re having a picnic or cycling definitely goes on my wish list.

Fun fact: If you’re a crazy cat person, don’t walk but run to ECP on a Saturday between 5pm to 9pm to admire and melt at the cute fur babies as their owners let them loose!

72. With all the reopening of borders, Changi Airport is back to life as many are now travelling abroad! With all these flights taking off, enjoy these scenes at the Viewing Mall while enjoying the peace and quiet of the surrounding area.

Fun fact: Did you know that we have the tallest slide in an airport at Terminal 3? Simply present your Changi Rewards e-Card at the T3 Information Counter to redeem 10 slide rides.

Sun Plaza Park
Photo credit: NParks

73. Need a dupe to pretty cherry blossoms? Visit the Sun Plaza Park for some of the most beautiful flowers you can only imagine looking at. It’s also the perfect time to grab your camera and take some aesthetic shots.

Fun fact: During the months of March/April and August/September are when the flowers bloom and they are especially colourful when heavy showers occur after a hot and long dry spell.

74. Diving back into history, the Changi Chapel and Museum should make it to your list of things to do as it feeds your curiosity with many programmes to offer!

Fun fact: You may contribute stories and photographs about the prisoners-of-war and civilians who were interned in Changi Prison during World War Two, as well as relevant donations which document the internees' experiences or are otherwise related to the internees.

75. Over at the Tampines Hub Library, you can stay there for as long as you want (before it closes for the night that is), providing you a good environment to study in. There’s usually students already there at what feels like the break of the day so make sure to secure a spot early!

Fun fact: If your kids are tired of reading books all day, you can also bring them to Playtopia, a playground situated within the library!

Joo Chiat Road
Photo credit: Winel Sutanto via Unsplash

76. Snap some amazing picture along Joo Chiat Road especially with the colourful shophouses! Besides providing endless photo opportunities, the road is also home to some great restaurants, eateries, and shops of peranakan culture and many more.

Fun fact: Joo Chiat Road was named after Mr Chew Joo Chiat who was a prosperous landowner and "King of Katong".

77. Definitely a fantasy come true for skaters, when the Xtreme Skate Park was open to the public! This massive park spans 1.4 hectares and cost $7.6 million to build.

Fun fact: It’s one of only two skate parks in Asia of international standard!

78. Come and cycle along Bedok Jetty for a fun time with your friends and family or simply enjoy the weather. While many of them are busy fishing, take this time to relax watch the waves.

Fun fact: The MINDEF used this place and was set up to handle refugees arriving from Sagion in 1975.

NEWater Visitor Centre
Photo credit: PUB Singapore

79. Get your children to come with you to The NEWater Visitor Centre (NVC) which is a learning centre that promotes Singapore's water sustainability and explains how NEWater is made.

Fun fact: You will get to learn about the water treatment process and the membrane and ultraviolet technologies that make NEWater clean and drinkable.

80. Walk along the Changi Airport Connector to spot some dinosaurs allowing you to bike, skate, run, jog, and stroll from East Coast Park or any of the Park Connector Network (PCN) to Jewel Changi Airport and the terminals, and vice versa.

Fun fact: It’s also home to the city’s largest permanent outdoor display of life-sized dinosaurs Changi Jurassic Mile.

81. Many of you may be able to identify the Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport but did you know there’s another in the East at Tampines Changkat? Admire this beautiful but often misunderstood animals at their habitat and learn more about the different species.

Fun fact: There is also a butterfly interest group comprising about 100 members who help to maintain this area.

Coney Island
Photo credit: Wanderlust and Wet Wipes

82. From Punggol, you can visit Coney Island and get your workout in especially if you want to explore nature a little more!

Fun fact: Modelled after the famous amusement park in Coney Island, New York, the Coney island (in Singapore) was set to feature restaurants, chalets, and an array of outdoor activities including swimming, boating and fishing.

83. Head down to Ikea in Tampines for a fun filled day! Tour around the different rooms and sections especially if you enjoy looking at furniture and other décor items for your house!

Fun fact: A massive toy store as low as $1 is available near Ikea!

84. Looking for the perfect spot for a wedding shoot? Get to The Lalang Field for some amazing shots! Watch the sunset as the sky changes colour, perfect during a sunset!

Fun fact: Guess what? The grasses in the Grasslands are actually not Lalang but made of other different types of grasses like Vetiver Grass, Purple Fountain Grass,West Indian Lemon Grass and many more!

Haji Lane
Photo credit: Honey Kids Asia

85. Appreciate the art works on the walls of Haji Lane especially at night along the shophouses with many to cater to. This cult favourite indie street is home to the iconic colourful street art you'll see on every corner.

Fun fact: Haji Lane previously gave shelter to pilgrims on their annual pilgrimage to Mecca and provided lodging for the less fortunate Malay families.

86. It’s the perfect time to go exploring beyond Singapore but still within Singapore! Confused? Besides Coney Island, you should also get to Pulau Ubin from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Fun fact: The name Pulau Ubin literally means "Granite Island" in Malay, which explains the many abandoned granite quarries present.

87. Who would ever say no to free food and drink samples? Exactly so you definitely should head down to your nearest NTUC to get some free samples! It’s also perfect if you wish to try new products before actually purchasing them.

Fun fact: To fight inflation and stabilise food prices, NTUC Welcome was started in 1973 to sell food and essentials at reasonable prices to the public and become the “people’s supermarket”

Timbre+ Eastside
Photo credit: Checkin SG

88. Feeling vibey and wish to enjoy the night more? With live music back, Timbre+ Eastside is perfect for everyone to gather and listen to some good music. Get some dinner for yourselves at your own expense while you’re there.

Fun fact: Timbre+ Eastside is designed and built to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption.

89. A little more about history never hurt no one! But this time, you get to see all the cool fighter jets, aircrafts and missiles over at the Air Force Museum.

Fun fact: The RSAF has a 24/7 networked air defence system which allows them to monitor any potential air threats.

90. In need of more stunning views while around flora and fauna? Head over to the PLQ mall to take it all in on their rooftop garden at level 7.

Fun fact: The mall has a couple of sustainable efforts such as preventing air pollution through filtration systems and many more!

Zenn Audio Electronics
Photo credit: Zenn Audio Electronics

91. Listening to records up your alley? We can totally relate! Zenn Audio Electronics at Simpang Bedok’s got you covered with all your favourite artistes’ albums.

Fun fact: Vinyls were invented back in 1948 and the first ever vinyl record played was Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 music.

92. While you may have heard of the huge TV screen at Tampines Hub, they are always streaming movies every night and recently the soccer matches! Perfect for many including students to take a break.

Fun fact: There’s a hidden cinema for you to watch your movies at the Festive Arts Theatre nearer to the library.

93. Revisit nature over at the Tampines Eco Green Garden as it’s three trails offer an opportunity for close encounters with rare plants and animals.

Fun fact: The trails are very short from 0.8km which is perfect for a light walking with your family and friends.

94. Perfect for an exercise or simply to build your stamina, Bedok Sports Complex track will keep you running and practising for days.

Fun fact: Previously there was a Bedok maze which gathered crowd to do parkour. But it got taken down due to noise pollution.

Tipsy Bird
Photo credit: @aochengsu on Twitter

95. Craving for some delicious seafood? Now while this isn’t free it might as well be considered free because you get to dig into oysters priced at $2 each? Only available at Tipsy Bird!

Fun fact: Not just meant as a bar but they’ve got awesome food on their menu with all-day happy our deals for you to enjoy your night out.

96. If you wish to take more steps to contribute towards living sustainably, Scoop Wholefoods is the perfect place to go grocery shopping especially if you intend to eat healthier. That’s two birds in one stone!

Fun fact: You can actually save more money purchasing the food items here rather than in local supermarkets because bulk food store prices are usually competitive.

97. Community Centres may not be what you’re looking for but the activities there might just fit into your schedule. Providing you with courses to join and facilities to book, your nearby CC’s got it all for you.

Fun fact: Unknown to many, the British brought the concept of community centres to its oversea colonies such as Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore after the Second World War.

The Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park
Photo credit: My Chirpy Life

98. Horse lovers, this one’s for you! The Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park is definitely a must visit at least if you don’t intend to take up classes.

Fun fact: This is the first ever public pony riding school to provide lessons which you can also integrate into parties such as birthdays, functions or even weddings!

99. Join a free trial of art lessons at Tree Art with multiple outlets spread out over Singapore. Not just made for kids but everyone can enjoy art and learn a thing or two.

Fun fact: If you wish to take it a step further after signing up full time, you will get the chance to enter competitions as well!

100. To end the day off, get to Changi Point Coastal Walk for some peace and quiet as you enjoy the sun set!

Fun fact: Dinner plans not fixed? Get yourself a plate of the famous nasi lemak at the hawker centre near the coastal point!

And that’s all we have folks! Now who was saying there isn’t much to do in Singapore? We hope we proved you wrong.

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