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8 Popular Bangkok Nightclubs for an Amazing Night out

As the capital of Thailand, it’s no surprise that Bangkok’s nightlife is full of excitement. No matter what kind of night out you enjoy, you can find something to do in Bangkok. For the traveller that loves dancing and clubbing, you will be spoiled for choice in Bangkok’s nightclub scene. Each nightclub is filled with energy, dancing, and fun! There are plenty of nightclubs in Bangkok, but we have chosen some of the best Bangkok nightclubs to visit. Read this list and see which fits your music tastes and vibes the best!

What's clubbing in Bangkok like?

Locals in Bangkok do not sleep! Nightlife is not just for the weekend but is an everyday occurrence. Bangkok nightclubs are incredibly diverse, and you can find anything from huge EDM clubs to secret gems playing the hottest House beats. Each district in Bangkok has its own vibe, so explore them all and see what you like the best. Mingle with locals and discover Bangkok’s incredible nightclub scene!

Best Nightclubs Bangkok

Photo credit: Antoine J.


As Bangkok’s first mega club, it’s no wonder TopOne is one of the city’s most popular nightclubs. It was modelled to look like a spaceship, so visitors can feel like they’re on a journey while dancing at this nightclub in Bangkok. Its large size allows plenty of space for dancing, and its awesome music system will keep you on your toes all night. There are three floors in TopOne, each with a different vibe. The first floor is all about dancing to the DJ’s best beats, the second floor has private karaoke rooms, and the top floor is a giant banquet hall. Quite the unique blend of activities!

Each month, TopOne hosts a themed music festival that revolves around space. They showcase different DJs, artists, and even costumes. It is a unique Bangkok club to visit. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, give TopOne a go.

Entrance Fee: Free. Bottle service ฿2,200.

Hours: Every day from 7 PM - 3 AM

Location: TopOne Club, 222, 2 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

Insanity Nightclub

Located in the popular area of Soi 11, Insanity is an awesome club that has been bringing party vibes for years. Thanks to its large size, party-goers have plenty of space to dance around to the music or chill with friends at one of the many standing tables. This Bangkok nightclub has some of the best local and international DJs performing a blend of House music and EDM.

One of the more interesting pros of Insanity Nightclub is its famous fries! The club’s bar makes fries that party-goers rave about. If you get a little peckish during a night of dancing around, you won’t have to worry about finding a snack while here.

Entrance Fee: Fri & Sat - ฿300 for women and ฿400 for men. Sun-Thurs - ฿200 for women and ฿300 for men.

Hours: Every day from 9 PM - 2 AM (sometimes later).

Location: Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok, 10110

Photo credit: Insanity Nightclub

Route 66

Enjoying a night out on the town can be difficult for someone who wants a bit of everything. Most clubs only focus on one music style or have one speciality, but what if you want to dance to all kinds of music? Then you should try Route 66! This nightclub in Bangkok is famous for its large size and variety of activities. With 3 large dance rooms and a terrace, you get a bit of everything.

Each room focuses on a different kind of music. The first is Hip-Hop music, the second showcases live bands and Thai pop music, and the third room is EDM. Due to the eclectic mix of music and focus on Thai music, mostly young Thai locals visit. If you want to try visiting a local club, then Route 66 is where you should go. Dance through the rooms and see which vibe you enjoy the most, then rest outside on their large terrace. You can sip on an amazing cocktail, take a breather, and then go back in for another dance!

Entrance Fee: ฿300

Hours: Every day from 8:30 PM - 2 AM

Location: Route66 Club, 48 Royal City Avenue Building, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok, 10310


Take your night to the next level at Levels Nightclub. Located on the 7th floor of Aloft Bangkok, this fancy Bangkok nightclub offers more than just dancing. Unlike most nightclubs in Bangkok, Levels doesn’t only showcase DJs. They also host multiple live performances that give the club a whole different vibe. Relax outside in the club’s large terrace area to relax and enjoy the live performances. Levels perfectly balance the two experiences of dancing your heart out and chatting with friends outdoors.

Most nightclubs in Bangkok have a dress code, but this nightclub in Bangkok has a strict dress code. You have to dress nicely to get into Levels, so no flip flops or athleisure.

Entrance Fee: Fri & Sat - ฿300 for women and ฿400 for men. Sun-Thurs - ฿200 for women and ฿300 for men.

Hours: Every day from 9 PM - 2 AM (sometimes later).

Location: Levels Club, 6th Floor of the Aloft Hotel, 35, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, 10110

Photo credit: Levels Nightclub

Mustache Bangkok

All the clubs on the list so far will give you plenty of fun. But this nightclub in Bangkok deters from many nightclubs in Bangkok in one special way. Mustache Bangkok looks past playing mainstream music and plays the best underground music. You will definitely have a unique experience at Mustache. The drinks aren’t as expensive as in other clubs and you will get a completely different vibe there. Dance through the club’s two floors, or take a break on Mustache’s rooftop. No matter which floor you stay on, your night at Mustache will be unforgettable.

Entrance Fee: ฿300 (includes 1 drink)

Hours: Every day from 9 PM - 3 AM

Location: Mustache Bangkok, Soi Sukhumvit 13, 15 Sukhumvit Residence, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10400

Sugar Club Bangkok

Most clubs play EDM or House music, but what if you prefer Hip Hop music? No worries, Bangkok has plenty of Hip-Hop clubs. The centre of the Hip Hop scene in Bangkok has to be Sugar Club. Not only can you dance to your favourite Rap songs at this nightclub in Bangkok, but you can watch your favourite artists live! From the hottest local rappers to famous international acts like Lil Yachty, there’s no knowing what you’ll experience at Sugar Club.

The first floor is the dance floor where you can show off your best dance moves. But when you need a quick breather, go up to the second floor and chill with your friends. Sugar Club has a famous live dance crew, so take a break and watch some of Thailand’s best dancers! Maybe you’ll learn some new moves from them.

Entrance Fee: ฿200 for women and ฿400 for men

Hours: Every day from 9 PM - 3 AM

Location: Sugar Club Bangkok, 37 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

nightclub in Bangkok
Photo credit: Sugar Club

DEMO Bangkok

Visiting DEMO Bangkok feels like you’re visiting a secret club. Though it is an incredibly popular club with young local Thais, it does not exactly look like your typical bar. Located in the Thonglor neighbourhood, DEMO Club looks like a warehouse from the outside. However, when you go inside you have a completely different viewpoint of DEMO. The furniture gives off an industrial feel, with incredible lighting, and an intense sound system. You will surely feel every bass drop in your body when the music is playing.

Though this Bangkok nightclub is popular, some have said that it double charges foreigners. The actual entrance fee is around ฿300, but many foreigners tend to be charged ฿500 and a drink. This does not happen to every foreigner, but it has happened to some. One tip to bypass this is to get a bottle at the door. You will probably not get double charged if you do this.

Entrance Fee: ฿300-500

Hours: Every day from 9 PM - 2 AM

Location: DEMO Bangkok, Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Sing Sing Theatre

Nightclubs in Bangkok are an experience, but Sing Sing Theatre takes it to another level. It has an incredibly unique design that will make you forget that you’re in Bangkok. Its decoration and lighting make the Bangkok nightclub look like an actual traditional theatre. But once the EDM starts playing you’ll remember you’re in a club. Each night they bring in different artists to keep a good variety of music playing throughout the festivities.

The entrance to Sing Sing Theatre is actually free! The drinks are not free, though. To get bottle service, you will be shelling out about ฿3,700 or more. Drinks tend to cost ฿200 and over. If you’re more into dancing than grabbing a cocktail, Sing Sing Theatre could be a great place for you!

Entrance Fee: Free

Hours: Every day from 7 PM - 3 AM

Location: Sing Sing Theater, Sukhumvit 45 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok, 10110

Tips When Going Out

  • With the current Covid-19 situation, there are some restrictions. Call the nightclub ahead of time, or check their social media accounts to find out the latest hours and restrictions.

  • You have to be 20 years old or older to get into Bangkok clubs. Security is very strict, so make sure not to forget your ID.

  • Some Bangkok clubs allow smoking, so be aware of this situation.

  • Dress nicely! You don’t have to dress as if you are going to work, but no flip flops or shorts.

  • Most clubs get busy and are crowded. If you want a place to sit, get a table ahead of time before hitting the dance floor.

  • Some clubs’ entrance fees cover at least one drink, so find out what your entrance fee covers.

  • Bring a face mask with you as Thailand has some mask requirements. This may change over time, but it’s always good to be prepared in case.


Bangkok is filled with nightlife festivities. There are plenty of Bangkok clubs to explore while in Bangkok that will cover whatever music taste or vibe you like. It is a great way to dance and chat with locals and explore another side of Thailand’s wonderful capital city. Many food stalls are open well into the night, so no need to worry about being hungry after a night of dancing! Visit one of the clubs on this list and see just why Bangkok is well-loved for its nightclubs. Safe travels!




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