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Best Activities to Do on Total Defence Day in Singapore

Total Defence Day Singapore 
Total Defence Day Singapore 

Total Defence Day in Singapore is a commemorative occasion that offers tourists a distinctive glimpse into the nation's commitment to safeguarding its sovereignty. Observed annually on February 15th, this significant day serves as a testament to Singapore's multifaceted approach to national defense, encompassing military, civil, economic, social, psychological and digital aspects.

Understanding Total Defence

For tourists unfamiliar with Total Defence, it represents a comprehensive and integrated strategy designed to fortify the nation against a spectrum of threats. While traditional defense may conjure images of military might, Total Defence in Singapore acknowledges that security involves a broader spectrum of factors such as six pillar of defence. 

  1. Military Defence involves maintaining a robust Singapore Armed Forces to deter aggression and safeguard the nation. 

  2. Civil Defence focuses on ensuring the safety and basic needs of the entire community, aiming to maintain normalcy during emergencies.

  3. Economic Defence entails the collaboration of government, business, and industry to sustain the economy consistently. Individual contributions through hard work and adapting to developmental challenges are crucial, with those continually improving themselves playing an even more significant role.

  4. Social Defence revolves around fostering harmony among people, encouraging them to live and work together while dedicating time to the interests of the nation and community.

  5. Digital Defence emphasizes the role of every individual as the first line of defense against threats in the digital era.

  6. Psychological Defence signifies each person's commitment to and confidence in the nation's future.

The Historical Significance: Remembrance and Reflection

Total Defence Day holds historical significance, marking the anniversary of Singapore's fall to Japanese forces during World War II in 1942. Instituted in 1984, this day serves as a collective reflection on the challenges faced and overcome since that pivotal moment in the nation's history. It becomes a window for tourists to understand Singapore's resilience, growth, and determination to learn from the past to shape a more secure future.

6 Best Activities to Do on Total Defence Day: A Tourist's Perspective

As a tourist in Singapore during Total Defence Day, you can immerse yourself in various activities that provide insight into the nation's commitment to defense and resilience.

1. Visit Military Museums

Delve into the rich military history of Singapore by exploring dedicated museums such as the Air Force Museum, Navy Museum, and Changi Museum. Each museum offers unique insights into the contributions and stories of various branches of the military, showcasing the nation's commitment to defense.

Air Force Museum (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)
Air Force Museum (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)

2. Visit Former Ford Factory 

Immerse yourself in history at the Former Ford Factory, an iconic location that houses an exhibition on the Japanese Occupation and the legacies of wars. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced during wartime and the resilience that emerged from those tumultuous periods.

Former Ford Factory  (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)
Former Ford Factory  (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)

3. Visit Harmony in Diversity Gallery

For a unique perspective on Total Defence, visit the Harmony in Diversity Gallery. This gallery focuses on nurturing and strengthening religious peace and harmony, aspects that contribute significantly to Singapore's resilience today. Explore the diverse religious fabric that forms an integral part of the nation's identity.

Harmony in Diversity Gallery (Credit Harmony in Diversity Gallery)
Harmony in Diversity Gallery (Credit Harmony in Diversity Gallery)

4. Singapore Discovery Center

Enhance your knowledge of Singapore's defense story by visiting the Singapore Discovery Center. This comprehensive venue offers a multimedia experience, featuring videos and illustrations that vividly portray the historical narrative of defending Singapore. Gain insights into the nation's Total Defence strategy and the collective efforts that have shaped its security landscape.

Singapore Discovery Center  (Credit TripAdvisor)
Singapore Discovery Center  (Credit TripAdvisor)

5. Go on Jubilee Walk Heritage Trail

Join the Jubilee Walk Heritage Trail to uncover Singapore's rich history. Launched in 2015 to commemorate the nation's 50th independence anniversary, the Jubilee Walk is a living legacy of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. This exploration seamlessly intertwines past, present, and future, offering more than a stroll through time.

Explore architectural icons like the Central Fire Station and Old Hill Street Police Station, each narrating Singapore's history. Museums such as the National Museum of Singapore and Asian Civilisations Museum provide immersive glimpses into the nation's cultural tapestry. Green oases like Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Barrage offer tranquility amidst urban splendor.

Marvel at landmarks such as Merlion Park and Helix Bridge, completing a panorama of architectural diversity. Encounter art installations and monuments, creating an outdoor gallery reflective of Singapore's commitment to the arts. Witness the city's transformation through rapid urban development, a visual narrative of progress preserving heritage.

Jubilee Walk is an immersive exploration of Singapore's soul, revealing architectural marvels, cultural gems, and the harmonious coexistence of tradition and progress. With each step, forge an unforgettable connection with the multifaceted identity of this dynamic city-state.

Jubilee Bridge (Credit Flickr)
Jubilee Bridge (Credit Flickr)

6. Join Total Defence Guided Walk 

Embark on the Total Defence Guided Walk by Lion Heartlanders, a unique experience immersing you in the comprehensive journey of Total Defence. This guided walk goes beyond mere exploration, offering insights into Singapore's national education, heritage sites, and cultural treasures.

Discover the multifaceted aspects of Total Defence as you traverse significant heritage sites, delving into the rich tapestry of Singapore's history. Gain a deeper understanding of the nation's commitment to defense through engaging narratives and educational content provided by knowledgeable guides.

This guided walk not only showcases the importance of Total Defence but also integrates cultural exploration into the experience. Uncover hidden gems, explore cultural nuances, and foster a stronger connection with the essence of Singaporean identity.

Immerse yourself in this holistic journey, where Total Defence becomes a dynamic and interactive exploration of national pride, heritage preservation, and cultural appreciation. Join the Total Defence Guided Walk here

Conclusion: A Meaningful Experience for Tourists

Total Defence Day in Singapore offers tourists more than just a historical reflection; it provides a window into the nation's resilience, unity, and commitment to safeguarding its future. By participating in activities, engaging with the local community, and gaining insights into Singapore's defense strategy, tourists can leave with a profound appreciation for the multifaceted approach the nation takes to ensure its security. Total Defence Day becomes a unique and educational experience that enriches a tourist's understanding of Singapore's history, culture, and unwavering spirit.

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