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Seoul Free Walking Tour - Seoul Searching in South Korea’s Capital


If you haven’t heard of the gorgeous city of Seoul by now, you’ve been missing out on one of the hottest travel destinations in recent years. From its mouth-watering street food to Instagram-worthy street art, it’s no surprise that Seoul is becoming a must-visit for most travellers.

Seoul is THE place to be if you love Korean pop culture, but it isn’t just a haven for K-POP fans hoping to bump into their idols. The bustling city is also home to some of South Korea’s most stunning scenery and hidden historical sites.

Overwhelmed by all the things to do in Seoul? Fret not, Seoul Free Walking Tour is here to make your Seoul searching journey a little easier.

Despite being a modern city, Seoul is known for its cultural and artistic attractions.

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Why We Recommend Them

Hidden in the modern city are historical sites important to traditional Korea, and Seoul Free Walking Tour makes it easier for those looking to explore these neighbourhoods. With 4 free walking tours, the company makes finding out more about Seoul’s history more accessible.

International tourists at Bukchon Hanok Village with Seoul Free Walking Tour

Each tour explores a different neighbourhood in Seoul, allowing you to find out more about Bukchon, Jeongdong, Gyeongbokgung and Bongeunsa. All tours are free, so all you need to do is make a reservation online and show up for your tour!

Dive deep into Buddhism with a tour at Bongeunsa, or if you’re looking to learn more about Seoul’s history, the team at Seoul Free Walking Tour has got that covered too. Learn more about traditional architecture in South Korea by visiting traditional houses called Hanok at Bukchon, or go back in time to the Joseon dynasty with a tour at Gyeongbokgung!

Their most popular tour explores Jeongdong and the surrounding area of Gwanghwamun, where you’ll be able to learn from the guides about how life was under the Japanese rule. You’ll also get a chance to find out how South Korea progressed from the Joseon dynasty to the metropolitan hub it is today.

If you’re planning on signing up, do take note that tours are only conducted on weekends. Each tour lasts about 2 hours, and you just need to make sure you look out for their friendly student guides at the various meeting points.

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