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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Singapore- Secrets of Changi Airport

The most prominent place right now which everyone undeniably agrees to go, is Changi Airport. Ever since the pandemic started, many have anticipated to travel because we all feel ‘stuck’ as we go on with our daily lives of simply going to work and returning home. While accommodating to our daily routine of trying to ‘work hard and play hard,’ the travel restrictions have eased recently allowing more locals and foreigners to explore Singapore. With that being said, Changi Airport has many hidden places and secrets to be spilled. Continue reading below to uncover their secrets!

1. Sustainable Practices at Changi Airport

Greenery at Changi Airport
Photo credit: Now Boarding @ Changi Airport

In order to protect our eco system and help to preserve the natural resources for future generations, we need to be cautious everything we do and incorporate being sustainable in our daily lives. Changi Airport has been incorporating these practices for a while and reaped rewards. Since the launch of re-considering the use of plastic straws started in 2018, about 90,000 straws have been saved per month whereby they encourage consumers to re-consider using plastic straws at point of purchase. To combat food waste, digestor machines help to convert food waste into wastewater. Their lighting equipment are renewed to energy-efficient which helped to save 8,500 tonnes of carbon emissions saved since 2014.

Meanwhile, condensate water is re-used to water their green landscapes in Terminal 4. Stores in Changi Airport are encouraged to use recycling bins to separate their waste. All passenger terminals have been certified at BCA Green Mark Gold and above whereby skylights and reflector panels on the roofs are able to self-adjust to allow daylight into the building interior.

2. Save More With Changi Airport

Retail stores in Changi Airport
Photo credit: Singapore Airlines

Trying to purchase from Changi Airport may not exactly be your first choice. But after getting to know this secret, you might just want to shop there more often! Changi Airport actually give their visitors a 7 per cent GST savings and if you get lucky, maybe you might lay your hands on double the GST on certain weekends whenever you shop in the public areas of Changi. Now you might be wondering if you actually need to fly to enjoy these benefits, good news for you because you do not!

Pairing hand in hand with the Changi Rewards Programme, brand loyalty programmes that allows one to get cash rebates when used with their bank credit cards. Did you know that till date, there has been 100 pairs of air tickets given to lucky shoppers just by spending $30 at the airport! This is applicable to savings and rewards members who can enjoy this at most shops and restaurants which is located in public and transit areas. If you are a loyal shopper at Changi Airport, almost 1 lucky shopper become instant millionaires since 2010! Giving a million dollars in cash, the annual anchor shopping campaign ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ is the biggest retail draw in any airport in the world. Winners from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Japan and UK have been chosen just from purchasing t-shirts to DSLR cameras.

3. You Can Get Married At Changi Airport

Wedding at Jewel
Photo credit: Changi Airport

Do you feel like Jewel is your place with your special someone? Then why not consider getting married at this beautiful indoor waterfall! At Cloud 9 Piazza located at the highest level of Jewel, experience the Rain Vortex flowing down as your backdrop while you exchange your vows. Not only will the venue be decorated according to what you expect to bring your dream wedding come true but there are many different types of cuisines available for you to personalise your wedding so that it will be the wedding your guests will never forget about. From the different types of packages available for your special day, there are many other places in Jewel you can consider hosting your wedding and after party! If you prefer a more private wedding with just your loved ones and friends, you may opt for the valley view private suite for an intimate solemnisation. Enclosed with a balcony which overlooks the Forest Valley, you get to experience a romantic garden theme with a tea reception if you wish to have one.

To celebrate being Mr and Mrs, you can have your wedding party or a bigger solemnisation at Changi Lounge, located at Level 1 of Jewel! Complete with comfortable seating and cosy lightings, enjoy your after party with your guests with a selection of high tea sets, canapes and cocktails made available to you. To enhance your guests’ experience at your wedding, you may want to take a look at the wedding favours available which includes Changi-exclusive gifts. If you prefer an outdoor location for your solemnisation, Changi Airport has it all! The Hub & Spoke Café situated outside of Terminal 2 is a beautiful glasshouse café offering local and western cuisines allowing you to choose an indoor or al-fresco garden dining. From multiple themes to choose from, let your creative juices flow for you will never feel restricted.

4. Dip In The Swimming Pool With Jacuzzi Or Refresh At The Shower & Spa Services

Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel Pool
Photo credit: Bree Neesham

After your tiring flight, you must be jet lagged and wish to freshen up. You may want to take a trip to visit the rooftop pool at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel. Located at Terminal 1, catch this pool to unwind and spend some time soaking in the sun. Look out for planes flying over you as you also explore the other amenities. This includes a jacuzzi, poolside bar and shower facilities to enhance your experience. Now you might be wondering if everyone can access this pool, guests of Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel get to enjoy a complimentary use of these facilities. However, non-visitors will need to pay a fee from $22 to enjoy these facilities.

If you are in no mood to go for a swim and simply want to relax and feel refreshed, your best bet is to go to the shower and spa services around the airport. Some of the services they offer are shower facilities, nail care, foot reflexology and massage therapies. You may choose to visit the lounges around Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Due to the pandemic, operations have temporarily been suspended at Terminal 2.

5. The Changi East Project

Now you might have heard the rumour of Terminal 5 coming soon. Well, you are not wrong, because it is currently a project that has been under way for a while. However, ever since the pandemic started in 2020, the Singapore government announced a pause in the project so as to conduct a study on the future of aviation to adapt to the new changes. Consisting of a three-runway system, this project’s area of works is equivalent to the size of 667 football fields! If that isn’t fascinating, the total length of 435 MRT trains. To ensure that there is an ease of transfer between different terminals, Terminal 5 will be linked to other terminals at Changi Airport. There will be new facilities included in Terminal such as navigation aids, airfield lighting systems as well as a fire station.

The existing third runway has been extended from 2.75km to 4km so that it can help to hold larger passenger aircraft as well as converted for joint military-civilian usage. About 40km of new taxiways is set to be built to connect the runway with the rest of Changi Airport by mid 2020s. Cargo facilities which is at Changi Airfreight Centre will soon be expanded to the Changi East Industrial Zone (CEIZ). A smart air cargo hub will be expanded in the near future to be smarter, more connected and more efficient. This will allow greater operational efficiency along with dedicated lanes for autonomous guided vehicles. To increase the speed of cargo flow, direct access to freighter aircraft from cargo and express terminals will be given. The new air cargo hub allows an eco-friendly handling equipment, convenient amenities as well as a land transport network for staff.


Now you probably know more about Changi Airport especially after learning it is so much more than just an airport. Especially since Changi Airport has been the number one airport in the world, it is only expected that they hold secrets to their success as they soar to new heights.

If you are travelling to Singapore or doing a transit, don’t forget to take this opportunity to explore Changi Airport and you can do so by joining our free walking tour at Changi Airport & Jewel here: Oh, did we mention you could also find out more secrets during the tour?




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