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Free Walker Tours - Explore the culture of Rio de Janeiro

Overview of Rio de Janeiro
Overview of Rio de Janeiro


The statue of Christ the Redeemer, Samba dances and the largest carnival celebration in the world are just some of the things that the city of Rio de Janeiro is famous for. Home to some of the friendliest people and most iconic beaches, this city has an interracial history of Portuguese, Japanese, Indian and German settlers which make them rich in culture and traditions. Known as the most popular tourist city in Brazil, Rio is definitely a city not to be missed!

While it is fun to see postcard-type landmarks that you’ve heard about, there is no better way to learn about a city than taking a tour with a local. Here, we recommend you to hop on a free walking tour by Free Walker Tours to explore Rio de Janeiro on a deeper level.

International tourists sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro
International tourists sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in Brazil

Why we recommend them

Free Walker Tours was started in 2013 by 3 friends who got the idea from their own travel experiences. Wherever they travelled, free walking tours were the first thing they looked for. They enjoyed learning more about other countries history and culture through a local’s perspective and wanted to provide the same experience for tourists visiting Brazil. After all, locals are privy to what a city really has to offer.

They offer 3 free walking tours, each covering a different area. From the fascinating colonial streets of Rio, classic neighbourhoods and the less touristy Olympic Boulevard these tours span a range of topics from Brazilian culture since colonisation to the influence of African culture to the culture and history of popular neighbourhoods such as Copacabana and Ipanema. But the one thing the tours have in common is that they will show you sights that you might miss on your own.

Picture: International tourists at various free walking tour locations

Their team of dedicated guides will share about Rio’s culture, economy and history in a fun and engaging way. With a huge passion for their city, they are all set to make your experience there an unforgettable one!

Furthermore, these Rio de Janeiro free walking tours do not require any reservation.

Thus, if you drop by any of their free walking tours early in your visit to the city, their friendly tourist guides will also be able to share with recommendations for things to do during your remaining days. Each tour runs on a different day so be sure to check out the details!

Aside from their 3 free walking tours, Free Walker Tours do offer other experiences at affordable prices. If you are interested in trying and learning more about local delicacies, do check out their food tour. And if you are keen to discover the thriving nightlife scene in Rio, the pub crawl experience would be a great way to party with others and make new friends! For both tours, you can either make an online booking or make payment directly at the meeting point.

For more information about Free Walker Tours, please click here:

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