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How to "Travel" in Your Own Country - Covid Edition

Covid-19 cancelled a lot of travel plans in 2020. Even now, it’s still challenging to try and get back on track for a lot of would-be tourists.

This is especially true for those who planned to travel overseas. With the cross-border checks and regulations still in force, it’s definitely not as easy to see another country as it used to be!

Fortunately, we’re in a pretty good position when it comes to vaccination figures. Singapore is actually among the top 3 countries (along with the US and UK) en route to hitting the vaccination numbers theoretically necessary for herd immunity.

Which means that even if it’s still dangerous to travel to other countries, it’s somewhat less so to travel in our own country.

That’s why I’m going to give you some ideas today for how to do that.

I’ve noticed that a lot of us locals don’t actually know how best to experience Singapore tourism, perhaps because we tend to take our island for granted.

So here are some of my top choices for ways to experience local tourism in Singapore as of now. These are not only feasible but still more than pleasurable even in the middle of the pandemic.

Singapore Discovery Tours

There’s definitely a reason why the name “SingapoRediscovery Vouchers” was chosen for the vouchers we’ve been given.

As I mentioned before, a lot of us may well be taking our lovely country for granted. And this is fairly normal: you don’t marvel much at the waters you’ve been swimming in all your life!

Fortunately, our island actually holds quite a lot of hidden gems that even born-and-bred Singaporeans don’t know.

From hidden landmarks to back-alley murals, there’s quite a bit you may not yet have seen here.

Going on tours that invite you to discover those secret treasures can help you discover a bit of what foreigners feel when they enjoy “Singapore tourism”.

Road Trips

There are actually two ways to do road trips right now.

The first version would be the guided one, which basically comes with a professionally developed and tested itinerary. You can even just try something like what The Straits Times did, which they dubbed The Great Singapore Drive.

The second version would be one where you either go wherever the urge takes you or hit destinations you’ve determined yourself.

Either way, self-drive road trips are excellent ways to see Singapore. They take inspiration from classic road trip getaways like those often promoted in New Zealand.

They give you a lot of flexibility in your schedule, as well as the pleasure of seeing a great deal more of the country than you usually would in a typical tour.

Moreover, they can take you off the beaten path, as they afford the chance to visit spots that public transport doesn’t usually reach.


Staycations, wellness retreats - it doesn’t matter what you call them.

Basically, they refer to trips where you get to stay for a predetermined period in a relatively “secluded” and relaxing location.

This makes them ideal for travellers who want to enjoy a bit of Singaporean hospitality and tourism without fretting over the health dangers of being in a crowded resort.

As these retreats very often focus on peace and quiet, you won’t have to worry about social distancing being a challenge!

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are another great way to tour the island without having to endanger your health.

Since you don’t even have to physically be in your tour guide’s proximity, there’s no danger of contracting Covid-19 with this method of sightseeing.

And because the tours are conducted live instead of being pre-recorded - well, ours are, anyway! - you can still enjoy real-time interaction with other tour members and guides.

You can ask the guide to explain the history of a particular landmark as he or she shows it to you, for instance, and even ask the guide to enter buildings you think may be significant.

Marine Tours

Finally, let’s not forget about this: the coastline and the waters around our island are part of it too!

You can tour those locations right now in various ways, from renting out small boats to go about the coast to hiring larger vessels. There are also cruises that are conducted according to proper health and safety standards that you can book.

Or try out snorkelling or diving to explore the waters around our island for yourself!

There are some great places on our beaches or on nearby islands where you can enjoy walking the intertidal zone to check for unique marine life.

Want more ideas for local travel?

The ones I listed above are just a few of your options. Still, they should already serve to give you an idea of just how much “travel” you can still get up to on our island!

If you want more ideas for how to sightsee in this situation or how best to experience all that Singapore has to offer, don’t be afraid to drop me a message! Do check out our tours as well!

I can find you something that suits your fancy, as long as you tell me what you’re looking for :)




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