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Nightlife in Jakarta: 10 Things To Do

As the capital of Indonesia, it’s no wonder Jakarta has some of the best nightlife in the country. With its unique combination of history and modernism, nightlife in Jakarta is an unforgettable experience. There is plenty to explore in Jakarta when the sun goes down for all types of people. From super clubs to night markets, there is a variety of fun to have in Jakarta at night.

With so much to do in Jakarta at night, it may be overwhelming deciding what to do. We have created this list that goes in-depth on different activities you can enjoy in Jakarta’s nightlife scene. Be adventurous and try out all this incredible city has to offer!

Nightlife in Jakarta

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Jakarta is a trendy city full of modern clubs and lounges. Clubbing in Jakarta can be a bit expensive, but it is well worth it. Some of the hottest DJs in the world come to Jakarta to play shows in the Jakarta clubs. No matter what your music taste, you will find a club that fits your vibe. Check out our post on the best nightclubs in Jakarta, if you want to know where to go!

One thing to note about clubbing in Jakarta is that the dress codes are strict. The bouncers will not let you inside the club if you are in flip flops and cargo shorts. To take part in this aspect of Jakarta nightlife, make sure to dress well. You don’t need to be in a full-on suit, but every gender should dress semi-formal.

Night Markets

Jakarta nightlife has two different sides. There is the more party-heavy side, but there is also the more laid-back side. If you want to experience a more culture-central Jakarta night, then head to one of the many awesome night markets. Each is filled with incredible food stalls where you can taste a variety of traditional street food.

There are many night markets scattered throughout Jakarta, but these are the three most well-known.

Santa Night Market

When the sun sets on Santa Market, crowds of young Indonesians and tourists flood the market. Find endless delicious food choices at Santa Night Market, and discover foods you’ve never heard of. It is a great trip and experience for visitors who really want to experience nightlife in Jakarta like a local.

Kota Tua Night Market

Though the food in this market is delicious, that is not what makes this night market famous. The old city of Kota Tua is filled with Dutch architecture and historical monuments. The town is beautiful during the day, but really stands out once the sunsets. Visitors will find souvenirs, indigenous goods, and local delicacies at Kota Tua Night Market.

Rent a bicycle and explore all the hidden gems in this night market! It is a great way to have a historical Jakarta nightlife experience.

Pecenongan Night Market

If you are a foodie, then there is no better place than Pecenongan Night Market. There is an amazing blend of regional Indonesian delicacies and dishes with modern twists here. You can try a variety of Indonesian dishes at an affordable price. What could be better than that? Visiting this market is a great way to experience nightlife in Jakarta like a local!

Rooftop Bars

Nightlife in Jakarta isn’t complete without a trip to one of Jakarta’s many rooftop bars. Enjoy a specially crafted cocktail while looking out at the twinkling Jakarta skyline. The city never sleeps, so peer out and watch the bustling city below.

There are rooftop bars with pools, some with food, and others are more laidback. If you’re not sure which rooftop bar to check out, read our post on the best bars in Jakarta. There will surely be somewhere you enjoy. For the traveller that wants a more relaxed nightlife Jakarta experience, a rooftop bar could be a great option.

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Eat at a 24-hour restaurant

Jakarta nightlife is so active you will likely end up hungry! Luckily, there are plenty of 24-hour restaurants in Jakarta selling delicious Indonesian food. One of the most famous 24-hour restaurants is Warteg Warmo. It is so well-loved that it's almost impossible for them to close their doors. Going to Warteg Warmo is a great way to spend a Jakarta night.

Look for unique hidden gems

With so many tall buildings, many hidden spots provide a unique nightlife Jakarta experience. One of the local favourite hot spots to visit in Jakarta is Cafe Batavia located in Central Jakarta. It is in one of the city’s oldest buildings giving it an old-time vibe. Cafe Batavia is home to some of the best live music, so you get to watch some amazing shows while enjoying a delicious drink. It is a great choice for those that want to explore the more relaxing side of nightlife in Jakarta.

Sit back and enjoy live music

Cafe Batavia is not the only place to watch Jakarta’s awesome live music scene. Some other famous spots are the Hard Rock Cafe, BOF Jakarta, B.A.T.S, and Cascade Lounge. There are different types of live music played at all these spots, so check each out and listen to some local musicians. There is a reason Jakarta is known in Southeast Asia for its musical talents! It’s the perfect way to enjoy nightlife in Jakarta without clubbing - if that is not your cup of tea.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Vishnu R Nair

Monas fountain show

While you are exploring the Jakarta nightlife, you will likely pass by the Monument Nasional also known as Monas. Here you can find an awesome fountain and light show. At 80 meters long, the fountain shoots up creating unique shapes and moving around like a dancer! The fountain is also surrounded by bright colourful lights, to create a completely different nightlife Jakarta experience.

Connect to spirituality at Istiqlal Mosque

There are many ways to experience nightlife in Jakarta, but there is one way that really stands out. In the early hours of the night, find your spiritual connection at Istiqlal Mosque. It is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia, and is open most nights. Explore the gorgeous mosque, and learn all about Jakarta’s spiritual side. The large dome has 12 columns which embody the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

If you decide to visit Istiqlal Mosque, make sure to dress and act respectfully. It is an important building to the Indonesian people, and could even make you feel a bit of spirituality. In the time of Ramadan, Istiqlal Mosque is open all night.

Cooldown at Ancol Beach

Jakarta is a wonderful city, but it can get quite hot! The best thing to do is visit Ancol to catch a lovely cool breeze. It’s a little bit of a drive out of Jakarta’s city centre, but it is well worth the trip. Lay on the white sandy beaches of Ancol and enjoy the sea breeze. There is no better way to cool down than this!

Ancol Beach is full of hotels, stores, and delicious restaurants. So, there is plenty to do while you are staying in the nice and chill weather. The beach doesn’t just have to be for daytime fun, it can be enjoyed just as much in the nighttime. Get your tan on during the daytime, watch the crimson Jakarta sunsets, then keep it cool at night. It is a whole day experience at Ancol Beach.

Let off some steam with a run

Are you looking for a heart-racing nightlife adventure while in Jakarta? Then you should take part in Jakarta’s Nike Run Club! This club is open to anyone who wants to join, so there is a great mix of local and foreign running enthusiasts. Jakarta at night is nice and cool, so a lovely run will feel absolutely lovely. Running through the city at night gives you a completely different view and experience of Jakarta at night. Jakarta really lights up at night, so it will be a beautiful site running through it all.

Many people enjoy working out, and travelling does not mean you have to stop exercising! Download the Nike Run Club app and find the running route that you want to take. You can choose your own Jakarta nightlife running experience. You will be eating a lot of delicious food while in Jakarta, so running is a great way to work it off.


This list has a variety of different nightlife Jakarta experiences that everyone will like. Take in the glistening city lights at rooftop bars, dance to the hottest music at a club, or eat your way through a night market! There is so much to do in the diverse city of Jakarta that you will find something to enjoy every single night.

No matter which experience you try on this list, you will have an unforgettable experience. With just one night in Jakarta, you will definitely want to spend more time here. Safe travels!

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