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Yotelair Transit Hotel Singapore

Looking for somewhere affordable and accessible to crash after a tiring day of travelling?

Nestled within Jewel Changi Airport, YOTELAIR welcomes you onboard their super comfortable, smartly designed and adaptable ‘cabins’ space. A transit hotel at Changi Airport, it’s the ideal spot for early flyers or late landers (we understand your pain…) It is perfect for business travellers and transit passengers on the go after a long layover or dreaded flight delay.

Wait… did you catch that. Early flyers or late landers? That’s right! Today’s transit hotel in feature caters mainly to transit passengers who are looking for somewhere to sleep. With compact rooms and minimal facilities, it offers a ‘just nice’ yet affordable solution, with everything that travellers on the go may need!

However, its affordable rates attract a small portion of vacationers looking for an afternoon to rest, relax, work and refresh between flights. A perfect staycation spot for families spending the day in Jewel Changi to experience a home away from home.

Room Types

Enough with that, now let’s talk rooms! Oh, I mean cabins…

YOTELAIR Singapore Jewel offers three ‘cabins’, the entry-level Premium Queen, Premium Queen ADA and Family. Compactly sized like a shoebox, room sizes range from 10 sqm to 21 sqm.

Photo credit: The Milelion

Why so small compared to regular hotel rooms? These cabins are designed to provide guests with a refreshing shower and a good night’s rest while in transit and neither requires a lot of space!

Glimpse into the cabins…

Premium Queen

Starting off with the cosiest of the lot is the Premium Queen (10 sqm). Compact yet stylish, the room has a smart minimalist design for optimum space maximisation.

Photo credit: The Milelion

Perfect for up to 2 guests, it features YOTEL’s fully adjustable signature queen-size SmartBed™, carefully crafted for working, lounging and sleeping. Storage space under the bed is decent, with sufficient space for one large check-in bag, or two medium-sized carry-ons.

Photo credit: The Milelion

Once u snuggle up in bed, you can turn your attention to the TV. Fitted with a built-in Chromecast feature which lets you stream YouTube, Netflix etc. from your device to the big screen.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

Let’s not forget the 10/10 ambience. With a strong mood lighting game, YOTELAIR knows what’s up. Their “moon” lighting supposedly helps the body’s circadian rhythm adjust to time changes. Switch it up to subtler options that let you find your way around at night without being jarred awake.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

The cabins are also completely windowless and soundproof, hence no light pollution and tarmac noise. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? A quality night’s rest. But there are its cons too. It might not be great to stay for prolonged periods as you may feel cooped up or claustrophobic.

With the spacing saving and maximisation comes certain sacrifices… (which we feel are reasonable for the price)

Photo credit: The Milelion

The room is not fitted with a wardrobe, however, there are hooks provided behind the door and in the bathroom to hang your clothes. There also isn’t an ironing board in the rooms, although one can be requested from reception.

See, it’s not that bad, right?

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

There is also a built-in collapsible work desk and safari chair for your quick work fix. Though not particularly large, it is sufficient for a laptop and personal belongings. The cabin also comes with two universal power sockets and two USB charging ports at the work desk area.

Now moving onto the bathroom, everyone’s safe space for reflection… oh I mean to shower!

Photo credit: The Milelion

Definitely on the smaller side but it has all the necessities for a nice warm relaxing shower. Fitted with a ceiling-flush rain shower (from Grohe!) for the ultimate showering experience a jetlagged traveller would appreciate soothing their tired souls.

A no-fog mirror for hassle-free use (who wants to wipe down fog), hairdryer, toothbrushes and Urban Skincare Co. toiletries. Now that’s the good part. A high-end brand for a luxurious shower. Pleasant and refreshing smelling, perfect for a pampering showering experience.

[Text Wrapping Break]

Premium Queen ADA

Hmm… isn’t this cabin the same as the earlier one? Well yes, but not entirely!

Photo credit: YOTELAIR

The main difference is its size and space! Twice the size of the Premium Queen cabin, the Premium Queen ADA (21 sqm) cabins are designed to be accessible for people with limited mobility, featuring a wider walkway and more space to move around.

Bathrooms are also slightly bigger with roll-in showers and fitted with a shower and toilet grab bars for easier movement. Definitely a more suitable choice for older folks or even parents with young children (bursting full of energy)!

Other than these above-mentioned features, the cabin is exactly identical to the Premium Queen.


Bringing around some extra “baggage” during your family trip? Haha, we don’t mean your suitcases or backpacks! Your little ones, of course.

Photo credit: YOTELAIR

The Family cabin is the perfect choice for you! Similar in size to the Premium Queen ADA (21 sqm), however, it fits up to 4 guests. In addition to the signature YOTEL features mentioned in the Premium Queen and Premium Queen ADA, it includes a single/double sofa bed/double bunk bed. No need to squeeze everyone onto one bed!

Similarly, bathrooms are also slightly bigger with roll-in showers and fitted with a shower and toilet grab bars for easier movement.

Now, let’s talk rates

YOTELAIR rates can get a little confusing (in the writer’s opinion…) but this seems to be the same across other hotels as well. Prices will be given in ranges as it varies across various days, dates and festive periods.

Premium Queen

Weekdays (Mon- Fri)

Weekends (Sat-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g., Christmas, New Year's)


Yotel member flexible rate: $200-$276~

Flexible rate: $222-$306~

Yotel member flexible rate: $243-$294~

Flexible rate: $270-$327~

​Yotel member flexible rate: $339-$381~

Flexible rate: $377-$424~

Premium Queen ADA*

Weekdays (Mon- Fri)

Weekends (Sat-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g., Christmas, New Year's)


Flexible rate: $275-$302~

Flexible rate: $331~

Flexible rate: $445~

*Very little room availability and slots, be sure to check and book a few months in advance!


Weekdays (Mon- Fri)

Weekends (Sat-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g., Christmas, New Year's)


Yotel member flexible rate: $331-$377~

Flexible rate: $368-$419~

​Yotel member flexible rate: $359-375~

Flexible rate: $399-417~

​Yotel member flexible rate:


Flexible rate: $1187~

*Do book early in advance as slots are almost fully booked into early 2023.

Hotel facilities and dining options

Swimming Pool








In terms of facilities, the YOTELAIR Singapore Jewel is lacking and does not offer much except for a gym and a communal lounge area “KOMYUNITI”.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

The gym is compact with nothing fancy but works to get a workout in. It has a few cardio machines such as a treadmill, exercise bike and free weights such as dumbbells.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

The gym offers towels and bottled water to refresh yourself after your workout!

The communal lounge area, KOMYUNITI is finally back to life again with the ease of COVID-19 restrictions.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

Designed with some dining tables, chairs with ottomans etc., it is open 24/7 with complimentary coffee, tea and water.

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

Not to forget, it is situated on a terrace that boasts a nice view of the Jewel Rain Vortex, a perfect place to unwind over a drink. You can catch a glimpse of the light show from here too!

Photo credit: One Mile At A Time

This lounge also offers meals, such as a continental breakfast, an a la carte menu, and other items for purchase. That being said, considering the variety of dining choices in the Jewel right outside your doorstep, why dine here, am I right?

Address: Jewel Changi, 78 Airport Blvd., #04-280 Singapore Changi Airport, 819666

Amenities nearby to explore, eat and shop

Explore the…

1. Shiseido Forest Valley

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Escape the hustle and bustle of the airport into the lush greenery that is the Shiseido Forest Valley. A representation of our garden city of Singapore before you take off or step out of Changi Airport. Marvel at the HSBC Rain Vortex, the largest indoor waterfall in the world while you’re there – the crown jewel (of course) of Jewel Changi!

2. Canopy Park & Petal Garden

Photo credit: Klook

Immerse yourself in a real-life “Alice in Wonderland” park found on the top level of Jewel. Perfect for the typical adrenaline junkie, bounce on the nets, go down giant slides or stroll past and be mesmerised by creative displays of seasonal flowers from around the world.

Eat at…

3. Violet Oon

Photo credit: TimeOut

Looking for an authentic taste of Singapore after you touch down? Violet Oon Singapore definitely hits the spot. Come together at the brand’s biggest outlet to fate and feast on their signature dishes such as the fragrant and tender beef rendang ($28), lemak dry laksa ($29) or crispy ngoh hiang ($20).

Wipe your plate clean with a side of fluffy roti prata ($2) and end off your meal with a cold and creamy pulut hitam with coconut ice cream ($14).

4. Birds of Paradise

Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

You snooze, you lose! Be there early and grab a scoop of artisanal ice creamery. There are long lines throughout the day for its gelato created from herbs, fruits, spices and botanical ingredients – think flavours like White Chrysanthemum and Earl Grey & Lemongrass. Let’s not forget the fragrant and crispy thyme-infused waffle cone. Just yum.

5. Gift by Changi Aiport

Photo credit: CHANGI Airport Group

Looking to buy a piece of Singapore for yourself and your loved ones? Browse through a wide range of Singapore-infused travel lifestyle products by Singapore’s creatives. Find exclusive Changi Airport candles by local makers Hush Candles, Peranakan-inspired jewellery by Eden+Elie, bags and purses from Gnome and Bow and more.

6. Pokémon Centre Singapore

Photo credit: Mothership

The first centre to open outside Japan, the Pokémon Center Singapore is an exact replica of the original. The centre is a specialist store for all things Pokémon and where to collect 'em plush toys, video games, trading cards, Pokémon apparel and other official merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled for Singapore-exclusive official merchandise which you can't get in the Japan store.

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