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"Off The Beaten Path" is a digital publication for travel itineraries to various precincts and neighbourhoods in Singapore. From secret hang-outs to popular local eateries, this is your ultimate guide to "Go Big or Go Home".


Go ahead and browse our travel guides below!

Choose Singapore's top district to visit & create the most unforgettable experience by organizing your travel guide in Singapore 

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Tour Itineraries

Precinct Guide

Singapore is streets ahead of most other destinations. Here's our guide to the best attractions, natural parks and museums in Lion City.

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Things to Do

Attractions Guide

Explore Singapore with unique things to do that will leave your stay an exciting and unforgettable experience in the Lion City! 

Get Adventurous!

Activities Guide

Pack your bag and leave for a short getaway that's not so far from the bustling city of Singapore. Trust us, you'll definitely love it!

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Weekend Getaways

Short Getaway Trips

Known as the hub of the Asia Pacific Region, the medical system in Singapore offered the latest technology in the medical industry! 

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Let's Prioritise Health

Medical Tourism

Known for its multicultural diversity and key influences from different ethnicities, Singapore offers food and flavors.

Singapore Local Food.jpg
12 Must-Try Food

Food Guide

 Check out Singapore's range of shops and malls at affordable prices, with a rich history of retail with an exciting experience.

Where to Shop

Shopping Guide

Make your Singapore trip easy & convenient with our transportation guide to getting around the city-state, whether traveling or commuting. 

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Get Around in SG

Transport Guide

Whether you're a local, new in town or just cruising through, we've got loads of great tips and list of event in Singapore for you. Don't miss it!

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Get Excited!

Events & Festivals Guide

Discover the best bars, nightclubs, and supper spots in Singapore. Extend your night and make your trip to the fullest in Singapore!

Ultimate Bar Map

Nightlife Guide

From high-end luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts to budget hotels in Singapore,  pick any neighbourhood that suits your travel budget and needs.

acc guide.jpeg
Hotel Stay

Accommodation Guide

Don’t know where to go during your stay in Singapore? Check out these scenic islands in Singapore to visit that aren't quite far from the city!

singapore islands.jpeg
Don't forget us!

Islands Guide

This handy guide tells you everything you need to know about studying in Singapore with the list of top universities of Singapore.

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All About Knowledge

Study Abroad

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