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5 Interactive Team Bonding Ideas

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There’s no denying that a team that works well together is more efficient, productive, and successful. Plus, the overall working environment is more encouraging and motivating when every member gets along with each other.

It’s not always easy to achieve harmony within a team, though, with the monotony of everyday corporate work. Team building may help bridge the gap among colleagues, but they tend to be seen as more of an obligation than a fun, lighthearted activity.

So if you’re an HR manager, now’s the right time to step up your game and introduce rewarding new team bonding activities that will not only strengthen corporate bond but boost everyone’s morale as well.

I’ve put together a list of interactive team bonding ideas that are perfect for both small groups and large teams!

Young Asian woman and group of volunteers collecting garbage waste into trash bin bag

1. Community Service

Is there a better way to bond with colleagues than by lending a hand to our local community? No matter where we are, we’re surrounded by groups of vulnerable people and organisations that need our support.

You can start by finding a cause that reflects your company’s values, and then arrange a meeting with a relevant local charity.

Luckily, there are lots of local organisations in Singapore involved in different initiatives, from assisting migrant workers to helping disabled children. Some are even focused on extending help to less fortunate people struggling to get by amid the pandemic.

Participating in community service not only reinforces company culture and values but also develops leadership qualities among team members.

Puzzle Hunt Instructions

2. Puzzle Hunt

Looking for an exciting and thrilling team bonding activity? Try our Puzzle Hunt!

It’s an outdoor hunting game where you become the advisor of Toast King, helping him solve puzzles and guiding him through the streets of Singapore to unlock his treasure.

One word to describe this amazing game is “immersive” as you will take part in an open-world role-playing game where the choices you make along the way will determine your experience and outcome.

Apart from putting your knowledge to the test, you will also get to explore unique local landmarks and create precious memories with colleagues!

Monster Day Tours’ Puzzle Hunt happens on weekends, so it’s easier to organise your company’s team bonding without everyone missing work deadlines!

Broken eggs

3. The Egg Drop

The Egg Drop is a fun and stimulating (and messy) game that takes no more than an hour, so it’s the perfect team bonding affair as a breather from work. The goal is to build an egg package that can survive a 2.5-metre drop or approximately 8 feet.

The participants will be split into teams of 5 and will be given a variety of tools and materials, including newspapers, straws, trash bags, strings, tape, scissors and sandwich bags, to create the egg package.

After each team has built their egg package, a representative will explain in less than a minute how and why their package works. The team whose egg didn’t break after the drop wins the game!

The best thing about playing this quick game is it will not only encourage groups to communicate but also teach everyone the value of working together to achieve the same goal.

Tour guide making a virtual tour

4. Virtual Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic helped normalise remote and international teams, with members coming from different corners of the globe. If this is your current work setup, then there may be no other way to get to know your colleagues better than through virtual team bonding!

Here at Monster Day Tours, we’re offering virtual tours as a form of virtual team bonding, conducted live with a professional tour guide. It’s not your average group tour as we’ve designed it to be more interesting through a series of fun interactive activities and games!

Participants will be taken around a local or foreign destination of their choice and have the chance to ask questions and interact with the tour guides. There will be pop quizzes and bingo games throughout the virtual to keep everyone engaged.

Lastly, every winner will receive exciting prizes!

Two old keys on a rusty metal table with labels _ escape room

5. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are great for gauging how well we can work under pressure and work together as a team. There are escape rooms at almost every corner in Singapore, so I’m sure that there’s one close to your office!

If the budget is tight, though, you can transform one of your meeting rooms into one. Think of simple yet gripping activities and plant clues all over the meeting room and let your colleagues outsmart one another!

To make things more exciting, you can do this as a surprise team bonding event where you set a fake meeting and then lock your unsuspecting colleagues in the room.

Group photo of team while on a tour in Singapore

Building a healthy work environment

Managing a team at work is definitely not easy, but sometimes, fostering collaboration requires everyone to step away from work and learn to have fun.

As a business owner or an HR manager yourself, how do you think team bonding can benefit a company? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

If you’re thinking of organising a team bonding session, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! I’ll be more than happy to walk you through our corporate and virtual tours.

Feel free to check out our corporate tours!

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