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A Tour of Magical Discovery: All You Need to Know About Magic in Singapore!

When one thinks of magic, many things come to mind; magicians, card tricks or even the use of spells and charms like those in the Harry Potter series.

Here at Monster Day Tours, the magic that we have created or summoned (haha, see what we did there) is a Magic Tour.

Now you might be wondering, what’s that?

Magic Tour makes exploring new places fun by combining the element of tours with street magic performances. What makes it unique is that the various landmarks inspire magic, infusing the history of each location! How cool is that?

But before we get down to our Magic Tour @ Sentosa, let’s explore the various magical entertainment you can get, starting with some Magical Performances and Events in Singapore!

Magical Performances & Events

1. Derek Magic

Photo credit: Derek Magic


  • Specialises in magic shows and close-up magic shows for kids

  • Combines comedy with magic tricks

  • Over a decade of experience

A one-stop party and events hosting company, Derek Magic offers a wide variety of magic-related performances such as the Online Magic Show, Kids’ Magic Show, Online Magic Workshop, Close-up Magic Show, and Magic Workshop.

With over a decade of experience, Derek has passionately performed islandwide for corporate companies, government events, and even the royalty abroad. His performances have been featured in large-scale places and events such as the Istana, Marina Bay Sands and the F1 Grandprix Singapore.

In addition to his magic-related performances, Derek Magic provides other fun and exciting services such as Bouncy Castle Rental, Mascots, Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting, and many more!

Psst… Derek Magic offers monthly promotions on magic packages that suit your specific needs. So be sure to check him out here when planning for your child’s birthday party.

2. Magicians of Singapore

Photo credit: Magicians of Singapore


  • Performs for all age-groups

  • Interactive roving magic

  • Virtual magic shows

Based in Singapore, Magicians of Singapore describes itself as the “next generation of magic” and performs for people of all ages. They aim to keep their guests entertained and engaged with performances such as the Interactive Roving Magic and Stage Magic shows.

Performed up close for small groups, the Interactive Roving Magic features a series of card tricks, ball tricks and even fire tricks that is perfect for a cocktail reception, weddings, and networking events.

Magicians of Singapore also perform at larger-scale settings such as Dinner and Dance with their Stage Magic, suitable for up to 500 guests.

Planning to do an online event? Fret not!

Magicians of Singapore also have a variety of high-quality Virtual Magic shows. Prefilmed and performed in the Meta Illusions’ Studio, they are of amazing production quality which makes them suitable for business events, networking events and awards ceremonies.

3. Mr Bottle's Kids Party


  • One-stop party solution

  • Worked with top corporate clients like PayPal and Facebook

  • Customisable events

A contemporary magician and leading entertainer, Mr Bottle’s Kids Party specialise in magic shows for children's birthday parties. To date, Mr Bottle has performed magic shows for over 100,000 children, with his Birthday Magic Show being the most booked performance.

For both adults to enjoy and children to participate, Mr Bottle’s Kids Party offers a wide variety of services such as his signature magic shows. He also offers themed magic shows such as Halloween, and Christmas Magic Shows and even an option to customise your own theme!

On top of the Magic Shows, Mr Bottle also provides other services such as games hosting, balloon sculpting, science shows and others. So if you’re looking for a one-stop party solution, check out Mr Bottle’s Kids Party!

Magical Workshops

4. Jellybean Party

Photo credit: Jellybean Party


  • Highly interactive kids' magic show

  • Customisable shows

  • Free Online Kids Magic Lesson

One look at Jellybean Party’s interactive website and you will know that children will love their shows. Certainly, with professional magicians and many years of experience under their belt, Jellybean Party guarantees to keep children engaged and laughing with their interactive magic shows.

Jellybean Party offers a diverse selection of magical workshops for children and adults to choose from Balloon Sculpting Workshop, Basic Juggling Workshop, Magic Academy Workshop and many more!

They also provide magical entertainment such as Kids' Magic Shows, Juggling Shows, and Corporate Stage / Stand Up Magic Show. Aside from their main services, you can also customise events the magic shows for different age groups and preferences to get the best possible experience!

5. Be The Magic

Photo credit: Be The Magic


  • General Magic Courses

  • Theatre Performance MasterClasses

  • Presentation and Showmanship Workshops

Be The Magic is a magic workshop company that aims to instil confidence in its participants and empower them to perform magic in social situations. Diving into the real secrets of magic beyond trickery, what sets them apart is the magic taught!

Their magic forms a connection between the presenter to the audience, leaving behind a deep impression. More than just learning tricks, Be The Magic seek to leave participants with showmanship and presentation skills transferable in a workplace or public speaking setting.

For budding magicians that want to hone their skills, Be The Magic offers different courses catered to specific interests for you to choose from such as the General Magic Course, Theatre Performance MasterClass and Presentation and Showmanship Workshops.

6. E Magical Moment

Photo credit: E Magical Moment


  • Variety of party packages

  • Perfect for family carnivals, corporate events, kids' parties

  • Online workshops, DIY kits and virtual magic shows are available

A Singapore-based events company that specialises in providing party entertainment for kids since 2011, E Magical Moment offers a wide variety of party packages that include activities such as magic shows, balloon workshops, games with prizes, magic workshops, sand art activities, and bouncy castle rentals.

Here at E Magical Moment, they offer workshops such as a 90-minute Magic Workshop (Physical) and a 90-minute Virtual Magic Workshop + Magic Show. Both adults and children can learn the basics of magic tricks to build up confidence for public speaking and understand the fundamentals of magic through science!

How cool is that?

Participants will also receive a set of magic props and be taught step by step to perform more than 10 magic tricks such as the disappearing coin trick and levitation of a small object.

Magical Shops

7. Magic Corner and Novelties


  • Experiential magic shop

  • Guidance from magic veteran & in-house expert consultant

  • Suitable for anyone and everyone: regardless of magic experience

Magic Corner and Novelties was born out of the need to push the boundaries of magic performance art, retail and education as an experiential endeavour.

Not a typical magic store that sells magic tricks and props, Magic Corner and Novelties pride themselves in providing a conducive environment and enriching experience for everyone to learn about the craft regardless of their experience with magic.

Offering guidance and advice with their magic veteran and in-house expert consultant, Jay who possesses all the tacit knowledge and skills to take your magic craft to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Drop by Magic Corner and Necessities for some magic props and guidance!

8. Magic Castle

Photo credit: Magic Castle


  • Experiential magic shop with performances

  • Recommendations and tips from knowledgeable staff

  • Suitable for anyone and everyone: regardless of magic experience A leader in magic retail since 1995, Magic Castle has been providing the latest and most astounding tricks from around the world to thousands of magic enthusiasts. It serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop to meet an extensive host of magic needs such as props and a generous catalogue of card decks, learning and teaching the art of conjuring, after-sales services to receiving performing tips and advice.

Magical and inviting, you are sure to feel at home with the Magic Castle as they perform their cardistry and magic skills when asked! If you’re interested to further your hone your craft, they also offer lessons for budding magicians to practice and perform.

That’s all we have for you on all things magic-related, from performances to workshops and shops, this is almost… all you need to know in Singapore.

There’s one more thing you need to know.

It’s appearing in 3.. 2.. 1.. Our Magical Discovery @ Sentosa Tour!

Not just a regular tour around Singapore, we have summoned our best magicians to showcase some performances and tricks relating to the things you can see and hear in Sentosa.

From colourful totem poles to big’ol cannons at Fort Siloso, learn about the history of how Sentosa came to be and immerse yourself in the magistry of it all! A perfect activity for families and loved ones, rediscover the island in a magical way that you’ve never expected before.

Want to experience being a magician yourself and learn how Sentosa might be more magical than it seems?

Check out our tour, reaching the shores of the island on the 26 and 27 November 2022! Each ticket purchase comes with a free cable car ride, offering a scenic panoramic view as you descend up and down Sentosa.

Want to get a taste of what our Magic Tour is like?

Fret not, check out our teaser video of what you can expect at our Magic Tour (Magical Discovery @ Sentosa)




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