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Check-Inn @Little India

Looking for the perfect stay surrounded by the wonders of Singapore’s rich culture and history?

Your search is over!

Check-Inn @Little India is here for you. Located in the heart of Little India, one of Singapore’s most popular enclaves, it is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage and exciting shopping destinations.

Ranked #19 Coolest Neighbourhood in the World in 2022, Little India is an area you do not want to miss!

That said, today’s hotel feature caters to the needs of all types of vacationers – mainly transit passengers and families.

The hotel is an ideal choice for transit passengers looking for a comfortable stay while waiting for their next flight. Located just a stone’s throw away from Little India MRT Station (NE7/DT12), it makes it easy or guests to get around and explore the city.

Meanwhile, families will love Check-Inn @Little India for its spacious rooms and convenient location. The hotel is close to several kid-friendly attractions such as the Science Center, the Butterfly Park, and the Children's Museum as well!

Room Types

Enough said, we’ve come to the most awaited part… the rooms! A 31-room converted shophouse hotel, Check-Inn @Little India offers 5 room types, split into two categories: leading category and premium rooms.

For the leading category, they have the Single Room, Deluxe Room, Superior Room and Family Room. Whereas, premium options include the Signature Room and Premier Room.

Glimpse into the rooms…

Single Room

Starting off with the humblest of the lot is the Single Room (10 sqm). Compact yet functional, the room is suitable for solo travellers looking to backpack around Little India!

Stylised to fit the hotel’s black and white Peranakan style, the room has a minimalistic design with white, grey and black accents.

Completely windowless to add, it’s the perfect choice to experience true privacy from the hustle and bustle of the area and switch off from the outside world! Doesn’t it sound great? A peaceful night’s rest to recharge from an entire day of exploration.

In terms of room amenities, it is equipped with all the essentials, including air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a shower and is wifi accessible. The hotel also provides a complimentary hand sanitiser (to ward off the pesky COVID-19 virus)

The room is also fitted with an open-style wardrobe with hangers, an umbrella, a fresh pillow and a safety deposit box. Get some quick and fuss-free refreshments from their simple coffee and tea-making station and mini bar any time of the day when you’re feeling peckish!

Have some work or casual reading to dive your head into? Fret not, the room comes with a work desk and backrest chair that is it is sufficient for a laptop and personal belongings.

Now moving onto the bathroom, everyone’s safe space for reflection… oh I mean to shower!

Definitely on the smaller side but it has all the necessities for a nice warm relaxing shower. A standing shower, comes with a regular hand-held showerhead and daily essentials such as a hair dryer, dental kit, shower cap, cotton buds, and cotton pads.

Bath mats, towels and bedroom linen can be requested for a daily change at a preferred time at no added cost as well!

Deluxe Room

Coming in bigger and slightly more spacious is the second leading category room, Deluxe Room (13 sqm).

Perfect for up to 2 guests, it comes with either a queen size or two single beds. For the best sleeping and lounging experience, guests can choose between two choices of pillows: soft and firm to cater to their needs (what an upgrade!)

Similarly to the Single Room, it is equipped with all the essential room amenities such as a Smart TV for guests to cast their preferred TV show while living with Check-Inn.

Other than these features mentioned above, the room’s amenities and features are identical to the Single Room.

Superior Room

Next up is our first leading category room, the Superior Room (16 sqm). With a total of 11 rooms available in two single beds or a queen bed, enjoy the comforts of the room nestled on Levels 1 and 2.

Named Superior for a reason, the room comes with the step-up of two British Colonial windows (a room with windows!) perfect for those looking to wake up to natural sunlight and the bustling street view.

The room is also fitted with a lounge chair and full-body mirror for you to get ready and enjoy your morning coffee and tea while admiring the district moving around you!

Getting dressed for a night’s out or on a fancy date? Get your clothes ironed in no time with the special amenities: iron and iron board available in the room.

Other than these features mentioned above, the room’s amenities and features are identical to the Deluxe Room.

Family Room

Bringing around some extra “baggage” during your family trip? Haha, we don’t mean your suitcases or backpacks! Your little ones, of course.

The Family Room (34 sqm) is the one for you! More than twice the size of Superior Room, wake up to the vibrant street view overseeing Little India. Twice the size means twice the beds, a queen size and two single beds to house everyone!

Bed orientations can also be requested to suit the guests' needs. To elaborate, if two queen-size beds are preferred, the two single beds can be converted into a King sized bed.

Fret not, there won’t be any fighting or arguing over bathrooms as the room is fitted with two separate private bathrooms.

Tired after a long day of travelling and catching flights? Quench your thirst and fill your tummies with complimentary welcome drinks and refreshments entitled to bookings for Family Rooms!

But with these benefits come certain drawbacks… (which we feel are reasonable!)

Room availability is limited with only two sets of family rooms available for booking. In terms of privacy, there isn’t an interconnecting door between rooms, however, there is still some privacy with the one-door access!

Other than these features mentioned above, the room’s amenities and features are identical to the Superior Room.

Premier Room

Introducing the first half of the highest category room is the Premier Room (16 sqm).

The room is designed in a dark, black theme stylised with marble, rattan and fern elements. It is also fitted with Balinese-style decorations and furnishings. Not to mention, the room is designed by award-winning designer, Miss Hannah situated in Switzerland.

There is also a small lounge area with a coffee table for you to relax and sip your morning coffee and tea before leaving for the hustle and bustle outside.

The bathroom is also designed with a similar aesthetic, lined with Balinese-style printed tiles and a wooden circular mirror, for the ultimate island getaway vibes.

Moreover, the room features a particular scent, 27 Hubei in collaboration with Scent by SIX, which guests can buy at stores or online.

Other than these features mentioned above, the room’s amenities and features are identical to the Superior Room.

Signature Room

Saving the best for last… the other half of the premium category, the Signature Room (16 sqm).

If you were to ask me, I’d definitely prefer this room over the Premier Room. Why is that so? The lighter, white theme screams sophisticated and classy, combined with similar marble, rattan and fern elements.

Talking about ferns, what makes this room so special and different is the beautiful black-and-white backdrop of plants and ferns against the beds. The room also features four paintings of various tropical trees commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Like the premier room, it is lined with Balinese-style printed black tiles but with a circular rattan mirror instead, for the ultimate “showering in an island resort” vibes.

Other than these features mentioned above, the room’s amenities and features are identical to the Premier Room.

Now, let’s talk rates

Single Room

Weekdays & Weekends (Mon-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g. Christmas, New Years)


Online Booking rate: $200-$210~

Online Booking rate: $230~

Deluxe Room

Weekdays & Weekends (Mon-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g. Christmas, New Years)


Online Booking rate: $260-$290~

Online Booking rate: $290~

Superior Room

Weekdays & Weekends (Mon-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g. Christmas, New Years)


Online Booking rate: $300-$330~

Online Booking rate: $330~

Family Room

Weekdays & Weekends (Mon-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g. Christmas, New Years)


Online Booking rate: $610-$670~

Online Booking rate: $670~

Premier & Signature Room

Weekdays & Weekends (Mon-Sun)

Festive periods (e.g. Christmas, New Years)


Online Booking rate: $330-$360~

Online Booking rate: $360~

Hotel facilities

Swimming Pool








Address: 60 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219184

Wanna sneak peek of the hotel?

Fret not, check out our feature video of the room types and in-room amenities at Check-Inn@ Little India!

Though Check-Inn @Little India only provides room and airport transfer facilities, they have a selection of partnerships with nearby F&B restaurants and cafes to provide their guests with a unique and authentic experience during their stay.

Some dining options in collaboration include:

  • Delhi 6

A new dining experience, flavours of the long-forgotten cuisines of undivided India’s North-West Frontier Province. Get a taste of chunks of tender and succulent tandoori meat, seafood and vegetables cooked in the clay tandoor at high temperatures.

*Hotel guests enjoy 15% OFF their total bill by flashing the hotel key card.

  • Generation Coffee

Photo credit: Eatbook

A home-grown coffee roaster dedicated to serving you the best coffee, both traditional and speciality. Try our local flavours with offerings such as Kopi, Kopi-O, and Teh or their speciality coffee selections such as Dirty Matcha or Spanish Latte.

  • Three’s A Crowd

Photo credit: DanielFoodDiary

A cosy place and cafe with a rustic countryside vibe and “alley” with hanging tapestries and ages textured walls, indulge in a selection of artisanal flavoured ice cream homemade daily. From rich and velvety flavours such as Dark Gianduia to interesting ones such as Masala (you heard it right!), there are so many to choose from!

*Hotel guests enjoy 10% OFF their total bill by flashing the hotel key card.

Other exciting collaborations include:

  • A walking tour of Little India with a local guide from Monster Day Tours.

  • A visit to a traditional Indian temple with a priest.

  • A cooking class with a local chef, teaching guests how to cook traditional Indian dishes.

Amenities nearby to explore, eat and shop

Explore the…

1. Little India Arcade

Photo credit: Choo Yut Shing / Flickr

A vibrant and lovely alley with rows of 1920s traditional shophouses selling an incredible range of Indian and Arabian apparel, homeware, fabrics and souvenirs. Take your time to stroll around, you'll find fried herbs and spices, traditional Indian clothes, colourful artwork, extravagant jewellery, and sweet shops, all at cheap costs.

2. Indian Heritage Centre

Photo credit: Pelago

Unveil the culture and origins of the Indian community in Singapore and learn about the heritage and culture travelled down from India, practical experiences in garland making and saree tying. Don’t say we bojio, rent a saree for the day and take #IGWorthy pictures at different locations around Little India!

3. Little India Art Walk

Photo credit: ArtsEquator

Experience the annual multidisciplinary public arts festival set in the precincts of Little India and Katong-Joo Chiat. Spot murals such as the Tapestry of Saree 2040 and discover their stories as you travel along the various streets and alleys.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for workshops, live music and performances such as the Rangoli Workshop and Ala’Parai Drum Performance to learn about our local heritage through these multisensory art experiences!

Eat at…

4. Komala Vilas Restaurant

Photo credit:

Looking for an authentic taste of South Indian cuisine after a long day of exploring? Komala Vilas Restaurant is the place for you. Head down to one of Singapore’s oldest Indian restaurants serving healthy and affordable dishes!

Photo credit: Burpple

Made with the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, don’t miss their Masala Dosai ($2.90), thin pancakes made from lentils, rice, and flour with mashed potato filling served with spicy sambar and savoury chutney.

Oh… did we forget to mention that everything is vegetarian here? So, feel free to eat your hearts out, guilt-free (we won’t judge)!

Fun Fact: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has visited the restaurant before and mentioned his love of the dosai here.

5. Meatsmith Little India

Photo credit: Burpple

When flavours of South India meet American barbeque… you get Meatsmith Little India! A smokehouse barbeque is a place you’d least expect in Little India, amongst the myriad of northern and southern Indian food offerings.

Photo credit: Coconuts

Feast on their 14-hour smoked Beef Brisket ($38), one of their smoked signatures and our favourites. Smoked till tender and moist; while having a charred exterior, feel it melts away in your mouth. The meat is filled with a medley of flavours of herbs and spices.

We’d recommend you pair it with a side of Coconut Rice ($7) and Chickpea Relish & Smoked Yoghurt ($10) for the ultimate Indian cuisine experience with a twist!

6. Tekka Centre

Photo credit: Johor Khaki

Popular for its variety of local hawker fares and international dishes, find authentic street food from Indian and Malay cuisine here. A must-visit food destination for foodies and locals alike!

Some notable hawker stalls to try:

  • 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodle

Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

A fan of rich-tasting umami-laden broth coupled with succulent prawns? Make your way down to Tekka Centre and choose between Soup ($4/$5/$6) or Dry ($4/$5).

Served with yellow noodles, de-shelled and deveined prawns (no more peeling and getting messy!) in a rich savoury seafood soup or sauce.

Then topped with pork slices and a generous scoop of fried shallots for an extra crunch!

A three-generation family recipe, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • Allaudin’s Briyani

Photo credit: DanielFoodDiary

What do a plate of fragrant, fluffy rice with tender and well-seasoned meat sound like?

It sounds amazing! So is Allaudin’s Briyani. Choose from Mutton, Chicken or Fish Briyani for ($5), and top up with Chicken Sambal ($3.50), Fried Chicken ($3.50), Fried Fish ($3.50) or Mutton Cutlet ($1.50).

Packed with spices, garlic, onions, cashews and many more… the rice bursts with a fragrant aroma. The chicken drumstick was tender. Generously portioned, the biryani was supposedly accompanied with vegetable dhal and achar (pickled cucumbers).

"Whether you're a travel adventurer, business traveller, or just in need of a mini escape, our hotel is always ready to provide you with a memorable and enjoyable stay. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and let's hit the road to endless fun and adventure. Book your room today and experience the thrill of the journey!"

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