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Places to Visit at Haji Lane: Food, Art, and Community

Haji Lane (Credit Conde Nast Traveler)
Haji Lane (Credit Conde Nast Traveler)

Haji Lane's energetic present belies a rich past. Textile shops and wigmakers catered to the growing community, leaving a legacy that still whispers from the beautifully preserved shophouses. Today, Haji Lane pulsates with a different kind of life. Vibrant street art explodes from the walls, and a youthful spirit permeates the air. This captivating blend of heritage and hip makes Haji Lane a must-visit for any Singapore explorer. 

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A Brief History: From Heritage to Hip

Haji Lane boasts a past as colorful as its present. Established in the 1880s, it was originally a haven for Arab and Indian immigrants. The area bustled with textile shops and wigmakers, catering to the growing community. Today, Haji Lane has undergone a metamorphosis, transforming into a cultural hotspot brimming with trendy boutiques, art installations, and an infectious creative spirit.

Embracing Diversity

A Melting Pot of Cultures: Celebrating Haji Lane's Multicultural Heritage

Haji Lane is a vibrant tapestry woven from diverse cultures. The area reflects Singapore's rich multicultural heritage, with influences from Malay, Arab, Chinese, and Indian communities evident in the architecture, cuisine, and overall atmosphere. Embrace the opportunity to rub shoulders with people from all walks of life, creating a truly enriching experience.

Haji Lane tantalizes the taste buds with an international array of flavors. From steaming bowls of satay to aromatic curries, the aroma of global cuisine hangs heavy in the air. Indulge in delectable street food from hole-in-the-wall eateries, or savor a meticulously prepared meal at a hidden gem tucked away in a back alley.

Haji Lane: A Culinary Kaleidoscope Awaits

Haji Lane's kaleidoscope of colors extends beyond its vibrant street art and trendy boutiques. Nestled amongst the independent shops and art installations lies a treasure trove of restaurants, each offering a unique portal to global flavors. Whether you crave the rich spices of the Middle East or the vibrant zest of Latin America, Haji Lane's culinary scene caters to every adventurous palate.


Mamacitas, a lively cantina nestled amidst Haji Lane's vibrant chaos, offers a taste of Costa Rica. Founded by Chef Cindy Castro Vega, the menu celebrates fresh, seasonal ingredients in dishes like their signature ceviche and patacones, transporting diners to Central America with every delicious bite.

Mamacitas (Credit TimeOut)
Mamacitas (Credit TimeOut)


Habibi-san in Haji Lane fuses the vibrant energy of a Japanese izakaya with the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern flavors. This unique concept translates to "My Darling Mr." in a charming blend of Arabic and Japanese, hinting at the culinary adventure that awaits. Step inside and be greeted by a menu brimming with innovative dishes like roasted Brussels sprouts with a kinnogomadare dressing (Japanese sesame) or smoky Wagyu tartare with burrata. Don't forget to explore their bespoke cocktail menu, crafted by bartenders who can whip up a drink based on your personal preferences. Habibi-san is a must-try for anyone seeking a taste of culinary innovation nestled amidst the heart of Haji Lane's trendy scene.

Habibi-san (Credit inline)
Habibi-san (Credit inline)

Fatt Choy Eating House

Fatt Choy Eating House, a recent addition to the ever-evolving Haji Lane scene, injects a dose of nostalgia with its elevated take on classic Singaporean comfort food. Located right across the popular Good Luck Beerhouse, Fatt Choy takes over the space previously occupied by The Kongsee, a beloved mod-Sin (modern Singaporean) concept.

While not a direct sequel, Fatt Choy can be seen as a spiritual successor, bringing back some crowd-pleasers from The Kongsee menu. Expect familiar favorites reimagined with a touch of finesse. Think succulent Ngoh Hiang (five-spice fried spring rolls) with a modern twist or a comforting bowl of Dry Curry Laksa with a depth of flavor that belies its simplicity.

Fatt Choy Eating House (Credit jiaksimi)
Fatt Choy Eating House (Credit jiaksimi)

Rooftop Bars Around Haji Lane Area 

For those seeking a more sophisticated experience, ascend to a bar and be mesmerized by the lively nightlife in Haji Lane. Sip on expertly crafted cocktails in a clandestine speakeasy, and soak in the intimate atmosphere.

Bar Stories (55-57A Haji Lane)

This intimate bar beckons with its minimalist aesthetic and focus on handcrafted cocktails. Their bartenders are masters of their craft, meticulously creating bespoke drinks based on your flavor preferences. Settle in for a sophisticated evening of conversation and expertly mixed libations.

Bar Stories (Credit Wild 'n' Free Diary)
Bar Stories (Credit Wild 'n' Free Diary)

The Singapura Club (5 Straits View 01-20/21, The Heart, Marina One East Tower)

Technically not located directly on Haji Lane, but a short walk away, The Singapura Club offers a sophisticated escape. This modern Asian eatery transforms into a bar at night, featuring a stylish space and an impressive selection of creative cocktails and premium spirits.

The Singapura Club (Credit Flickr)
The Singapura Club (Credit Flickr)

Good Luck Beerhouse (9 Haji Lane)

This laid-back spot is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. Their extensive selection boasts local and international brews, with knowledgeable staff to guide you through the ever-changing taps. The relaxed atmosphere and communal tables make it a perfect place to unwind with friends after a day of exploring.

Good Luck Beerhouse (Credit Quandoo)
Good Luck Beerhouse (Credit Quandoo)

Discovering Haji Lane's Unique Vibe

The Lure of Street Art: Exploring Colorful Murals and Graffiti

Step into Haji Lane and be greeted by a visual feast. The walls morph into a giant canvas, showcasing a dynamic display of street art. From intricate murals depicting mythical creatures to thought-provoking graffiti stencils, each artwork pulsates with a unique story waiting to be unraveled.

Haji Lane Street Art (Credit AsiaOne)
Haji Lane Street Art (Credit AsiaOne)
Haji Lane Street Art (Credit Kaizenaire)
Haji Lane Street Art (Credit Kaizenaire)
Haji Lane Street Art (Credit The Occasional Traveller)
Haji Lane Street Art (Credit The Occasional Traveller)

Conclusion: Haji Lane: A Tapestry of Culture, Creativity, and Community

Haji Lane is more than just a trendy destination; it's a vibrant tapestry woven from culture, creativity, and community. It's a place where history whispers from the shophouse walls, where innovation bursts forth in every corner, and where the spirit of togetherness pulsates through the streets. So, come explore the hidden alleyways, immerse yourself in the artistic expressions, and savor the international flavors – Haji Lane awaits with open arms, ready to weave its magic on your soul.

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