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Luxury Awaits at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore 🏨


Traveling often means being away from home, but it doesn't mean sacrificing the comfort and warmth that we associate with the idea of "home." Marina Bay ParkRoyal COLLECTION's unwavering focus lies in prioritizing the guest's comfort and well-being. It's the understanding that a memorable journey extends beyond merely providing a place to rest. It's about cultivating an environment where guests feel at ease, find relaxation, and have the opportunity to recharge, all while immersing themselves in the culture and attractions of their destination.

This remarkable establishment offers an array of luxurious services, meticulously tailored to fulfill every guest's needs. The ambiance is designed to be warm and inviting, a sensory balm that ensures a peaceful and memorable stay. Whether one's visit is for business or leisure, the hotel's world-class amenities, coupled with an attentive staff, create an atmosphere of excellence that leaves an indelible mark. Discover the unique experiences, services, and hidden gems that make it a genuine "home away from home." In this blog post, we will cover the finer details of luxurious services and the essential information about the hotel.


Situated on the prestigious Raffles Boulevard, in the heart of Singapore's vibrant Marina Centre, the majestic PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay awaits. This opulent five-star hotel, formerly recognized as Marina Mandarin Singapore, graces the skyline of the bustling Downtown Core, radiating unparalleled luxury and timeless charm.

A true gem among hotels, it stands as an oasis of sophistication and refinement, enveloped in an aura of sheer opulence, redefining the art of hospitality. Its strategic positioning within the Marina Centre complex places guests at the epicenter of Singapore's thriving business and entertainment districts. As a bastion of elegance, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay offers world-class amenities and impeccable service, reshaping the very essence of luxurious living. Each stay here promises an exceptional blend of comfort and grandeur, transcending ordinary expectations.

Whether you're in search of a lavish escape or a strategic hub for your business endeavors, this magnificent establishment epitomizes unrivaled excellence, where sophistication converges with the dynamic pulse of the Lion City.


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore ✨

Your experience at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay is all about comfort, sophistication, and the seamless blending of modernity and nature. The hotel's design and ambiance reflect an eco-friendly ethos, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. With a commitment to sustainability and wellness, this experience goes beyond typical hotel stays, offering a holistic retreat.

1. Central Location with Great Connectivity 💁‍♂️

Nestled in the thriving Marina Bay enclave, the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay boasts a prime location that offers the best of both worlds. You're in the midst of the city's bustling energy, yet you're just steps away from the tranquil beauty of the Marina Bay area. This strategic setting ensures you're well-connected to all of Singapore's major attractions while being able to retreat to a serene oasis when you need a break from the city's pulse.

The Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay is more than just a hotel; it's an oasis of luxury and convenience. Situated a stone's throw away from the retail havens of Suntec City and Marina Square, this hotel forms a harmonious trio with its neighboring Mandarin Oriental and Pan Pacific counterparts. Its strategic location ensures seamless access to all of the city's attractions, while the adjoining malls offer an array of dining and shopping choices.

One of the highlights is the proximity to the bayfront, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely post-dinner stroll against the captivating backdrop of the Singapore skyline. The Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay made its grand entrance in 2020 as one of the year's first major hotel openings. While the property has a history, having previously been the Marina Mandarin Singapore, the transition to the ParkRoyal Collection branding marks a significant transformation. The hotel now exudes a serene, warm ambiance, with a charming garden theme that sets the stage for a tranquil and inviting stay. It's a testament to the hotel's commitment to providing guests with a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, all while being at the heart of the bustling Marina Bay.

  • ​Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

  • Telephone: +65 6845 1000

  • Email:

Nearby Attractions

  • Asian Civilisations Museum

  • Esplanade

  • Gardens by the Bay

  • Merlion Park

  • National Museum of Singapore

  • Singapore Art Museum

Nearby Shopping

  • Marina Square

  • Millenia Walk

  • Suntec City

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Location Ariel Night View (Credit Panpacific Hotels Group)
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Location Ariel Night View (Credit Panpacific Hotels Group)

Marina Bay View From the Hotel (Credit TripAdvisor)
Marina Bay View From the Hotel (Credit TripAdvisor)

2. Diverse Range of Rooms and Suites to Choose from ✨

When it comes to your stay at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, you're in for a treat. There are a plethora of room options to choose from, catering to diverse preferences and budgets, with prices starting from SGD $420. Let's delve into the world of PARKROYAL COLLECTION rooms and what they offer.

  • Urban Deluxe Room: Whether you're a solo traveler or a couple seeking comfort, the Urban Deluxe Room offers a cozy retreat. Your choice of king-sized or twin beds awaits, and all of this starts at an attractive price of SGD $420.

  • Urban Suite: Enjoy the spacious elegance of the Urban Suite, with a starting price of SGD $420.

  • Lifestyle Premier Room: For those in need of extra space and a generous workspace, the Lifestyle Premier Room beckons. Some even come with a soothing bathtub, making it an excellent choice for your stay. Prices start at SGD $440.

  • Signature Marina Bay Room: Picture yourself in the lap of luxury with stunning Marina Bay views from your very own private balcony. Prices start from SGD $470.

  • COLLECTION Club Room: Elevate your experience with exclusive access to the COLLECTION Club Lounge and its privileges. It's all within reach, starting at SGD $530.

  • COLLECTION Club Marina Bay Room: Indulge in the ultimate luxury with club access and breathtaking Marina Bay views. Prices start from SGD $550.

  • Lifestyle Suite: Luxury finds a new definition with Lifestyle Suites, starting at SGD $840.

  • Signature Marina Bay Suite: A touch of grandeur and Marina Bay vistas, yours to enjoy starting at SGD $890.

  • Family Room: Ideal for families, these rooms are designed for convenience, with extra beds available upon request. Ensuring that everyone has a comfortable stay, these rooms start at SGD $900.

  • PARKROYAL COLLECTION Suite: For those who seek the pinnacle of luxury and comfort, these suites are the epitome of grandeur. Prices start from SGD $2800.

In-room amenities include king-sized or twin beds, a generous workspace, and selected rooms with a soothing bathtub. Bathrobes, a hairdryer, and a private balcony enhance your comfort, with extra beds available upon request.

For your indulgence, rooms feature a television with local and cable channels, coffee and tea-making facilities, and premium filtered drinking water, along with Appelles bath amenities to add a touch of luxury.

For your convenience, you can enjoy complimentary high-speed Internet access, an in-room safe, iron and ironing board, and the option of laundry and housekeeping services. Your stay at PARKROYAL COLLECTION is designed to meet your every need and exceed your expectations. Book here!

Urban Delux Room
Urban Delux Room

Urban Suite
Urban Suite

3. Enjoy Serenity by the Pool 🏝️

During your stay at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, one of the most alluring features is undoubtedly the serene pool area. This hidden gem, surrounded by a lush expanse of verdant foliage, creates an oasis of calm within the heart of vibrant Singapore. As you step into this haven, you'll find yourself in an ideal setting to unwind and bask in the invigorating Singapore sun. Whether you prefer lounging by the pool, embracing the gentle breeze, or taking a leisurely and refreshing swim, this space strikes a harmonious balance between relaxation and rejuvenation.

The pool area, ensconced within natural beauty, allows you to momentarily escape the bustling cityscape and immerse yourself in a tranquil environment. It's a place where urban luxury meets the serenity of nature, providing guests with the perfect sanctuary to unwind and recharge. Amidst the lush greenery, Serenity by the Pool beckons, offering a soothing retreat in the midst of dynamic Singapore.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Swimming Pool (Credit Luxury Lifestyle Awards)
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Swimming Pool (Credit Luxury Lifestyle Awards)


4. Savour Exquisite Culinary Creations 🍱

Food is a vital element of any travel experience, and at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, it reaches new heights. The hotel presents a diverse array of dining options that encompass not only exquisite international cuisine but also local delights. Each meal is a culinary journey, ensuring that your taste buds embark on an adventure as remarkable as your travel experience itself. With a total of 4 restaurants and 2 bars to choose from, let's explore the culinary wonders awaiting you:

Peach Blossoms (Cantonese Cuisine)

This dining haven offers progressive Chinese cuisine, firmly rooted in the traditions of Cantonese flavors. Here, innovation meets tradition through an array of cutting-edge ingredients, culinary techniques, and modern presentation. For detailed information, read here.

Peppermint (Local and International Cuisine)

Formerly known as AquaMarine, Peppermint is an all-day dining destination that immerses you in the lush beauty of nature while serving farm-to-table cuisine that brings the world's finest flavors right to your plate. For detailed information, read here.

Portman's Bar (Beverages)

Portman's Bar features Instagram-worthy spaces that invite engaging conversations over nature-inspired afternoon tea or handcrafted cocktails by their resident mixologists. For detailed information, read here.

Skyline Bar(Beverages)

Adjacent to the outdoor pool and sprawling green lawn, the Skyline Bar is your go-to for light bites and beverages to complement a well-deserved siesta. For detailed information, read here.

Skyline Bar (Credit TableCheck)
Skyline Bar (Credit TableCheck)

Ruth's Chris Steak House (Western)

Experience the epitome of culinary excellence with custom-aged USDA prime beef, each served on a sizzling 260°C plate to ensure unparalleled quality and consistency. For detailed information, read here.

Ruth's Chris Steak House (Credit Ruth's Chris Steak House)
Ruth's Chris Steak House (Credit Ruth's Chris Steak House)

Sushi Jiro (Japanese)

Home to the finest Japanese cuisine in Singapore, Sushi Jiro takes pride in serving seasonal fish directly imported from Japan twice a week. For detailed information, read here.

Sushi Jiro (Credit Quandoo)
Sushi Jiro (Credit Quandoo)

At PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, your culinary journey is a treasure trove of flavours, where innovation and tradition harmonize to create an unforgettable dining experience.

5. Presitgious Place for Business Meetings and Events 👨‍💼

When it comes to hosting events in Singapore, visitors can experience the distinctive offerings of PARKROYAL COLLECTION. The hotel provides a range of venues designed to meet various event needs, from teleconferences to intimate social gatherings. Guests can anticipate an impressive array of eco-friendly amenities and refreshments, highlighting sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

The venues are more than mere spaces; they transform into immersive, nature-inspired environments, fostering creativity and innovation. Each venue is well-equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual conference technology and high-speed Internet access, ensuring that every meeting or event is marked by focus and productivity.

Whether the occasion calls for teleconferences or intimate social affairs, PARKROYAL COLLECTION's fully-equipped venues are primed to create truly memorable experiences. With the convenience of high-speed internet access and seamless audio-visual equipment, event organizers can be confident that their gatherings will run seamlessly, leaving an indelible impression on attendees. PARKROYAL COLLECTION seamlessly combines the natural world with cutting-edge technology to take events to the next level. Check here for more information.

Daylight Meeting Room (Credit TripAdvisor)
Daylight Meeting Room (Credit TripAdvisor)

6. Best Wedding Venues for Your Special Day 💍

At PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, a couple's once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration is given the grand stage it deserves. In this captivating oasis known as Singapore's first 'Garden-in-a-Hotel,' sacred vows take root, and everlasting love flourishes amidst the lush hotel gardens.

Each wedding held at PARKROYAL COLLECTION becomes a true masterpiece, meticulously orchestrated by a team of seasoned wedding consultants and culinary experts. They devote their expertise to crafting epicurean menus that delight the senses and adorning every event with elegant wedding decor and tasteful settings. Couples can envision their special day in the expansive and pillar-less Garden Ballroom, where the ambiance evokes a warm garden pavilion beneath a star-studded night sky. Alternatively, the Atrium Ballroom offers an intimate setting with a private foyer that gazes upon the lush gardens within the soaring hotel atrium.

Regardless of the chosen setting, every wedding at PARKROYAL COLLECTION is thoughtfully designed to create an experience that generates cherished memories for years to come. It's the place where dreams take flight, love blossoms, and lasting memories are etched into the heart.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Wedding Garden Ballroom (Credit Hitcheed)
PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Wedding Garden Ballroom (Credit Hitcheed)

Atrium Ballroom (Credit TripAdvisor)
Atrium Ballroom (Credit TripAdvisor)

7. Remarkable Customer Service ✅

At PARKROYAL COLLECTION, the commitment to exceptional customer service is ingrained in the very essence of the establishment. They don't settle for providing "good" service; instead, they deliver value for money by creating unforgettable experiences. The dedicated team embodies the core values of being very friendly and helpful. From the moment a guest steps into their world, they are readily available to ensure a truly exceptional stay. Their passion lies in meeting every guest's need and addressing their queries, leaving visitors with a deep sense of being genuinely cared for.

The staff takes immense pride in providing superb attentive service that anticipates the desires of their guests. Their goal is not just to meet expectations but to surpass them. Whether it's assisting with the stay, offering local recommendations, or ensuring every moment is both comfortable and memorable, the team is unwavering in their commitment to making each guest's experience extraordinary. At PARKROYAL COLLECTION, customer service is elevated to an art form, with the guests always at the center of this masterpiece.

Reception Area (Credit TripAdvisor)
Reception Area (Credit TripAdvisor)

Conclusion 👋

As you explore the wonders of Singapore, consider the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay as your home away from home. It's a place where modern luxury meets natural serenity, where fine dining meets cultural immersion, and where you can connect with the world while feeling entirely at ease. It's not just a hotel; it's an experience that will redefine your idea of what a "home away from home" truly means. So, when you embark on your next adventure, let the Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay be your sanctuary in the heart of Singapore.

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