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Top 9 Japanese Inspired Things In Singapore

Have you been longing to go to Japan, but your plans got cancelled because of the pandemic? We totally understand how frustrating that can be especially since travelling during these times can be very uncertain for you. Just because you are unable to travel at this time does not mean you should let go of your dream! Why not bring Japan to Singapore? With all these interesting places in Singapore, it will only make it easier for you to enjoy all things Japanese!

1. The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel

Single Pod Suite
Photo credit: The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel

To kickstart your journey, you should visit the Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel. I am sure you would have heard about pod capsule hotels. They are known for their smaller space which gives you privacy especially if you do wish to visit alone or come in pairs for a short stay as compared to hotels. Did you know that the pod capsules were invented by the Japanese in the 1970s to help workers stay over for the night at a low cost? This allowed them to combat the problems of Japan’s growing commerce. From single pods to queen pod suites, the Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel has many to offer to fit your preference. With free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and flexible cancellation policy, this capsule hotel ensures you have a pleasant stay with them. Fret not for they also have all the amenities you need from bed sheets to power sockets and lights to accommodate to your needs.

Address: 289 Beach Road, Level 3

Price: From $35 onwards

2. Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant

Teppanyaki dish
Photo credit: Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant

Now once you have woken up in your private pod, your stomach must be growling. Get your brunch fix from Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant! Try their authentic Japanese food from teppanyaki, ala-carte buffet and souffle pancakes. Teppanyaki is a traditional Japanese dish which is served on a hot iron plate so that you may grill your food and eat it fresh. Meanwhile the Japanese souffle pancakes are whipped to get a thick batter and are then cooked to get this beautiful stack of fluffy pancakes which are incredibly soft as you take a bite of it. With their extensive menu, you will definitely find something to leave you drooling for more! Do take note that you would need to make a reservation at least 3 days prior, so do check out for more information on their website.

Address: 72 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209400

3. Ikeda Spa

Onsen Bath
Photo credit: Ikeda Spa

Now with a belly full of food, you will only want to relax and enjoy doing something light. What about going to Ikeda Spa? This Japanese spa is the first of its kind in Singapore, which provides you with many things to do such as getting a massage, body treatment, facial treatment, Onsen baths and permanent hair removal. They also have a couple of signature spa treatments that you definitely need to check out to enhance your visit with especially since you will not be able to find this product elsewhere. One of their signatures is their Onsen bath which uses cypress wood, one of the most prized woods reserved for royalty and building palaces, temples, and shrines only! Releasing natural oil known as the Hinoki oil or Cypress oil, this bath allows you to soak in and enjoy therapeutic benefits along with choosing 5 distinct types of bath salts to customise it to your liking.

Address: 787 Bukit Timah Road (Before 6th Ave) Singapore 269762

4. Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in Singapore
Photo credit: Erwin Soo

If you are up for some exploring and want to find out more about the Japanese culture, do visit Singapore’s very own Japanese garden. Overlapped with the Chinese garden, they are now known as the Jurong Lake garden which are connected by the Bridge of Double Beauty. This Japanese garden in Singapore is based on the aesthetics of Muromachi and Momoyama period era featuring flowering canopy walk, water lily pond, floral show garden and many more! The water lily pond also known the Terraced water gardens features the largest collection of water lilies in Singapore. You can also expect the Rest House, situated beside the Riparian Forest, to have a view of the moss and fern garden filled with water. According to their main website, the Japanese Garden is currently undergoing re-development whereby the estimated date of opening has yet to be announced. So, keep your eyes peeled for when the place is accessible to enjoy it in all its glory.

Address: Yuan Ching Rd

5. Hvala Singapore Cafe

Matcha Cookies
Photo credit: Hvala Singapore

After learning a little more about the Japanese culture, I am sure you must be all out of energy to continue. Don’t stop there, there is more to come! I'm sure you can never resist tea. Especially with everything matcha, you won’t be able to help yourself. Did you know that matcha was originally founded by a Buddhist monk during the Tang Dynasty (7th to 10th century) in China? But it has been in the Japanese culture for over 800 years as they have mastered the matcha cultivation process over time. With many different types of teas and desserts available, be sure to indulge in their delicious delights. If you truly enjoyed and want to take a step further to learn about their cuisine, you can purchase the tea powder and try to ‘diy’ it! One pick that we are definitely interested in would be their 10 unique cultivars of matcha, which is insane because we’ve only ever thought there was 1! Along with their tea powders, they also sell various Japanese merchandise such as their pottery kit, Japanese whisk also known as pondate chasen, tea caddy and chawan which is a tea bowl.

Addresses: Refer to their website for more information

6. Tokyu Hands Japanese Retail Store

Tokyu Hands Retail Store in Jewel
Photo credit: Lynn Lopez

What is experiencing a day like in Japan if you do not make a trip to their infamous retail store for some Japanese shopping! Tokyu Hands started in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1976 as it is known for its department store which you cannot quite categorise because of how many assorted products they have. Tokyu Hands operates over 30 branches across Japan only and has always been the number 1 go-to place. From high-quality and high functional living ware to beauty and stationery products, Tokyu Hands has got everything that you need. Most of their products are not the local brands which you can find anywhere in Singapore. Their variety of products are unique, and I am quite sure you will definitely find something to get for yourself regardless of the type of product such as a beauty product or for home furnishings.

Addresses: Refer to their website for more information

7. Neko No Niwa Cat Café

Neko No Niwa Cat Cafe
Photo credit: Neko No Niwa

Assemble all cat lovers, this one is for you! As many of you know of the Maneki Neko figurine, did you know how the figurine was inspired? Many centuries ago, a cat protected a feudal lord from getting struck by the lightning because the lord saw the cat waving at him and out of curiosity he walked towards the cat and away from the tree that got struck by the lightning. Ever since, Japanese revered cats as they believe cats bring good luck and have protective powers. If you are a believer pr simply love these adorable fur creatures, then you should check out this pawsome cat café near Raffles Place and Clarke Quay! All the cats have been rescued and given shelter in this home where they get to meet new hoomans every day and give you cuddles! While you are there, check out their café for some delicious drinks and desserts to keep you accompanied through your stay in the café. If you are lucky, you get to see them dressed in their kimonos, so be sure to snap pictures and tag us!

Address: 54A Boat Quay (Level 2), Singapore 049843

8. Koma Singapore

Koma Restaurant
Photo credit: Koma

It is time for dinner! If you want to experience a high-quality Japanese dining experience, you should make your way to Koma at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands! The entrance itself is a 20-metre-long passageway lined with orange arches, a reminiscent of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto which boasts a loud orange colour with a darker interior. This Japanese restaurant and sushi bar uses fresh produces and ingredients from Japan and incorporates an original approach to their dishes. With many appetizing dishes to choose from their separate lunch and dinner menus, you can be sure to never get bored of their food especially since you might have to come back more often if you wish to try everything off their menu. Serving you from Wagyu Beef, Salmon Pillow and Spicy Tuna, meat lovers be rest assured that you will be satisfied.

Address: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-67, Singapore 018972

9. Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki
Photo credit: Yip Jieying

Don’t want to end your Japan trip yet? Don’t worry because we still have one more spot for you to get all your food cravings satisfied. Your one stop guide to anything and everything food related, Don Don Donki is here to provide you with unique and authentic options from Japan! With over 12 stores throughout Singapore, the experience of going to Don Don Donki for the first time feels like you are in heaven on earth. Do you need to cook a meal? You can find all your ingredients you will need from raw meat to spices. Craving for dessert? Packaged desserts and freshly made desserts are always available! Even if you visit the store without any intention of purchasing their products, you will surely find something to buy there even if it is a can of milk. So come prepared with your wallet in hand and shop till you drop! The best part of the store is that their Orchard Central outlet is open 24 hours! So if you’re suddenly hungry and craving for supper at night, make your way down to Orchard and fulfil your needs!

Addresses: Refer to their website for more information

These are just a few places in Singapore you need to check out to make your Japanese dream come true! Before you head to these places, you should consider checking the availability of restaurants and cafes so that you avoid disappointment when you walk in without reservation since most places require you to make a reservation. We truly hope you will enjoy your visits to these places and continue to plan your trip to Japan. Don’t forget, never give up on your dreams!

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