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For your national education, social studies and experiential learning in a new innovative format

Budget Friendly

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

Rated #1 Virtual Learning Journeys in Singapore

Learning Journeys are a key component in achieving the National Education and Social Studies objectives for primary schools. Our virtual tours offer the best online learning solution at a time, where social distancing is a concern. 

"LIVE" Tour Guide

Our virtual learning journeys are conducted "Live" by expert licensed tour guides and "MOE-certified" facilitators.

Interactive Elements

Interactive games and activities conducted during the tour to ensure two-way active participation and engagement

Learning Objectives

Well-curated itineraries to meet specific curriculum & learning objectives, while engendering a sense of pride for Singapore

Virtual Learning Journey Singapore
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What is virtual learning journey?

The Virtual Learning Journey combines a hybrid of LIVE steaming and in-class activities for students to have a multi-sensory experience of the outdoors in the safety of their classrooms. Virtual Learning Journeys provide a fun and safe way to help our young ones learna bout Singapore and other countries

Why join Monster Day Tours' Virtual Learning Journey?

Variety of local and overseas destinations with specific themes

Real-time interactive activities for 2-way participation

Customisable options to highlight learning goals

Expertly trained virtual tour guides and engaging facilitators