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10 Must Visit Places for Your Photography Tour in Singapore

Beautiful Singapore Landscape (Credit Freepik)
Beautiful Singapore Landscape (Credit Freepik)

Are you ready to capture the vibrant essence of Singapore through your lens? Get your cameras ready for an unforgettable photography tour across some of the most iconic and Instagrammable spots for your social media feed. From the glittering skyline to historical landmarks, there's a picture-perfect moment waiting at every turn.

1.Clarke Quay: A Riverside Marvel

Start your photography journey at Clarke Quay, a lively riverside quay that comes alive with colors and energy. This bustling area is not only famous for its vibrant nightlife but also offers stunning views of the Singapore River. The combination of neon lights, reflections on the water, and the picturesque architecture make Clarke Quay a must-visit for any photography enthusiast. 

Address: 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024.

Clarke Quay (Credit Introducing Singapore)
Clarke Quay (Credit Introducing Singapore)

2. Marina Bay Sands: Sky-High Glamour

No visit to Singapore is complete without capturing the iconic Marina Bay Sands. Head up to the SkyPark for breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape. Whether you're snapping shots of the infinity pool against the skyline or the architectural marvel itself, every angle is Insta-worthy. Pro tip: Visit during sunset for that golden hour magic. Join our Marina Bay  Free Walking Tour to experience the architectural icons.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956.

Marina Bay Sands (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)
Marina Bay Sands (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)

3. Famous Merlion Park: The Symbol of Singapore

Just a short stroll from Marina Bay Sands, you'll find the Famous Merlion Park, home to the mythical half-lion, half-fish creature that has become the symbol of Singapore. With the city skyline in the background, it's a fantastic spot for capturing both tradition and modernity in a single frame. Join our Singapore City Free Walking Tour to experience the richness of culture and historical landmarks.

Address: Fullerton Rd, Marina Bay, Singapore 049213.

Merlion Park (Credit TripAdvisor)
Merlion Park (Credit TripAdvisor)

4. Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay: Nature and Futurism

For a unique blend of nature and futurism, head to the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. These towering structures covered in lush greenery are a marvel to behold, especially when illuminated in the evening. Walk along the OCBC Skyway for an elevated perspective that's perfect for your Instagram feed. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953.

Supertree Grove(Credit Adobe Stock)
Supertree Grove(Credit Adobe Stock)

5. Raffles Hotel: Colonial Elegance

Step back in time and capture the colonial elegance of Raffles Hotel. Known for its timeless architecture and classic charm, Raffles is a treasure trove of photo opportunities. Don't forget to stop by the iconic Raffles landing site and the lush courtyard. It's a piece of Singapore's history frozen in time. 

Address: 1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673.

Raffles Hotel (Credit
Raffles Hotel (Credit

6. Fort Canning Hill: Green Oasis in the Heart of the City

Escape the urban hustle and explore the green oasis of Fort Canning Hill. This historical park offers not only a respite from the city but also panoramic views of the skyline. The lush greenery, historical artifacts, and serene atmosphere make it a perfect spot for capturing the contrast between nature and the city. 

Address: River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037.

Fort Canning Hill (Credit Trevallog)
Fort Canning Hill (Credit Trevallog)

7. Mural Paintings at Chinatown: Street Art Extravaganza

Chinatown isn't just about traditional markets and delectable food; it's also a canvas for vibrant street art. Wander through the alleys to discover colorful murals that tell stories of the neighborhood's rich history. These murals are not only Instagrammable but also a unique way to experience the cultural tapestry of Singapore. Join our Chinatown Free Walking Tour to experience the richness of culture and heritage.

Address: Chinatown, Singapore.

Mural Paintings at Chinatown (Credit Yip Yew Chong)
Mural Paintings at Chinatown (Credit Yip Yew Chong)

8. Library@Orchard: A Bookish Haven

If you appreciate the combination of literature and architecture, Library@Orchard is a hidden gem. With its modern design and ample natural light, this library offers a serene setting for your photography endeavors. Capture the juxtaposition of books and contemporary design in this unique space.

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858.

Library@Orchard (Credit Kosublog)
Library@Orchard (Credit Kosublog)

9. Art Science Museum: Where Art Meets Technology

Designed to resemble an open lotus flower, the Art Science Museum is a marvel in itself. Explore the intersection of art and technology through its diverse exhibits. The architectural beauty of the museum, coupled with its innovative displays, provides a plethora of Insta-worthy moments. 

Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974.

Art Science Museum (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)
Art Science Museum (Credit Singapore Tourism Board)

10. Sultan Mosque: Architectural Splendor in Kampong Glam

End your photography tour at the Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam. This majestic mosque is not only a place of worship but also an architectural masterpiece. Capture the intricate details of its domes and minarets against the vibrant backdrop of the historic Kampong Glam district. Join our Kampong Gelam Free Walking Tour to experience the richness of culture and heritage.

Address: 3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833.

Sultan Mosque (Credit Visit Kampong Gelam)
Sultan Mosque (Credit Visit Kampong Gelam)


Remember, this is just a glimpse of what Singapore has to offer to photography enthusiasts. Each corner of the city is brimming with unique stories waiting to be told through your lens. So, charge your camera, slip on your walking shoes, and get ready to capture the diverse beauty of Singapore from every angle. Happy shooting!


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