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Top 5 Must-Visit Insta-Worthy Locations in Singapore: Popular Spots and Hidden Gems

Bird’s eye view of Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore during night time
Credit: We Build Value

Welcome to the Lion City! Singapore is an exciting destination that boasts of a rich cultural heritage, delectable food, attractive places and scenic landscapes that are perfect for photo taking. As one of the most Instagram-worthy cities in Asia, Singapore offers endless opportunities for photo enthusiasts to capture stunning shots for their social media feeds.

With so many places to visit in Singapore, it can be challenging to know where to begin your photo-taking journey. That's why we've put together a list of the Top 5 Must Visit Insta-Worthy Locations in Singapore explaining all the attractive places the country has to offer. We'll guide you through some of the most popular spots, as well as a few hidden gems that are sure to give your Instagram profile that extra edge.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a casual Instagrammer, these five locations are sure to take your social media game to the next level. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to explore the Top 5 Must Visit Insta-Worthy Locations in Singapore!

5. Lively Chinatown: A Cultural Hub

View of street at Keong Saik Road Chinatown Singapore
Credit: Culture Trip

First up on our list is Chinatown, a vibrant neighbourhood that's a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience Singapore's rich cultural heritage.

Chinatown is a bustling neighbourhood in Singapore that is full of life and colour. Here, you'll find a perfect blend of old and new, as modern skyscrapers rise above historic shophouses and traditional markets.

Scenic view of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown Singapore in the evening
Credit: Visit Singapore

One of the must-visit spots in Chinatown is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a stunning four-storey temple that is hard to miss due to its striking red façade. The temple is home to a sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, making it a significant religious site for Buddhists in Singapore and around the world.

Aside from its spiritual significance, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is also a great spot for Instagram-worthy shots. Its red building is an architectural marvel, with intricate details and ornate decorations that make for a beautiful backdrop. Inside the temple, you'll find stunning sculptures, colourful murals, and intricate carvings that are sure to impress even the most seasoned photographers.

Girl sitting in front of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown Singapore
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh)

Here we have our first possible shot you can take if you visit the temple at Chinatown. This specific location can be found at the side of the temple where its bright red walls can be featured in your photos and the side doors make a great framing right above the stone benches you can sit or stand on to take photos.

As you explore Chinatown, don't forget to stop by the vibrant markets and street vendors that line the streets. Here, you'll find an endless array of colourful souvenirs, traditional foods, and unique experiences that are perfect for capturing on camera. Whether you're after a candid shot of a local hawker preparing food or a posed shot in front of the iconic red lanterns that hang overhead, Chinatown is a must-visit spot for anyone seeking to capture the vibrant culture and colours of Singapore.

4. Timeless Fort Canning Park: Uncovering the Legacy of Singapore's Past

Famous spiral staircase at Fort Canning Park in Singapore in the daytime
Credit: Little Day Out

Next up, if you're looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Fort Canning Park is the perfect place to go. This beautiful park is nestled in the heart of Singapore and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Aside from its natural beauty, Fort Canning Park is also rich in history, with roots dating back to the 14th century. The park has served many purposes throughout its history, including as a military fort, a palace, and even a secret underground bunker during World War II.

One of the most famous spots in Fort Canning Park is the spiral stairwell, which has become a favourite among couples for wedding photos. The stairwell is a stunning piece of architecture that makes for a perfect backdrop for a romantic shot. The lush greenery and beautiful flowers surrounding the stairwell also add to its charm, making it a popular spot for Instagram-worthy photos.

Girl posing in the tunnel leading to spiral staircase in Fort Canning Park in Singapore
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh)

This photo showcases the next possible shot you could get from this stunning place surrounded by greenery and aesthetic-looking stonewalls to give your feed an edge and a rustic, aesthetic feel. While others are waiting for their turn to pose at the spiral staircase, you could first explore this little hidden gem tunnel leading from it that people often overlook!

Aside from the spiral stairwell, Fort Canning Park offers a variety of Insta-worthy scenes, such as the beautiful sculptures and water features scattered throughout the park. The park also boasts stunning city skyline views, making it a perfect spot for a panoramic shot.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful escape from the city, a romantic backdrop for your wedding photos, or simply a beautiful spot for Instagram-worthy shots, Fort Canning Park is a must-visit spot for anyone exploring Singapore.

3. Majestic Merlion Park: An Icon of Singapore

Credit: Monster Day Tours (Cassia Koh) Merlion Park in Singapore overlooking Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Cassia Koh)

No visit to Singapore is complete without a trip to Merlion Park, one of the city's most iconic landmarks. The park is home to the Merlion statue, a mythical creature that is half lion and half fish and has become a symbol of Singapore.

The Merlion statue was first introduced in 1964 as a symbol of Singapore's growing importance as a port city. The statue has since become one of the most recognizable icons of Singapore and is a must-visit spot for any tourist.

Merlion Park is a beautiful spot for taking Instagram-worthy photos. With the stunning Marina Bay Sands in the background and the city skyline in the distance, the park offers a perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of Singapore.

One of the most popular poses among tourists is to stand in front of the Merlion statue with their mouths open as if they are catching the water spouting from the Merlion's mouth. This fun and quirky pose has become a favourite among tourists, making Merlion Park a lively and vibrant spot for taking photos.

However, while everyone is crowding around that spot trying to align their mouths with the water that is coming out from the Merlion, you can try another one of these spots on the bridge where there are much fewer people and the beautiful blue skies in the background at the Jubilee Bridge.

Girl posing on Jubilee Bridge at Merlion Park in Singapore in the day time
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh)

Aside from the Merlion statue, Merlion Park also offers stunning views of the waterfront and the surrounding architecture, including the famous Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum. With so much to see and do, it's no wonder that Merlion Park is one of the most Insta-worthy spots in Singapore.

2. Stunning Jewel Changi Airport: Modern Architectural Wonder

Overview of Changi Airport Singapore in the evening
Credit: Cable News Network (CNN)

Second on our list, we have Jewel Changi Airport. Changi Airport has been voted the world's best airport for several years running, and it's easy to see why. But did you know that Changi Airport is not only an excellent place to catch your flight but also an Insta-worthy destination in its own right?

Jewel Changi Airport is a stunning glass dome that boasts a lush indoor garden, complete with a 40-metre-tall waterfall. The garden is home to thousands of trees, plants and flowers, and it offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Man staring into the distance in front of Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh)

The indoor garden is undoubtedly the highlight of Jewel Changi Airport and is an Insta-worthy spot that should not be missed. The Rain Vortex featured in the centre of the garden is surrounded by greenery and is the world's tallest indoor waterfall. It offers a stunning backdrop for any photo. Plus, the lighting in the garden is perfect for capturing stunning photos that are sure to make your Instagram followers envious. However, if you thought it only looks good with the natural lighting in the daytime, you thought wrong! The scene at night is definitely a sight to behold especially at night when it is lit up with colourful lights.

The airport's unique architecture, which features a mix of glass, steel and wood, is also a great subject for Instagram photos. The Kinetic Rain sculpture, made up of 1216 bronze droplets, is another must-see feature of Jewel Changi Airport.

Whether you're arriving in Singapore or passing through on a layover, Jewel Changi Airport is an Insta-worthy destination that should not be missed. So, grab your camera and get ready to capture some of the most stunning photos you've ever taken.

1. Breathtaking Gardens by the Bay: A Nature Wonderland

Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh) People standing underneath the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh)

Finally, welcome to Gardens by the Bay! One of the most stunning and must-visit locations in Singapore! This garden attraction, located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore, is a true gem that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages.

Gardens by the Bay was constructed in 2012 and quickly became one of the top tourist destinations in Singapore. You might even recognize the location from the popular movie 'Crazy Rich Asians', which showcased its beauty to the world. But trust us, seeing it in real life is an entirely different experience!

The main attraction of Gardens by the Bay is undoubtedly the Supertree Grove. These towering, futuristic structures are covered in over 200 species of plants and flowers, which come to life in a stunning display of lights at night. As the sun sets, the Supertrees light up with an array of colours, making it the perfect backdrop for a photo.

But the Supertree Grove is not the only Insta-worthy spot in Gardens by the Bay. You can also take a stroll through the various gardens, each with its unique theme and set-up. From the Cloud Forest, which features a 35-metre-tall waterfall, to the Flower Dome, which showcases plants from different parts of the world, there are plenty of spots to take stunning photos.

Girl posing in front of bridge next to SuperTree Grove in Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Credit: Monster Day Tours (Jovan Koh and Cassia Koh)

Our article aims to provide you with some hidden gem spots to take photos at and here’s another one we have for you! A short distance next to the Supertree Grove, there is a walkway framed by bright flora and fauna in front of a unique purple bridge that would be the perfect place to take your photos for Instagram and be the main highlight of your photos!

Gardens by the Bay is also the perfect spot for capturing natural lighting, with plenty of open spaces and large windows that let the sun shine in. The vibrant colours of the flowers and greenery make for a stunning backdrop for any photo. After a long day of photo-taking, visitors can head over to Satay by the Bay for a taste of local cuisine.


There you have it, folks - the Top 5 Must Visit Insta-Worthy Locations in Singapore! We hope that you are feeling inspired and excited to visit these amazing spots and take some unforgettable photos for your Instagram feed.

From the stunning Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay to the vibrant streets of Chinatown, Singapore truly is a Garden City that has something for everyone. Whether you are a tourist or a local, there are so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and we encourage you to explore and find your own favourite Insta-worthy locations.

But it's not just about the photos - each of these locations has a unique history and story to tell. For example, the iconic Merlion statue represents the humble beginnings of Singapore as a fishing village, while the stunning indoor waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport symbolises the harmony between nature and modernity in our city.

Singapore is a city that is constantly evolving and changing, so even if you have visited before, there are always new things to discover. So why not pack your bags, grab your camera, and come and explore this vibrant and exciting city for yourself?

We guarantee that you won't be disappointed, and who knows, you might even stumble upon your own hidden gem that will become the next must-visit Insta-worthy location in Singapore.

If you would like more guided explanations about places like Jewel Changi Airport, check out our Changi Airport and Jewel Guided Tour! Or if you would like to enjoy more of the sights the country has to offer, check out our Private Singapore Walking Tour or Car Tour!

Check out our travel guide on all there is to know about visiting Singapore at our Know Before You Go Travel Guide! Another guide to dive into would be our Precinct Guide which will help you discover more about our neighbourhoods in Singapore! Happy exploring!

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