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5 Fun Workshops in Singapore To Do with Friends

dressmaker create new pieces of clothing from patterns and designs in workshop room

Are you planning to learn a new skill but don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re looking for new activities to do over the weekend?

Well, you’re in luck as there are all sorts of craft workshops in Singapore for you and your friends to try your hands on.

From learning how to bake a chocolate cake to mixing your own margarita, and even making your own scented candle, these workshops will get your creative juices flowing and help you channel those energies into something worthwhile.

To help you know your options, we’ve made a rundown of 5 fun workshops in Singapore that you can do with your best buddies.

By the way, some of these workshops can count as couple workshops too, if you’re looking for fun date ideas.

1. Leather Crafting Workshop

Close up of a shoemaker working with leather textile and hammer at a workshop

Do you like having items with your name on them? Why not make your own personalised item by joining a leather crafting workshop?

Skilled Artisan holds leather crafting classes that will teach you the art of traditional leather craftsmanship, facilitated by no other than skilled leather artisans.

Basic leather knowledge, crafting techniques, and leather maintenance are often included in the session, depending on the class. Apart from getting to make your own leather pieces, you'll get to monogram them with your name or initials too!

Leather crafting classes are a great way to create personal and thoughtful gifts for friends and families, without spending thousands of bucks.

We highly recommend them to every indoor person who doesn't feel like spending the entire weekend cooped up in your room.

2. Candle Making Workshop

Woman making candles at white table, closeup

Looking for something that can lighten up your room’s mood while working from home? You can never go wrong with scented candles!

The Scent Supply facilitates candle-making classes where you'll learn everything about the intricate art of candle craftsmanship.

Through the 1.5-hour beginner lesson, you'll be able to experience the joy of making your own scented candles using natural and eco-friendly products, guided by experienced instructors.

From floral to woody scents, you'll get the chance to incorporate your favourite scent into your own candle that's uniquely yours! After the class, you'll get to take home 1 small and 2 medium-sized soy candles.

The Scent Supply’s candle-making classes are usually conducted over the weekend, so if you don’t have weekend plans yet, book a class now and tag along some of your friends.

3. Baking Classes

Nanatang’s baking

There might be no better place to learn the art of making pastries than inside Nanatang’s studios. It’s an online bakery that sells designer and customised cakes and holds baking workshops on the side.

It’s far from your ordinary baking workshop, though. Whether you want to learn how to make a tart or whip up a huge cake, there’s a baking class for you here.

There are also classes dedicated to teaching non-bakers how to create those cute little macarons.

Every baking session is facilitated by Serena, a baker with almost a decade of experience, so you know that you’re in good hands.

According to a former participant, she knows how to keep her students engaged. You’ll learn more than just mixing ingredients and throwing them into the oven.

Nanatang’s baking classes are held throughout the week, including weekdays, so you and your friends get to choose which day works for all of you.

4. Cocktail Mixology

Barman prepares cocktail with orange and herbs in transparent glass on bar with alcohol

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a drink, especially when we can have it anytime and any day we want.

In that case, joining a cocktail mixology workshop will do you good! Palate Culinary School will help you channel your inner bartender by outlining everything there is to know about concocting cocktails.

Every session includes a discussion of the history of cocktails, the art of cocktails and spirits, and the basics of bartending.

Of course, you’ll get the chance to mix a variety of fancy cocktails you often see on bar menus, including daiquiri and gin fizz.

After the 2-hour session, you may no longer need to drop by your favourite pub to have a drink. You can just make one yourself in the comfort of your own home!

5. Rug Tufting Classes

The Tuft Club

If you want to learn something new and unusual, a rug tufting workshop might be the one you’re looking for.

The Tuft Club holds 4.5-hour rug-making classes where you'll learn how to make a contemporary rug from scratch through tufting. You’re going to receive detailed guidance rug making through a tufting gun and other tufting techniques.

Plus, the rug-making materials will be provided, including the tufting gun, monk’s cloth, different colours of cotton and wool yarn, tufting frames, and fabric glue

It’s the perfect way to unwind with friends while learning something that only a few people are interested in learning.

Unlocking a new skill through workshops

Skilled Asian potter in apron teaching young woman to make clay vase on pottery wheel in modern wor

Why spend the weekend lounging around at home doing nothing when you can use your time to join some fun workshops and discover a new skill?

Let us know in the comments if you have any workshop recommendations you’d like our readers to try!

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