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7 Best Takeaway Food for Your Chinese New Year Celebration at Home

Pen Cai  (MICHELIN Guide)
Pen Cai  (MICHELIN Guide)

As Chinese New Year approaches, the joyous festivities come alive with vibrant decorations, family reunions, and, of course, sumptuous feasts. While dining out is a common practice during this festive season, the convenience and comfort of enjoying a delightful meal at home are unparalleled. Embrace the spirit of togetherness and usher in the Year of the Tiger with the best takeaway options for your Chinese New Year celebration. 

When celebrating Chinese New Year at home, having a delicious spread of takeaway food can make your festivities even more enjoyable. Here are some of the best takeaway food options for your Chinese New Year celebration:

1. Yusheng (Prosperity Toss Salad)

Start your celebration with Yusheng, a traditional Chinese New Year dish believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Many restaurants offer Yusheng takeaway kits with all the ingredients neatly packed for a festive toss at home. We have a list of recommended restaurants to order Yusheng: 

  1. INTERCONTINENTAL SINGAPORE (Prosperity Yu Sheng (from S$128), Abundance Yu Sheng (from S$98)

  2. Ming Kitchen Seafood (Prosperity Yu Sheng (S$33.80))

  3. Shangri La Singapore (Happiness Yu Sheng (S$69.80), Prosperity Yu Sheng (from S$98.80)) 

  4. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay (Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng (from S$138), Vegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng (S$98))

  5. Capella Hotel Singapore (Prosperity Yu Sheng (S$88), Fortune Yu Sheng (S$388))

Yusheng (Credit Tatler Asia)
Yusheng (Credit Tatler Asia)

2. Pen Cai (Poon Choi)

This rich and layered one-pot dish is a festive must-have. Pen Cai typically includes a variety of premium ingredients like abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, chicken, and more. Order a Pen Cai takeaway for a convenient and luxurious addition to your reunion dinner.

  1. Putien (from $218 for four pax) 

  2. PARK ROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay (S$328 for 10 pax)

  3. Dian Xiao Er ($258)

  4. Yun Nans (from $328 for four to six pax)

  5. Crown Prince Restaurant (from $238 for five pax)

Pen Cai (Credit Oddle Eats)
Pen Cai (Credit Oddle Eats)

3. Dumplings and Dim Sum

For a delightful Chinese New Year feast, indulge in the exquisite flavors of dumplings and dim sum. These bite-sized delicacies are not only a symbol of prosperity but also a feast for the senses. From succulent dumplings filled with auspicious ingredients to an array of steamed and fried dim sum, your celebration will be elevated with every delectable bite. Whether you savour classic pork and chive dumplings, delicate har gow with plump shrimp, or innovative dumpling variations, the diversity of textures and tastes will create a festive atmosphere. 

Best Dumplings and Dim Sum Places 

Dim Sum (Credit CNN)
Dim Sum (Credit CNN)

4. Nian Gao (Chinese New Year Cake)

Add a sweet touch to your Chinese New Year feast at home with Nian Gao, a traditional sticky rice cake that symbolizes prosperity and the promise of a better year ahead. Known for its gooey texture and sweet taste, Nian Gao is a cherished delicacy during the festive season.

Recommended Places for Nian Gao

Nian Gao (Credit TODAYonline)
Nian Gao (Credit TODAYonline)

5. Roast Duck 

Elevate your Chinese New Year feast at home with the succulent and flavorful delight of roast duck. Renowned for its crispy skin and tender meat, roast duck is a symbol of richness and happiness in Chinese culture. Achieving the perfect balance of aromatic spices and a golden, crispy exterior, roast duck is a culinary masterpiece that will add a touch of sophistication to your celebration.

Our Recommended Restaurants for Roast Duck

Roast Duck (Credit Lifestyle Asia)
Roast Duck (Credit Lifestyle Asia)

6. Pineapple Tarts and Festive Cookies

Elevate your Chinese New Year feast at home with the delightful addition of Pineapple Tarts and Festive Cookies, bringing a perfect blend of sweetness and crunch to your celebration. These beloved treats are not only delicious but also carry symbolic significance, representing prosperity, good luck, and the sweetness of life. Order a variety of pineapple tarts, almond cookies, and other traditional Chinese New Year cookies to share with your loved ones.

Pineapple Tarts (Credit Pineapple Tarts Singapore)
Pineapple Tarts (Credit Pineapple Tarts Singapore)

7. Hot Pot Set

Create a cozy and interactive dining experience at home with a hot pot takeaway set. Convenient and hassle-free, the Hot Pot Set Takeaway eliminates the need for extensive preparation and allows you to focus on enjoying quality time with family and friends. Choose from a variety of broth options, fresh meats, and vegetables for a delightful hot pot feast.

Hot Pot Set (Credit TimeOut)
Hot Pot Set (Credit TimeOut)


Bringing the festive cheer home has never been more delicious. Elevate your Chinese New Year celebration with these delectable takeaway options, ensuring that the Year of the Tiger begins with a feast that delights the senses and brings good fortune to your doorstep. May the flavors of these carefully curated dishes add joy, prosperity, and auspiciousness to your festive gathering. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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