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8 Supper Spots for Hungry Night Owls

If you were the type of person who would “jio” your friends to drive into JB for a quick supper, chances are you were the cool friend. With the borders closed and safe distancing measures still in place, looking for an eatery that stays open past 10:30PM can be tough.

From a steaming bowl of ramen to more well-known supper haunts, we’ve rounded up 8 supper spots for those who find themselves looking for a bite past midnight!

Note: The opening hours of these restaurants are accurate based on the information listed on their official website. We recommend double-checking before heading down to the various eateries.

1. Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Pic credit: Wan Wan Thai Cafe

If you prefer eating something light late at night, a dessert cafe is the perfect supper spot for you.

Cue Wan Wan Thai Cafe, a hidden cafe in Bencoolen that serves up bingsu and toasts, with a Thai twist of course. Besides the usual bingsu flavours, the cafe serves up a Thai Milk Tea Bingsu ($10.90), which comes with a scoop of Thai Milk Tea ice cream perched on top. The best part of this dessert? The shaved ice itself is Thai Milk Tea flavoured too!

The cafe also serves up Shibuya Toast available in a variety of different flavours ranging from Strawberry Banana ($12.90) to Kaya ($8.90). They also offer Waffles ($6.90) for those who prefer something a little less sweet.

Wan Wan Thai Cafe also has a drink menu that includes coffee, smoothies and of course, milk tea. Do note that the cafe is not halal-certified. For more on what they offer, please visit their website.

Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Address: 127A Bencoolen Street

Opening Hours: 12:30PM to 3AM, daily

Price Point: $

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2. Sri Sun Express

Pic credit: Sri Sun Express

No list of supper spots is complete without mentioning a prata place, and for those who live in the North-East, Sri Sun Express might ring a bell.

The prata spot used to be located at Block 212 in Hougang, but they now operate out of Serangoon Gardens, with 3 other outlets islandwide. If you’re wondering what makes this prata special, it’s open 24 hours. Yes, you read that right. If you’re craving Indian food at 4AM, this is THE place to go.

Sri Sun Express has one of the most extensive menus we’ve come across, with everything ranging from the usual prata to North Indian cuisine to Western food and even an Impossible menu range that features the popular plant-based meat.

Another thing the prata joint is known for is its drink towers, which come with a staggering 3L of your drink of choice! Options range from Iced Teh to Sugarcane and even Iced Milo, though be warned that the latter might leave you feeling heaty.

For those who are a little too lazy to head out, Sri Sun Express also offers delivery from its 4 outlets.

Sri Sun Express:

Address: 56 Serangoon Garden Way

Opening: 24 hours

Price Point: $-$$

3. Siam Square Mookata

Pic credit: Siam Square Mookata

No list of supper spots is complete without a mookata place, and there’s no better place than Siam Square Mookata!

With over 10 outlets across the island, Siam Square Mookata is arguably one of the most well-known mookata places on the island. For those who might be unfamiliar with the concept of mookata, it’s essentially the best of both worlds, with both a grill and a river of soup for you to cook your food in.

Ingredients are affordably priced between $1.80 to $3 for ala carte plates, making this mookata spot is perfect for those looking for something yummy to tuck into on a budget. For those willing to spend a little more, they offer a buffet priced at $29 per person, with complimentary ice cream available.

While each outlet has special ingredients unique to that outlet, we recommend visiting their Punggol Settlement outlet for the best experience. Situated by water, you’ll get to dig into a yummy meal while enjoying a gorgeous view.

Siam Square Mookata (Punggol Point):

Address: The Punggol Settlement Singapore, 500 Punggol Point #02-01/02

Opening Hours: 3PM-3AM (Weekdays), 3PM-6AM (Weekends)

Price Point: $

4. Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Pic credit: Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

There’s no denying the fact that Singaporeans love ramen. While it may be uncommon to have ramen for supper, Ramen Keisuke Lobster King is the place to head to for your late-night cravings!

Chances are everyone has heard of Ramen Keisuke. One of the more popular ramen brands in Singapore, the brand has over 20 outlets in Singapore, with Ramen Keisuke Lobster King being the 10th outlet opened. As its name suggests, the outlet specialises in a special ramen broth, inspired by the well-known French lobster bisque.

The special broth is available in a clear ($13.90) and creamy broth ($14.90), and comes served with black pepper prawn wontons as a special topping. The eatery also offers a variety of other flavours available, all featuring their famous lobster broth.

The restaurant also has side dishes for those looking for something a little lighter. Oh, did we mention that guests will also be served free bean sprouts and eggs while waiting for their meal?

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Address: 3C River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Block C, #01-07, The Cannery

Opening Hours: 6PM to 5AM daily

Price Point: $$

5. Lickers

Pic credit: Lickers

Dessert spots are one of the more well-known supper options in Singapore, given that most of them stay open later. For those who live in the North-East, the snaking line at Lickers is a telltale sign of the eatery’s popularity.

Nestled away in Kovan, this ice cream spot is well-known for its artisanal ice cream, and although they may not have the widest variety available, each scoop is made with care by a team of professionals.

If you’re a durian lover, a scoop of their Mao Shan Wang is guaranteed to send you straight to durian paradise. Made with real durian, Lickers just might be home to the best durian ice cream on the island.

Artisanal ice cream aside, the cafe is also known for having an IG-worthy aesthetic with neon lights and minimalist artwork on the walls. Their menu also features finger food such as truffle fries ($9.90) and drumlets ($12.90) for those who prefer something a little less sweet.

Be warned that the place is extremely popular, so be prepared for a queue.


Address: #01-1446 124 Hougang Ave 1

Opening Hours: 1PM-2AM (Tuesday to Thursday), 12PM-2AM (Friday to Sunday), Closed on Mondays

Price Point: $

6. Beauty In The Pot

Pic credit: Paradise Group

Another popular supper option is hotpot, and while there are countless options out there, Beauty In The Pot is a cult-favourite spot!

Opened by Paradise Group, Beauty In The Pot (or as it’s fondly known, BITP) is one of the most popular hotpot places on the island, and one sip of their Beauty Collagen Broth ($20, served individually) is enough to tell you why.

The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes available, ranging from the usual sliced US short ribs ($14.90, half portion), to speciality dishes such as their Specialty Homemade Fish Paste ($10) and even a special Homemade Fish Tofu ($2.40 per piece). The best part is, the rich and hearty broths are served with free refills!

End off your meal with a complimentary palate cleanser, an icy Yuzu drink served in adorably small glasses. For those looking for something to warm the soul before drifting off to sleep, Beauty In The Pot is the perfect supper pit stop.

Beauty In The Pot

Address: 7 outlets islandwide, please refer to their website for more details

Opening Hours: 11:30AM-3AM daily

Price Point: $$$

7. BKK Bistro & Bar

Pic credit: BKK Bistro & Bar

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the stack of bowls increase as you dig into your boat noodles, and if you’re looking for a late-night option, BKK Bistro & Bar is the place to go!

Located in ORTO (a 24-hour leisure facility in Yishun), this eatery is known for having some of the best boat noodles around, and at an affordable price too! Each bowl is priced at $0.80++, and diners can choose from a variety of toppings ranging from prawns to pork liver and even beef slices.

For those who are a little hungrier, the eatery also serves up larger bowls, including a Super Size ($20.80++), which includes all toppings. Sides such as Pork Skin Crackers ($2.80) can be added to the order as well.

BKK Bistro & Bar also offers a wide variety of other Thai dishes such as Pineapple Fried Rice ($10.80) and even a Seafood Hotpot ($25.80++), that features mussels, squid and even slipper lobster!

BKK Bistro & Bar:

Address: #01-09A ORTO, 81 Lorong Chencharu

Opening Hours: 5PM-2AM, daily

Price Point: $

8. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

Pic credit: Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

At last, we’ve reached Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant. Did you really think our list of supper spots wouldn’t include one of the most popular dim sum spots in Singapore?

If you haven’t heard of Swee Choon, chances are you’re not exactly a night-owl. The eatery is one of the most popular supper joints, serving up some of the most delicious dim sum at an affordable price too!

While their menu features classic dishes like Char Siew Bao ($2 for 2 pieces) and Fried Carrot Cake ($2.40), they also have more unique items like the Prawn and Banana Fritter ($3). For those who love all things spicy, they’ve also recently added Mala Siew Mai to their menu.

The restaurant also serves up other dishes such as Shanghai Wonton La Mian in Soup ($6) as well as traditional desserts like Yam Paste with Ginko Nut ($3.50). If you’re a little too lazy to leave the house, don’t worry. Swee Choon Tim Sum restaurant offers island-wide delivery at just $5!

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant:

Address: 183, 185, 187, 189, 191, 193 Jalan Besar

Opening Hours: 11AM-2:30PM (weekday lunch), 6PM-2AM (weekday dinner), 10AM-3PM (weekend lunch), 6PM-3AM( Friday and weekend dinner)

Price Point: $

If you want to continue exploring the places in Singapore, feel free to check out our in-person tours!

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