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Places to visit to enjoy Seoul in autumn

Autumn is often romanticised for its melancholic essence. Here in Seoul, autumn is when you don’t need a flower to bloom. Leaves go rosy before winter arrives, and are enough to make the country enchanting and breathtaking.

While Seoul is mostly pleasurable all around the year, autumn just hits differently. Imagine walking down a lane of fallen leaves and then thinking about neighbourhoods, mountains, lakesides, and parks, all covered in polychromatic leaves. Wonderful isn’t it!

Essentials during a trip to Seoul in Autumn

Autumn in Seoul starts in September and ends around November. The onset of September brings a change in the colours of the leaves, and over time puts up an excellent colour evolution show for visitors.

Throughout this phase, the leaves transit through different colours of the spectrum and it's important to keep in mind that the transition doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t have the patience for it, mid-October might be the best time to visit.

As heat and humidity leave Seoul, it is important to dress warmly to enjoy the season. Average temperatures fall to 16-25 degrees celsius, meaning that a light jacket or cardigan could be required.

In October, temperatures further drop to 9-20 degrees celsius, calling for warmer clothes in your backpack and obviously over you. November paves the way for winter and the climate gets colder with temperatures averaging to 2-12 degrees celsius. This is the time when you can’t go out without sweaters and boots, but you kind of enjoy the best of both seasons.

Places to visit in Seoul in Autumn

Autumn in Seoul is a time when nature decides to splash colours on its canvas and paint the leaves in all colours resonating with love, romance, and freshness. Maybe that’s the reason why so many Korean dramas are shot during the fall season.

For other destinations, the fall season is a low season. However, for Seoul and the whole of Korea, autumn brings a transformation, breathing new energy into the country. Take a break from conventional green autumn and come see a vibrant side of the fall season in the beloved South Korean city of Seoul.

Mountains of Seoul in Autumn

The golden autumn in Seoul and the rest of Korea can be best sighted amidst the majestic pinnacles and lush valleys. Autumn paints the country in its pleasing colours and transforms the Korean landscape into picture-postcard scenery. For a glimpse of these majestic fall panoramas, you just have to visit the Korean mountains mentioned below.

Naejangsan Mountain

Naejangsan Mountain holds a quintessential Korean imagery.

Draped in colourful foliage, Naejangsan Mountain is the best mountain to see autumn in Seoul.

In fact, the mountain is locally named “Geumgang of Honam '' for its bright-hued autumn leaves. The two falls of the mountain namely Dodeokpokpo Falls and Geumseonpokpo Falls, render visitors with scenery so mesmeric, that they are in awe of the entire city.

A casual stroll in the Naejangsan National Park, surrounding the mountain, is a sight to behold. Bedecked with literally tons of eye candies like 760 kinds of flora, wildlife, natural monuments, and temples like Baegyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple, the region is a bliss to experience at all times of the year.

Some say that if you miss out on autumn in Seoul, you’re missing an authentic Korean experience!

Seoraksan Mountain

The third highest mountain of Korea, Seoraksan Mountain reaches up to a height of 1,708 meters. The mountain is a mecca of scenic vantages including misty cascades, cliffs, hiking trails, and a lot more waiting to be discovered.

Spanning an area of 163.6 sq kilometers, the Seoraksan Mountain is inside the Seoraksan National Park. The UNESCO Biosphere Protection Site is home to 30 mountains, 6 granite peaks called Ulsanbawi Rock Formation. Other highlights include the Baekdamsa and Sinheungsa temples, and the rarest biota with 1,562 species.

A cable car ride is available within the premises, offering surreal views of the Gwongeumseong Fortress and the surrounding scenery. The charm of Seoul in Autumn is at its peak in this nature destination. This can be best witnessed from the highest point of the mountains after an enthralling hike.

Daedunsan Mountain

The Daedunsan Mountain is where you will encounter full-blown autumn in Seoul and its golden grandeur. Famed for its Cloud Bridge and its jaw-dropping polychromatic topography, the mountain is the best therapy for travellers struck with travitude (when you start getting grumpy because you miss travelling)!

You can enjoy the most colourful autumn scene in the Daedunsan Mountain. Be prepared for a challenging, hour-long hike up Daedunsan Mountain hike, especially during autumn in Seoul. The hike is going to leave you refreshed and asking for more!

To get some Instagram-worthy photos of Seoul in Autumn, add a cable car ride and photo session at the Guengang Gureum Bridge and the Samseon Overpass or the cloud bridge.

Gwanaksan Mountain

The Gwanaksan Mountain forms the southern rim of Seoul. What makes it stand out during the fall season of Seoul is its colourful appeal. The Gwanaksan Mountain undergoes a drastic 180-degree turn, so much so that it’s hard to tell whether it was the same mountain before autumn comes in Seoul.

The Gwanaksan Mountain creates a picture-perfect backdrop for the Seoul National University and houses Buddhist sites like Yeonjuam and Yeonjudae. While the rocky trails of Gwanaksan Mountain give rewarding views throughout the year, the sceneries in autumn are just another level.

Parks of Seoul in Autumn

After the lush thicket of the mountains, parks are the places where you find trees and a bit of comfort with sitting arrangements. The fall foliage at the parks is equally pleasing to the eyes and definitely easier to access.

Moreover, you will find plenty of such places to witness this autumn beauty every few miles! So, here’s our pick of the best parks to see autumn in Seoul.

Hanuel Park

The picture-perfect backdrop of Haneul Park is love at first sight for people visiting Seoul in autumn. If you take the challenge to climb the 291 stairs, you will not be disappointed.

The views overlooking the Han River are a sight to behold. The fields of Eulalia and an obstructed view of Seoul in autumn make Haneul Park a perfect setting for lovebirds and nature enthusiasts.

Namsan Park

Tucked in the foothills of Mt. Namsan, the Namsan Park is where the autumn leaves bloom in full glory. As one of the dearest parks of Seoul, the Namsan Park offers a much-needed relief to natives. With the spectacular hiking trails and historical sites, the park is abundantly blessed making sure that every visitor returns with a piece of its autumn glory.

Being in close proximity to the Namsan Tower, you can also carry out the ritual at the Locks of Love with autumn in Seoul adding the perfect backdrop.

Seoul Olympic Park

Seoul Olympic Park is one of those scenes that you would recall from calendars and notepads. It is a historical landmark that was created for the 1988 Olympics.

The Seoul Olympic Park today receives enormous appreciation and visitation from tourists from all over the world. The burnt-orange tinge of the park’s leaves during the autumn season in Seoul offers a great setting to share romantic moments.

Nonetheless, the benches situated at every few steps also make a solitary escapade of personal reflection very much possible.

Speckled with biking trails, cafes, museums, and sprawling gardens of pink muhly grass and cosmos flowers, Seoul Olympic Park seems in full bloom during autumn in Seoul.

The leaves resonate with all shades of red and orange in the palette, so don’t worry about the filters for your Instagram clicks, as the naturally rosy backdrop takes care of it.

Seoul Grand Park

Part of the southern tip of Korea, the Seoul Grand Park is a huge amusement park, sheltering the zoo, amusement facilities, botanical gardens, and forest parks. Various parts of the park deserve a special mention, given their significance and appeal.

Seoul Zoo: The Zoo is a safe haven for animals to grow and humans to learn about the members of the animal kingdom who they share the world with.

Botanical Garden: Dating back to 1985, the Botanical Garden is tucked in the foot of Cheonggyesan Mountain. The garden’s greenhouse, exhibits, and themed gardens showcase the enormous variety of plantations, 41,000 to be precise. These exotic plants become part of various immersive sessions offered to visitors during their trip.

Theme Garden: Theme Garden is the best part of the park especially during Autumn, with several seasonal florae on display.

Campsite: The campsite within the Seoul Grand Park is an adventure playground for both kids and adults. Ranging from picnic spots to sporting courts, Seoul Grand Park campsite is one of the best places to enjoy a convenient camping experience.

Healing Forest Walkway: The Healing Forest Walkway amidst the lush trees is actually a soul-soothing experience for one to have, especially when the golden autumn descends in Seoul.

Visiting these highlights of the park during the fall season is an exciting experience in itself.

Gingko Tree of Seoul

Autumn in Seoul comes in all colours. Giving rest to the pink coloured foliage, the Gingko trees bring along a golden tinge for Seoul and your fall foilage-seeking soul.

Wiryeseong Daero

The Wiryeseong Daero is lined with almost 1320 ginkgo trees near the Olympic Park but is definitely off the radar. You can have the charming views and vibes all to yourself at this hidden gem.

Garosu Gil

Another great place to sight the golden foliage is the tree-lined street or Garosu Gil in Korean. Breaking the mountain stereotype, the Garosu Gil is proof that even buzzy and busy streets can be made picturesque with the help of nature. Just know that your eyes might wander beyond the leaves because there is truly a lot at display!

Enjoying Autumn in Seoul

There are literally tons of mountains, parks, lakesides, and streets where autumn takes over and drapes the Seoul landscape in its picture-perfect appeal.

It's not just the leaves that get painted in different colours, the pink Muhly grass is yet another rather new-found craze of green panthers and globetrotters, that grows in autumn.

Places like Hueree Park and Sanghyowon Botanical Garden are the perfect spot to set your eyes on this free-flowing stretch of pink grass.

If you have a thing for pink and golden leaves, an extra-special autumn awaits you in Korean. Plan your trip today to catch autumn in Seoul at its peak!

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