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With its breathtaking temples, fascinating culture and pristine beaches, Thailand has everything to offer. Each of Thailand’s cities offers visitors a unique look into their rich cultural heritage and deciding where to go can be bewildering. There is, however, one city that particularly stands out in this land of smiles and that is Bangkok.

According to Forbes magazine, Bangkok was ranked the world’s most visited city four years in a row from 2016 -2019, attracting 22.7 million international visitors in 2019 alone.

Bustling streets of Bangkok city centre
Bustling streets of Bangkok city centre

More known for shopping and nightlife, Bangkok actually has a different side to offer. There is abundant history, culture, tradition and architectural beauty despite being a developed and busy city. All of Bangkok’s historical sites are preserved which makes it one of the best cities to visit even in time to come.

Hence, if you do visit Bangkok, we recommend you to check out the private day tours offered by SiamRise Travel to get to know the city on a deeper level.

Why we recommend them

SiamRise Travel believes in eco-tourism and agro-tourism with a local touch. They use tourism to create a positive impact in the local environment, education, economy and society. Their tours and experiences were curated to help preserve the local way of life and support local communities.

The best part is that they provide private tours that cover areas from the heart of the city centre to the outskirts of Bangkok. You will no longer have to ponder about where to go and things to do in Bangkok.

International guests on various tours offered by SiamRise Travel

Private tours in the urban region of Bangkok such as street food tours and temple visits are approximately 3 hours long while countryside and village tours in the outskirts will take a full day.

Aside from their wide range of private tours, SiamRise travel created another platform that partners with volunteer guides to offer free walking tours in Bangkok and expand their passion in ecotourism.

Group of international tourists on Free Bangkok Walks
Group of international tourists on Free Bangkok Walks

Known as Free Bangkok Walks, they launched this project in 2014 to help volunteer guides practice speaking English. Although they charge a very small fee for the tours, it is mainly to cover transportation and drinks as well as contribute to the development of local communities. These tours run on a fixed schedule so if you are planning to drop by, do remember to note down the days and timings they have for the different tours.

For more information on Free Bangkok Walks, please click the following link:

SiamRise Travel also offers interesting tours further away from Bangkok. If you are looking for a unique trip and would like to immerse yourself even deeper into local community and culture, SiamRise Travel provides homestay experiences to minor destinations in Thailand. The length of stay varies from 2 – 4 days, depending on the package and destination.

For more information on SiamRise Travel private tours, please click the following link:

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